Our scheduled maintenance will start on Tuesday 29th August at 3 PM.

  • August 27, 2023

Our scheduled maintenance will start on Tuesday 29th August at 3 PM. Here are the details what we did and trying to do and what you can expect..

First thing first, we couldn't believe ourselves we will reach this far so quickly and so many thanks to you all... You have been an amazing customers and supporters of EzyCourse :D

Here is what we are doing

  1. Well, now our infrastructure cost has increased by 5x :p... I hope all of our LTD and PPS users will soon convert to monthly/yearly or will start selling so we get this little commission :D

  2. We are moving everything from Digital ocean to AWS

  3. We are moving the entire database to AWS aurora and introducing some other database type to bring in some amazing features such as page timeline history and logs..

  4. All dns routing will be handled from Cloudflare with enhanced security placed.

  5. Your web pages, api end points, sensitive end points will have high rate limit so that boots and scammers stays away and many other security things...

  6. We deployed multiple monitoring mechanism to check how it's doing

  7. The best part is, we have shifted our servers and database location to Germany. Hope this will help you one more step to be GDPR complaints.

  8. With these changes, there will be some more application level changes and hope you will like them...

Here is what you can expect

  1. We will be shifting the database from digital ocean to aws. We have tested this process and it may takes 10-15mins.. So during this time, your application won't be accessible. You and your user will see a maintenance page.. We will add a count down timer from tomorrow in your dashboard so you know it happens.

  2. Once this migration done, system will start working.. If you have custom domain, you will be shown some instructions how to reinstall your custom domain again. We will keep this server as backup server for 10-15days. During these time you can still access your custom domain in old system. If you use our url, then it's all up to date.

  3. Your custom domain installation shouldn't take more than a minute or so based on DNS propagation.

  4. During this transition, our main website, may stay down for 5-10mins..

You will start seeing the counter tomorrow..

Thank you all for your love and support..