Craft, Capture, and Control Forms

Tailor dynamic forms seamlessly and witness the magic of drag and drop layout customization. With mobile responsiveness and versatile settings, simplify data handling and capture insights effortlessly. Transform your forms into a powerful tool with EzyCourse.

ezycourse - Advanced Form Builder & Contacts

Advanced Form Builder & Contacts

Create and customize dynamic forms with easy to use EzyCourse form builder. And add an unlimited number of contacts to your account, making it easy to manage all your data in one place.

Easily Add Custom Fields

EzyCourse lets you customize your forms from adding fields to selecting field types. You can add new fields, select the type of field, give a placeholder, and name them as you like. It's all super easy to do, and the best thing is a beautiful form awaits at the end of it all.


10+ Types of Fields to work with

EzyCourse gives you over 10 field types to work with, giving you a range of options to truly get the most out of forms. Field types include text, email, number, checkbox, date, time, slider, etc.

Validate Your Forms

With EzyCourse, you can validate the form fields using checkboxes and inputs. Mark a field as required, and validate according to the field type.


Change Layout with Drag-and-drop

Changing the layout of your form is a breeze on EzyCourse. You have the convenience of drop-and-drop to arrange the form fields exactly how you want. And as you drag-drop, see the changes on the go with live preview.

Mobile Responsive

No need to use form-control or media queries! Our forms are mobile-responsive and can be embedded on your website easily.

Import & Export Responses

You can import and export responses for your forms, making it easy to manage all your data in one place. Import contacts from CSV files and export responses to CSV files.

You can also control more useful settings as you create a form on EzyCourse. Choose to receive emails upon user submissions, force Double Opt-in, and send responses to a third party email service with Webhook URL. It’s all available for you to get the most out of forms.

After saving the form, you can use the forms anywhere in your platform. Also, you can view all responses in one place and even download them.