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Multi-level affiliate program

Multi-level affiliate programs can be an extremely powerful catalyst for any business. Thus EzyCourse gives you the power to set up multi-level affiliate programs unlike other online course platforms.

By setting up a multi-level affiliate network, the people in the network wouldn’t only try to sell your products/services directly to end-user consumers but also are incentivized to invite more affiliates to be their downline distributors. And the more people get invited, the more of your products/services could approach their targeted market. This in turn will help your business reach potential customers through diverse channels and activities.


Create affiliate users, and if they invite new users set a commission rate either by percentage or a fixed value based on the revenue generated. By allowing affiliate members to add new affiliates you set up your own multi-level affiliate program. When the new affiliates invite new users they get extra commission, which makes the whole process more rewarding for them, and in turn your reach grows.