Enjoy Seamless Appointment Management

Say hello to EzyCourse's ultimate solution for managing appointments and taking control of your schedule. No third-party hassle! Create, manage, and accept payments with no effort at all. Right from your EzyCourse dashboard. Your schedules, your rules!

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Appointment Booking

Schedule and manage appointments directly from your dashboard. No need to integrate any third-party app such as Calendly. Now you can use EzyCourse‘s powerful and user-friendly appointment booking process and take your business to the next level.

With its flexible scheduling options and ability to collect payments, you have the ultimate solution for managing appointments and taking control of your schedule.

Create Appointments

With EzyCourse, you have the luxury of making appointments right from your dashboard. It's super easy and takes no time to create. And with flexible scheduling options, you can set them up however you like to fit your needs.

Powerful Appointment Schedule Planner

With the user-friendly schedule planner on EzyCourse, you can create available slots in a breeze. Set a range of available dates for appointments, define the length of appointment, and custom select your weekly free hours.

In addition, you can stir it up with a friendly reminder to booked users just 30 minutes before start. No more missing appointments or excuses for your users!


Easy Rescheduling

Got sidetracked with other tasks? Not sure if you can make it to the appointment in time? Need to make a quick change? No sweat! With EzyCourse, you can easily set a rescheduling option at least 1 hour before the appointment time.

No more last-minute cancellations. You can also restrict cancellations and reschedule options for the users, so that they cannot hang up on the last moment.

Allow Multiple Bookings

Why keep others on wait when you can deal with multiple users at once, right? Well, EzyCourse lets you select the option to easily allow multiple user bookings for the same slot. All at your fingertips on the EzyCourse dashboard.

Close Appointments Anytime!

You have the luxury of closing appointments anytime you want! Instantly! With a click of a button, you can turn on/off new bookings for appointments.