EzyCourse Blogs: Showcase Your Creativity & Earn!

Experience effortless blogging with EzyCourse! Our feature-rich editor empowers you to create, customize, and publish with ease. From scheduled release to in-built SEO, we’ve got it all covered. Explore the realm of blog monetization and start earning right away.

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Our intuitive and simple-to-use, rich blog editor makes it easy for you to create, manage, and publish beautiful blogs with built-in SEO functionality.

Customize Your Blogs

EzyCourse lets you customize blogs to control what you want to show. It’s not just a copy-paste editor. You get to choose whether to allow users to comment on the blog and whether to show published date or not.

In addition, you can keep unfinished work on draft and publish only when you are done with the whole content.


Schedule Publish Date

With the Schedule option, you can precisely publish your blog at the exact date and time you want. You can simply set the publish date, time, and the timezone also to make things absolutely pinpoint accurate no matter where you are.

Once you’ve created a blog on Schedule option, you can just sit back and relax while we get your blog published at the exact time you want.

Built-in SEO

No need to worry about complex SEO technicalities. We handle the optimization work for you in blogs. EzyCourse has built-in SEO features to keep your blogging system optimized.


Show Convenient Outlines

EzyCourse also handles the work of outlining your blog contents. You can only focus on the content while EzyCourse creates the outline on the go just like you see in Google docs.

Create Premium Blogs

With EzyCourse, you can start earning from blogs. Set any price you want and sell blogs on your platform. You also control the number of days users can access the blog after purchase. With premium blogs, you can set a blog teaser text to entice users to buy the content.


Blog Membership

EzyCourse lets you create blog membership prices. This is another way of generating revenue. Instead of one blog, users can buy the membership and get all the blogs on your platform at once.You can choose one-time or subscription based pricing for your blog memberships.