EzyCourse Chats

Let Everyone Chat! Get Another Messenger Inside Your Platform!

EzyCourse lets all the users chat inside the platform with a messenger-like feature inside. Enable group discussions for shared knowledge and allow private chats with the teacher to solve problems. You can also monetize the chat features by setting a price.

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Create Group or Private Chats

More chatting equals more learning! EzyCourse lets you create two types of chats on the platform.  With Group chats, students are connected and can share their knowledge with each other. As a teacher, you can offer more mentorship through group chats.  EzyCourse private chats let your audience engage in one-to-one conversation with the teacher. Let students chat directly one-on-one, send photos, videos, files, and links, or express themselves with emojis or GIFs

Distraction-free Conversations

Whether Facebook or WhatsApp, on any social media platform, there is always distractions. EzyCourse offers a full distraction-free chatting platform for students to chat directly, send photos, videos, files, and links, or express themselves with emojis or GIFs.

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Never Miss a Message with Instant Notification

You will never miss a message as real-time notifications buzz on your dashboards. Offer a mobile app, your students will be able to chat like messengers! Plus, they can keep conversations lively with real-time incoming/outgoing messages and get notified for every activity.

Earn with EzyCourse Chats

EzyCourse lets you put a price on your Chats. You can sell chats (one-time or subscription) as a dedicated products. Or, you can also upsell or offer chats as an add-on to courses/other products. It's another easy way for you to make more money with EzyCourse without any real effort at all.

Branded Mobile App to Offer Learning On the Go

You can create an engaging mobile learning app. The EzyCourse app provides an interactive and entertaining learning experience.

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