Hold Nothing Back, Create Full-Fledged Courses!

Craft your courses with over 10 types of lessons and redefine how online learning works. Drip-feed lessons, make seamless assessments, offer certificates, set prices, and more. Experience the power of online course creation with EzyCourse!


Easily Build Your Course

EzyCourse makes it extremely easy to create online courses with organized chapters and lessons. With easy functionalities and less technicalities, anyone can hop on the bandwagon and start building courses just as they wish.

10+ Lesson Types to Utilize

Utilize all the different ways to deliver your content. With a mixed bag of lessons, you are bound to find the lesson type that goes hand-in-hand with your content. Here’s all 11 types of lessons you can create on EzyCourse -

  • Video
  • Text
  • PPT
  • PDF
  • Audio
  • Quiz
  • Survey
  • Assignment
  • Download
  • Live
  • Embedded

In addition, you can combine lesson types and offer them together inside a single lesson in our all new Multiple-Lesson feature.


Drip-Schedule Your Course

Choose when and how much of your content you want to deliver to your audience at a time. It’s all in your control with Drip settings for courses.

Combine & Sell Courses

Got enough single courses? Then you can combine more than one single course to create a special bundle course on the EzyCourse platform. Now offer your audience a greater depth of knowledge from one single purchase.

You can choose related courses and offer them as an advanced learning path for students. So create, bundle up, offer some discounts, and start earning on EzyCourse.


Customize Everything

You have the full power of controlling your course details. That includes making audio/video lessons downloadable, setting lessons as a prerequisite, enabling discussions for students, and so much more. With EzyCourse, you get to make your course exactly how you want.

Make Fun & Effective Assessment Lessons

Ensure your students are truly understanding your materials. Build an EzyCourse special assessment system with our dynamic quizzes. With EzyCourse quiz lessons, you get a range of supported question types to test your students knowledge-

  • Single choice
  • Multiple choice
  • Free text
  • Fill in the blanks
  • True or false

Furthermore, you can control how your quiz system works from assigning points to determining the number of retakes a student can take, and from selecting quiz time options to choosing when to show students the answers. It's your course and you are in the driver’s seat!



Build a sense of achievement among your students by offering certificates of completion using our built-in, powerful certificate builder. Choose a design template, edit the contents, set your own styles, customize colors, and even add your branding and logo.

Grading System

Enable grade and marksheet for your course. Choose the range of marks and assign the corresponding letter grades for each range. With the grading system enabled, your students can see how they’ve done on your course.

Effortless Submission Management

No need to export or go through a complex process to see how your students did on their tests. Whether it's quizzes or assignments, you can view the submissions right from your EzyCourse dashboard. Now check student progress in a breeze!

Give Quick Feedbacks

Send feedback to student submissions with a click of a button. Clear confusions and let students know exactly where improvement is needed.

Easily Access Your Materials

Forget about spending extra bucks on video hosting! Because EzyCourse does it all for you with our powerful super-fast video hosting. Whether you want to upload from your PC or already have content made on YouTube/ Vimeo, EzyCourse lets you integrate them easily into your course. All your uploaded files and videos will be at your fingertips saved on the EzyCourse‘s custom gallery.

And for your learners, they get fast streaming, no buffering, and a smooth video viewing experience. EzyCourse's video player will provide a premium YouTube like feel with options to select video resolutions, playback speed, captions, and even highlighting chapters and moments.


Smart & Flexible Pricing Options

Select any one from five different plans or make multiple plans for your premium courses. Sell courses with one-time or tiered pricing options, or make a subscription based plan, and also check out EzyCourse's latest introduction, the ever-convenient Split Payment plan.

Organize Your Course with Custom Categories

You can create your own suitable categories to put all the relevant courses in one place. With this feature, you’ll know exactly where to look for your desired course. Not to mention how it will help to keep things tidy and sorted on your dashboard.


Customize Your Own Landing Page

EzyCourse provides you with a default landing page where your audience can view the course details. But, if you are up for it then you can custom design your landing page and add a little more flavor if you like. No worries about messing up because you can always go back to the default landing page.