Create & Sell Courses With a Few Clicks!

You can create engaging courses in no time! Meet the best online course builder to build your dream courses. EzyCourse offers 13 types of lessons, 6 different pricing plans, drip-scheduled lessons, advanced quizzes and assessments, certificates, gamification features, and more.

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The Easiest Way to Build Your Course

Creating an online course has been never so easy before! EzyCourse makes it extremely easy to create online courses with organized chapters and lessons. EzyCourse is the most intuitive and user-friendly course platform. You don't even need any technical or design experience.

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13 Lesson Types to Create Your Perfect Course

You can use different lesson types to add text, images, audio, video, quiz, surveys, PDF, PPT, SCORM/HTML, etc interactive content to your courses. Give your students the right content at the right time for better results. Here's all 13 types of lessons you can create on EzyCourse -

  • Video
  • Text
  • PPT
  • PDF
  • Audio
  • Quiz
  • Survey
  • Assignment
  • Download
  • Live
  • Embedded
  • Multiple

Drip-Schedule Your Course

Share course content lesson by lesson. Don't overwhelm your students. Unlock new chapters as they finish the previous ones, or set specific release days. It’s all in your control with our Drip Schedule feature.

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This lesson is made available on course enrollment.

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Enrollment based

This lesson will be available X days after course enrollment.

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Specific date

This lesson will be available on a specific date.

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Course Creation Flexibility that You Want

Create different types of courses 𑁋 single courses or bundle courses. You have the full flexibility to offer free or private courses to give the VIP student support.

Also, you can combine more than one single course to create a special bundle course on EzyCourse.

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Customize & Monetize Your Content

You have the full power to control your course however you want. Add your unique brand elements, and select themes, fonts, and colors to create the best student learning experience that's all your own..

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Make Learning Fun, Effective & Engaging

Learning should be made easier, right? Offer an engaging learning experience to your students with all our interactive course creation features.

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Gamify Courses

No more traditional old-school teaching! Make your courses more hooking with gamification elements. EzyCourse motivates your students with points, badges, and motivational popups. Make learning fun, and get more students!

Smooth Assignment Management

Manage assignment submissions easily. You can delete or accept any assignment and send feedback straight away. Students can preview files before submission and submit multiple files, including images and videos

Interactive Assessment & Quizzes

EzyCourse offers several types of quiz and assessment types like-

  • Single choice
  • Multiple choice
  • Free text
  • Fill in the blanks
  • True or false
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Offer Certificates

Build a sense of achievement among your students by offering certificates of completion with our built-in certificate builder. Choose a design template, edit the contents, set your own styles, customize colors, and even add your branding and logo.

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Grading System

Enable grade and mark sheet for your course. Choose the range of marks and assign the corresponding letter grades for each range. With the grading system, your students can see how they’ve done on your course.

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Track Student Progress Easily

You no longer need to depend on a complex process to check student progress. Whether it's quizzes or assignments, you can view the submissions right from your EzyCourse dashboard!

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Give Quick Feedbacks

Send feedback to student submissions with a click of a button in EzyCourse. Let your students know exactly where improvement is needed.

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Easily Access Your Course Materials

With EzyCourse, enjoy free video hosting! You can access easily access your content from your desktop or existing YouTube/Vimeo uploads. Your files and videos are safely stored in EzyCourse Gallery for quick access. 

Plus, your students will enjoy no-buffer live streaming, high-quality playback, and customizable viewing options for a smooth learning experience.

Offer Card-less Free Trial For Your Courses

Why a cardless trial? This feature will make your courses more accessible to your students. Even one can get free trial access without a card. Cardless transactions can help you get more students.

Donation Pricing: Let Your Students Pay What They Can for Your Course

You can set the donation pricing for your students to let them pay what they want or can afford for a course

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Make Your Courses Public /Private /Hidden /Restricted

EzyCourse lets you set your course accessibility settings however you want to keep it. Choose from different accessibility statuses like - public, private, hidden, or restricted courses. You can also presell your courses before it's officially launched.

See All Enrolled Students At A Glance

You can see all enrolled students in one place with a single click. No more searching for individual students to check their enrollment status. This feature allows you to quickly identify and view details of students enrolled in your courses.

Sell Courses in 6 Different Pricing Structures

Select any one from six different plans or make multiple plans for your premium courses. You can sell courses with one-time or tiered pricing, or set a subscription-based plan. Also, there is a Split Payment plan to make it easier to manage expenses for your students.

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Categorize Courses for Better Management

You can create your own suitable categories to put all the relevant courses in one place. With this feature, you’ll know exactly where to look for your desired course. Custom course categories will help to keep things sorted on your dashboard.

Personalize Your Course Landing Page

EzyCourse provides you with a default landing page where your audience can view the course details. But, if you are up for it then you can custom design your landing page and add a little more flavor you want.

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SCORM/HTML Lessons for More Enhanced Learning Experience

Provide your students with a more dynamic and interactive learning experience beyond the typical text-based or static content.

Branded Mobile App to Offer Learning On the Go

You can create an engaging mobile learning app. The EzyCourse app provides an interactive and entertaining learning experience.

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