Elevate Your Earnings: Sell Digital/Physical Products!

Unleash the power of EzyCourse's dynamic selling options! Now on EzyCourse, you can showcase and sell a multitude of digital and physical treasures. From elegant T-shirts to insightful ebooks, our platform welcomes all – branded or not.


Digital & Physical Products

Take full advantage of EzyCourse's diverse selling opportunities. Along with courses, now sell any digital or physical products on the EzyCourse platform. Whether branded or not, you can put up for sale stuff such as notepads, T-shirts, ebooks, audio, pdf, zip file, etc.

So, instead of giving away freebies, earn extra revenue by selling digital/physical products on EzyCourse.

No Holds Barred, Sell Limitlessly!

You can create as many products as you like. No limits! And there’s no limits for pricing either. So, come up with ideas to effectively sell your product whether standalone or simply as add-ons to courses or communities.

Specifications & Key Features

It’s super easy to create and put your product up for sale on the EzyCourse platform. All you have to do is fill up a form, add descriptions and images, and set the price. In addition, you can easily add key value pairs of specifications and mark them as key features if you like. It’s all too easy on your part!


Organize with Custom Categories

Save your users from the chaos, and categorize your products to improve search and user experience altogether. Keep relevant products together in categories so that users can navigate comfortably. Besides, with products organized in categories, you can manage the products easily from the dashboard.

Built-in SEO Support

All products whether digital or physical are by default SEO-friendly because EzyCourse knows the need and so handles it all for you, allowing you to sell any type of digital content with ease.