Android & iOS mobile app

Nothing beats a native mobile experience. To ensure smooth, efficient, on-the-go learning EzyCourse rolls out support for branded native mobile apps on both platforms - Android and iOS

Android & iOS mobile app

Learning should be easy and smooth. To do this, there is no alternative but to have a mobile app. Nothing can beat a native mobile experience. To ensure smooth, efficient, on-the-go learning EzyCourse rolls out support for branded native mobile apps on both platforms - Android and iOS. Not just any app, EzyCourse apps come up with such a blend of immaculate design and irresistible functionality that’d make you thrive in the cutthroat world of online course business.

Give a smooth learning experience to your students

Your students can do almost everything from your mobile apps. Students can continue their courses from where they left off, collaborate with the community, or carry on conversations from the mobile apps.

Real-time push notifications for all kinds of activities

Don't let your students miss any activities. Always keep them indulged in learning.

Get your own branded mobile apps

EzyCourse offers you fully tailored apps uploaded and maintained by us.


100% white-label app publishing

Your app, your branding, published to your own Apple App Store and Google Play Storedeveloper accounts.

Simple, hassle-free app login

EzyCourse’s mobile apps give your students fuss-free multiple login options. Students can use their custom site credentials or continue with any one of the common social login providers. EzyCourse also provides a remember me and password recovery option, so that your students won't need to worry about forgetting their login data, and even if they did forget they get to recover their passwords very easily.

Personalised home page

Students can check all your courses, communities, groups, purchased products right on the home page after logging in to their accounts. Search for courses and communities conveniently. Continue courses from wherever they left off last time. Personalise their app theme, to light or dark according to their preferences.

Interactive course viewer

EzyCourse’s apps present course content neatly composed into chapters and lessons under chapters.

Students can learn interactively with different types of lessons ranging from- videos, audios, articles, presentations, several downloadable resources for you to learn on the go even when offline.

We support super-fast video streaming, so your students don’t need to wait for videos to load, see as they go on our powerful video player with fully customisable video preferences, such as playback speed, video resolution, captions etc.. Assess student progress through graded quizzes and assignments, and give them an idea of how much of the content they could actually digest. Take feedback from your students regarding the course through surveys.


Earn by connecting to your students with EzyCourse communities

Connect with your students' learners from your courses through our communities. Students get to -

  • Express their thoughts through various posts, such as
    by creating polls,
    sharing feelings/activity/links,
    uploading images,
    uploading videos,
    uploading other files,
    mentioning concerned persons,
    creating attractive text posts with various colored gradient backgrounds
  • React to posts in the community feed
  • Comment and reply to comments on posts in the community feed. Communities feature channels under them to help learners discuss more specifically and separate discussion topics.

Real-time group/private chats

With EzyCourse’s apps your students get to stay connected all time, any time everywhere.

Students get the power to have one-to-one, direct, real-time conversations with you or co-learners. Or also initiate group conversations.
Send files/images/videos/giphy’s.
React and reply to messages.
Miss no messages, with our real-time notification system get notifications on the go, in or out the app.

Customise account/app preferences

Students can customise their profile information, set app preferences, themes and other security settings

Students can view all their certificates from completed courses in one place.

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