EzyCourse Builder: Where Dreams Become Websites!

Say goodbye to coding headaches and embrace the effortless magic of EzyCourse Builder! Tailor your dream website with a massive collection of blocks, widgets, and limitless customization. Launch your site, own your brand, and explore endless possibilities!

EzyCourse Site Builder

How to create a website? You start with coding, right? Well, how about something that’s a lot easier? Surely coding isn't everyone's cup of tea, isn't it? Say hello to the best no-code website building tool, the EzyCourse Builder.

With EzyCourse Builder, you have full customization at the tip of your finger from handling page sections to creating full-fledged beautiful websites without the intricacies of advanced coding. Now create any kind of website easily without any coding knowledge.
No more complex coding! Build your dream websites with our EzyCourse Builder.

Enjoy Complete Customization Control

The thing with EzyCourse builder is that it is not really THE BUILDER. Nope! YOU ARE THE BUILDER! Because the platform gives you so much control that it’s mind boggling what you can do with it.

You can move around sections, place buttons, make alignments, choose colors, change backgrounds, adjust margins, paddings, and so much more that my fingers are gonna start hurting if I were to list them all. In all honesty, imagination is the only true limit.


Over 250+ Blocks & Templates!

Choose from over 250 pre-built blocks and templates! EzyCourse's massive collection ensures that you’ll definitely find something that matches your taste. You get a wide spectrum of designs and functionalities to work with.

Play Around with Widgets

Apart from readymade blocks and templates, EzyCourse builder equips you with widgets. With widgets, you can create a page section from scratch easily by simple drag and drop. It’s useful, exciting, easy to do, and more fun than anything to build your perfect site.

Add Styles, JS, and Choose Your Own Language

If you’re into customizing your own styles then you can simply add custom CSS for the page. Aside from styling, you can add JavaScript for additional functionalities, set fonts, and even choose your preferred web language.
By the way, you can set multiple languages for your platform on EzyCourse.

Create, Craft, and Customize Menu

Creating menus on EzyCourse is super easy. With a few clicks, you’ll end up making a nice looking menu for your site. You can add the menu items, drag to serialize items, add dropdown items, and even choose whether to open in a new tab.


Live Previews

Watch live previews of your work on the go. With live previews, you get to see exactly how your changes appear on the site.

100% Responsive

No more media queries and no more brain freeze on deciding whether to use flexbox or grid layout. With EzyCourse builder, everything you create is 100% responsive without needing you to write a single line of code.

100% White Labeling with Custom Domains

EzyCourse lets you enjoy the thrill of experiencing your own brand. Get full white labeling and give your site the perfect branded look it deserves. Just drop in your custom domain details and EzyCourse gets your site up and running on all devices.
With EzyCourse, you own everything. Your site, platform, courses, and even all the data! Everything is yours!

Import & Export Anytime

EzyCourse builder gives you the option to import any design or template. In addition, you can also save any of your work as a template and then use it as many times as you like. Or, export it if you want to use the template elsewhere or share with someone else. You have complete flexibility.

Hire External Designers

Not much into styling and designing? Well, no sweat! Because with EzyCourse Builder, you can easily send your page link with edit permission to anyone you like. They can edit and design the page for you from anywhere. No authentication required. Revoke access anytime. EzyCourse doesn’t limit you to a few designs.

Expand Your Revenue Generation Prospects

With EzyCourse, we offer you even more revenue generation options. If you are a developer, or have some coding knowledge, you can upload your own templates and blocks in our design library and earn extra revenue when other creators use your template.