EzyCourse Revenue Harmony: Share, Earn, and Thrive!

Get acquainted with a game-changer and lighten your workload. Delegate tasks to teachers, set percentages, and let EzyCourse handle the nitty-gritty calculations. Our Revenue Partnership option is your key to seamless collaboration and financial growth.

Revenue Partners

EzyCourse Revenue Partners

Take some workload off of you by assigning certain tasks to teachers and offering them a percentage. With EzyCourse, you can create revenue partners and share payments. This way, you can focus on the important things more often.

Select Any Partnership Type

You decide which type of product or item you want to share as revenue. It is possible to select any type from courses, communities, chats, and more. Of course, you can select only one type, but there’s no barrier to making multiple revenue partnerships, whether with one or many teachers.

Split Payment However You Want

You can select the amount of percentage you wish to share with your partner. Now EzyCourse gives you full control because the percentage can be down to the tiniest fractions if you want. You put in the percentage manually so that you can give exactly what you wish.


Leave the Calculations to EzyCourse

One thing about partnerships is the complex calculations, isn’t it? Well, no need to worry about marginal numbers or the tiniest fractions. Because EzyCourse does it for you automatically! Simply create the partnership and leave all the calculations up to EzyCourse.

Manage Revenue Partner Details

You can view all the transactions taking place with your revenue partners. See all partners in one place, check how many partnerships each partner has, how much you owe them, and more.

Settle your payments and filter through multiple filtering options to manage your revenue partners in just a few clicks.