Bulk Sell Courses with EzyCourse Tiered Pricing!

EzyCourse Tiered Pricing is your strategic gateway to selling big to organizations with minimal hassle. Whether one-time splurge or subscription savvy, customize your tiers, and let EzyCourse handle the math. More sales, less effort, limitless revenue!

Tiered Pricing

With our smart tiered pricing, you can sell even more to organizations without any management work.

Tiered pricing is a great way to increase sales even more with little effort. Organizations buy the desired number of products with just one click, and you get to sell big time with only one purchase. All in all, it’s your pathway to generating more revenue on EzyCourse .

One-Time & Subscription

EzyCourse allows keeping the tiered pricing as a one-time plan or sell them subscription based. Users can “buy once get all” with a one-time plan or choose to pay at intervals set by you in the subscription plan.

Customize Your Tiers

Whether one-time or subscription, you get to fully decide how to sell your product with tiered pricing. Simply assign the per-unit price for each tier no matter how many. EzyCourse allows adding up to 20 tiers.
You can give away more courses by cutting the price down a bit for each tier. As a result, you create the chance of selling more courses and earning a greater revenue.


Leave the Calculations to EzyCourse

EzyCourse handles all the calculations no matter which tier a user is purchasing. No chance for any mistake and everything stays accurate. Your users also see the total calculations on their checkout page when making the purchase.

Easy to Provide Access

After purchasing, users/organizations will be able to use email invitations or create students from their accounts and share credentials internally to provide access.