Add video captions, chapters & moments to your videos.

Get in-depth analysis of your videos, learn what your users are loving and what’s putting them off. Highlight key moments in your videos, organize long videos by adding chapters.

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Video Analytics


Set custom thumbnail

Don’t like the default thumbnail frame? Replace it with one of your choice, select from a range of generated snapshots or upload your own custom one.


Add captions/subtitles files

Need to make your target audience’s view experience more engaging? Simply add captions which you’ll find in EzyCourse’s video data feature. You can add captions in multiple languages. EzyCourse lets you add both SRT and VTT format caption files.

Search and filter with category through the video gallery

Search and filter videos through your gallery conveniently. For those of you who have lots of videos, this will help you identify your videos easily.

Captions improve video metrics as they make it accessible to new audiences, as in for those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing or those who aren’t familiar with the language you’re creating content, all of them will then be able to watch and make sense of your content. Most importantly having subtitles enabled allows users to watch videos from anywhere, anytime without needing to turn on sound. Moreover, moving captions can hold the interest of your viewers and prevent them from scrolling away.

Add chapters to your video

Chapters help split video into sections. YouTube itself mentions that “Video chapters add info and context to each portion of the video and let you easily rewatch different parts of the video”. So as a creator it’s important for you to have access to such features and EzyCourse gives you all the power to be the best in all that you do without needing taking much of a hassle.

Add moments to your video

Featuring key moments in your videos will help in ranking up your videos on searches, thus improving your ad revenue and monetization options.

View video engagement scores, views and watch time statistics

Statistics such as watch time are one of the key metrics that help you in understanding your target audience better and allow you to make more engaging content. So EzyCourse adds the option for you to view analytics on each of your videos, and we also calculate an engagement score for you based on the metrics received.