Mighty Networks Alternative: Mighty Networks vs. EzyCourse

Mighty Networks vs. EzyCourse

Mighty Networks vs. EzyCourse: Which platform is right for you?

Choosing the right online course platform is the first step as an online creator. If you are looking for a Mighty Networks alternative, this article is for you.

But what are the factors in choosing the perfect course creation platform? We're here to simplify things and make your choice between Mighty Networks and EzyCourse. So, let's dive into the comparison between Mighty Networks and EzyCourse.

Budget: Mighty Networks Pricing vs. EzyCourse Pricing

Let's talk about the pricing plans of both platforms. Here are the pricing details for both course creation platforms.

Ezycourse Pricing ss
Comparable planMighty NetworksEzyCourseSavings with EzyCourse
Lowest PlanMighty Networks Community (39$/m)No option to create coursesEzyCourse Basic (31$/m)20%
Mighty Networks Business ($119/m)EzyCourse Basic (31$/m)74%
Enterprise PlanFor the higher Mighty Pro plan, you have to contact salesEzyCourse Elite ($299/m)

Note: EzyCourse has another plan called Grow Together Plan that offers every plan at an even lower price for helping small enterprises.

Now let’s start with the main features of both Learning Management Platforms.

Main Features: Mighty Networks Features vs. EzyCourse Features

Let’s explore all the main features of Mighty Networks and EzyCourse. Features are the major indicator of any platform.

How do you choose the right course platform for your business?

Mighty Networks is mainly a community-building platform with options to create courses. The platform offers features like community creation, content tools (polls, videos, articles), analytics, chat options, website hosting, etc. There are alternatives to Mighty Networks like EzyCourse.

On the other hand, EzyCourse is an all-in-one course platform for selling courses, communities, membership, products, and so on. It offers more than 16 revenue streams, options to create websites, branded mobile apps, etc within the platform. EzyCourse offers features such as magic checkout, smart upsell and add-on offerings, tiered pricing, and other selling options.

Let’s check out the Mighty Networks alternative - EzyCourse. We've compared both platform’s features, course creation options, learning experience, marketing integrations, support, mobile app, pricing, etc.

Top FeaturesMighty NetworksEzyCourse
Rating (Trustpilot)
Mighty Networks rating4.2*
EzyCourse rating4.9*
Comparable PlanMighty Networks Business ($119/m)EzyCourse Basic ($31/m)
Saves 74%
Transaction fees2% on Business Plan
3% on Community Plan
  • Zero transaction fee
🔥 DiscountUpto 16% on annual plansUpto 57% on annual plans
Create courses with any content type
Unlimited Courses  (Business plan at $119/m) (Basic plan at $31/m)
Group/Private Chats (Group chat with highest 9 members) (Unlimited)
Page/Website CustomizationNot enough customization options Highly customizable. You can build any type of site 
Branded Mobile AppOnly for Pro plans (Higher priced) (+129/m)
Android TV App
Complete White Label Branding Only in the Pro plans (Higher priced) (Basic plan at $31/m)
Unlimited Storage Usage
24/7 Email and chat support
Blog creation
Sell Physical Products
Single sign-on
Multi-language support   170

Course Creation Features: Mighty Networks vs. EzyCourse

Now that we are considering the course creation features of both platforms. Fortunately, EzyCourse will cover you with plenty of course features in its easy-to-use course builder. The platform also offers a magic checkout, smart upsell options, and tiered pricing to level up your revenue game.

EzyCourse offers a very user-friendly interface with useful features like 13 lesson types, 6 pricing options, community features, privacy settings, drip courses, and so on. However, Mighty Networks is not pro at helping you in online course creation. It has very limited features when it comes to creating courses online. Also, there’s nothing like Mighty Networks free or community plan to create online courses.

Let's dive into the comparison chart between Mighty Networks and EzyCourse in course creation features.

Course creation
Course Creation FeaturesMighty NetworksEzyCourse
No technical skills required
Create courses with any content type
Embed many types of multimedia content
Advanced quizzes & exams Business plan
SCORM lessons
Bulk Import
Unlimited digital downloads
Multiple content types
Drip Courses
Student course reviews
Magic checkout
Pricing options in courses

3 pricing options:

  • Free
  • One-time
  • Subscription

6 pricing options:

  • Free
  • One-time (Standard)
  • Split payment
  • Subscription
  • One-time (Tiered)
  • Subscription (Tiered)

EzyCourse prioritize an engaging learning experience by incorporating gamification, motivation popup, student progress tracking into courses. Plus. EzyCourse goes the extra mile with easy navigation, student course reviews, and quiz retake options.

However, Mighty Networks has some limitations in this comparison. It incorporates quiz retakes, course completion certificates, etc. However, the platform doesn’t allow many other interactive learning and teaching experiences. With EzyCourse, you're not just teaching – you're creating an enjoyable and impactful learning journey for your students.

Teaching And Learning
Teaching & Learning ExperienceMighty NetworksEzyCourse
Easy course navigation
Student course reviews
Course completion certificates
Student social sharing
Multiple Payment Options
Motivation popup
Multiple instructors
Advanced quiz retake
Course insights and analytics
Optimized for all devices

White Label Branding: Mighty Networks vs. EzyCourse

White-label branding is a big concern when it comes to online creators. Studies suggest that having a consistent brand can even up your revenue game by 20%.

Both of these platforms offer a variety of white-label branding options. including a custom domain, removing branding from the footer, and branding in the app. But you will have to go for the Plus Plan (Custom Price) to remove branding from the footer and mobile app. And there is no option like white-label transactional emails.

Unfortunately, you need to go for the Mighty Pro plan to enjoy a complete white-labeling platform in Mighty Networks. (Which pricing will depend on your business) But don't worry, EzyCourse offers a complete white-label solution at only a $31/month Basic plan. You can customize the platform under your brand, change your brand logo, pick your favorite colors, and create a unique learning experience for your learners.

Let’s dive into the differences between Mighty Networks' white-label branding and EzyCourse's white-label branding.

White Label Branding OptionsMighty NetworksEzyCourse
Complete white label (Mighty Pro plan) (Basic plan)
Custom Domain (Starter plan) (Basic plan)
White label Transactional Email ($159)
White-labeled Email (Basic plan)

EzyCourse is not all about course creation and selling. It offers almost all sales and marketing features that a platform can provide! From email marketing, and email automation to marketing and sales integration, EzyCourse has covered everything within one platform.

With EzyCourse, you can also create coupons and promotions to improve sales. Moreover, it lets you access funds instantly, create coupon codes, and hassle-free subscription management.

Do you plan to send bulk emails to your students? EzyCourse lets you do that too, and you can even white-label those emails for that extra professional touch.

On the other hand, Mighty Networks comes with very few sales and marketing features. You can send the bulk like email in the business plan.

Let's see a quick comparison chart between Mighty Networks and EzyCourse.

Sales and MarketingMighty NetworksEzyCourse
Advanced marketing integrations
Bulk email (Business plan)
Coupons & Promotions
Streamlined Checkout
Set up free trials for students
Third-party integration
Built-in payment processor
Multi-level Affiliate Program
Student referral program
Lead generation & Email Automation With Zapier integration   Basic plan
B2B selling options
Sales page branding and customization

Mighty Networks Support vs. EzyCourse Support

When choosing a course platform, prioritizing one with exceptional customer support is a strategic move. While selling courses online, you may often encounter issues. That’s why, go for a platform with dedicated customer support.

EzyCourse shines in the customer support aspect. Offering 100% reliability and earning a remarkable 4.9-star rating on Trustpilot, the platform stands out as the go-to platform with dedicated customer support.

On the other side, Mighty Networks has encountered some customer frustrations, evident in negative reviews on platforms like Trustpilot and G2. The concerns often center around challenges with customer support. In your course platform journey, EzyCourse ensures that support is not just a feature but a commitment.

Customer SupportMighty Networks EzyCourse
Live Chat
24/7 support
24/7 Email support
One-to-one meeting(Pro plan)Any customer
Access to experts
Training Resources

While you are selling courses online, you will be required to take payment. EzyCourse comes with seamless transactions with the convenience of popular options such as PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay, FastSpring, Paddle, Alipay, Apple Pay, GPay, and etc. Plus, there is a manual payment option. These diverse options of payment gateways broaden the audience.

On the other hand, Mighty Networks offers only Stripe payment gateways like Stripe. It’s a major concern that Mighty Networks doesn’t support PayPal.

Payment Gateways
FeatureMighty NetworksEzyCourse
Apple Pay
Manual payment methods

EzyCourse Mobile App vs. Mighty Networks Mobile App

While both EzyCourse and Mighty Networks provide mobile apps, there are some differences in certain aspects.

Mighty Networks mobile app is offered in the Mighty Pro plan. The app offers comes with an intuitive interface with a mobile-optimized experience. Mighty Networks presents two app choices. One is a course mobile app replicating the desktop experience. And the other one is Mighty Pro, an entirely branded white-label app. The Mighty Pro's pricing aligns with business size and requirements. For Mighty Pro pricing, you need to consult with Mighty Networks sales.

Likewise, EzyCourse is similar to Mighty Networks offering two mobile app options. Branded Mobile comes at $129/month mirrors the Mighty Pro app but at a more affordable rate. As a white-labeled app, Branded Mobile showcases your brand with a personalized App Store listing and logo. EzyCourse's experts handle the app-building process, publishing, and maintenance.

Mobile app
Mobile App FeaturesMighty NetworksEzyCourse
Available on Android
Available on iOS
Branded mobile app
Support for communities
In-app Purchases
PricingWith a Mighty Pro plan (pricing varies)   (+129/m for Branded app)
More Savings

The Right Mighty Networks Alternative: Save More with EzyCourse Grow Together Plan

For online creators with a low budget, EzyCourse kept a super budget-friendly pricing plan. The EzyCourse Grow Together plan will offer you all affordable paid plans at low cost.

In this offer, the basic plan starts at $21/month which offers unlimited courses, custom pages, two communities, etc. EzyCourse Pro comes at only $59/month which was $99 in the regular plan. The plan will take a 5% commission fee per sale, but if you are short on budget it won’t be a big deal for you. It’s better to start with giving fees, instead of not starting. Right?

Let’s know how much you can save in the Grow Together plan.

Grow Together Plan
Pricing PlansRegular Plan (Monthly)Grow Together Savings
EzyCourse Basic$39/m$21/m46%
EzyCourse Pro$99/m$59/m40%
EzyCourse Unlimited$299/m$99/m66%

These prices may change over time. Stay updated with latest prices here.