Comparing Top 6 Budget-Friendly Online Course Platforms in 2024

Comparing Top 6 Budget-Friendly Online Course Platforms in 2024

Comparing Top 6 Budget-Friendly Online Course Platforms in 2024

  • EzyCourse Team

  • 12 Jan 2024

  • 8 minutes

Are you planning on creating your first online course but don’t have enough budget? No worries!

Fortunately, there are some budget-friendly online course platforms to help course creators. 

Using these course platforms, you can create white-label courses within budget. 

As the progress goes on, the e-learning industry will be worth $325 billion in 2025 worldwide. At the same time, students are becoming more dependent on online classes. Course instructors need 90% less energy in online course creation than in traditional training sessions. 

So there’s a huge opportunity to make money by creating and selling online courses. In this article, I’ll compare online course platforms that help you create and sell courses in 2024.

Let’s dive in. 

Top 6 Online Course Platforms Compared Within Budget

I’ve made a list of the top 6 budget-friendly online course platforms. Here it is: 

  1. EzyCourse

  2. Teachable

  3. LearnWorlds

  4. Mighty Networks

  5. Thinkific

  6. Kajabi

If you don’t have enough time to read the full blog, here’s a quick comparison chart to compare the top online course creation platforms for you.

Figure: Overall comparison chart

How to Choose the Right Online Course Platform (Side-by-Side Comparison)

Choosing the right online course platform is crucial for the success of your online course.  Now let’s get a detailed overview of the top 6 platforms to create online courses within budget. I’m going to compare the platforms with important aspects like ease of use, features, pricing, customization, customer support, etc. To help you out in the decision-making, here are the five factors to consider in a course platform: 

1. Pricing Plan Comparison 

Budget consideration is one of the most important factors while you are going for course creation. Compare pricing plans of different platforms, including transaction fees and any additional costs. Here’s a quick comparison chart on pricing:  

Figure: Comparison chart on pricing

Pricing comparison in detail: 

EzyCourse: From the above chart, you can see that EzyCourse is the best online platform to sell courses with the lowest budget. EzyCourse starts at only $31/month.

Interestingly, you can get started with EzyCourse at only $21/month in the Grow Together plan. No other platforms offer so many features in the lower tier plans like EzyCourse. It’s both feature-rich and budget-friendly at the same time. 

Teachable: Teachable basic starts at $59/m. Moreover, you can make your Teachable platform stand out with some advanced features. But you have to go for the Pro+ plan at $199.  It offers custom user roles, advanced theme customizations, and some other advanced features.

However, if you are not comfortable with Teachable, you may look for some Techable alternatives.  

LearnWorlds: LearnWorlds provides the Starter plan at $29/month but with a $5 per course sale. To get the right features, choose the Learning Centre plan starts at $254 per month and offers even more features like membership sites and live webinar support. 

If you are looking for a LearnWorlds alternative, read here.  

Mighty Networks: Mighty Networks starts at $39/m in the Community plan. But if you want to get the right feature for course creation, you have to go for higher plans. This platform is for creators or entrepreneurs who want to build deeper relationships with their audience in a community. 

Thinkific: Thinkific offers their basic plan at $49/m but with limited features. But if you want to get all the useful features, you have to go for the Grow plan at $199/month. 

Kajabi: However, Kajabi is especially well-suited for creators with high budgets. Even the basic plan of Kajabi comes at $149/m. So, if you are high on budget, then you can go for this course creation platform. 

From the above discussion, you can see that EzyCourse is the best online platform to sell courses with the lowest budget. EzyCourse starts at only $31/month. Only LearnWorlds starts with lower pricing but it takes $5 per course sale. On the other hand, other course platforms like Teachable, Thinkific, and Mighty Networks provide their plan with higher prices that may not be cost-effective for a small enterprise. Kajabi starts at $149/m in their basic plan. 

In addition to the regular plan, there’s a twist in the tail for you in EzyCourse. If you want a platform with the best value, go nowhere than EzyCourse. Let’s know the twist…

EzyCourse Unleashes the 'Grow Together' Plan: Supercharge Your Online Course at Just $21!

For online creators with a low budget, EzyCourse kept a super budget-friendly pricing plan. The EzyCourse Grow Together plan will offer you all affordable paid plans at low cost. 

In this offer, the basic plan starts at $21/month which offers unlimited courses, custom pages, two communities, etc. EzyCourse Pro comes at only $59/month which was $99 in the regular plan. The plan will take a 5% commission fee per sale, but if you are short on budget it won’t be a big deal for you. 

And guess what! The Unlimited plan lets you save even more in the Grow Together plan. You can save $200 monthly in the Unlimited plan in this offer. With the unlimited plan, you have no limits in features, functionalities, customizations, etc. See how much you can save with EzyCourse. 

Savings: EzyCourse Grow Together Plan 

Budget is a crucial factor in any online business, right? Let us know how much you can save with the Grow Together plan. 

Winner: Finally, let’s see the ranking when it comes to pricing comparison: 

  1. EzyCourse

  2. Teachable

  3. LearnWorlds

  4. Mighty Networks

  5. Thinkific

  6. Kajabi

2. Feature by Feature Comparison

Consider the course platform's features and functionalities. Consider aspects such as course creation features, multimedia support, assessment options, interactive features, etc. 

Let’s compare the features of each of the six online course creation platforms for course creators. 

Figure: Comparison chart on main features

Feature-by-feature comparison in detail: 

EzyCourse: Fortunately, EzyCourse comes with more than 16 revenue streams where creators can sell courses, communities, membership, digital and physical products, book appointments and events, etc. Plus, it lets you create a super interactive platform to engage with your students in the group chat or private chat.  

What’s more, you create an engaging White-Label Android & iOS Native Mobile App for your online courses with  EzyCourse. The inclusive platform also offers an Android TV app to make your video-based lessons more captivating on the big screen. 

Kajabi: Kajabi is a popular course creation platform that allows instructors to create, sell, and manage their online courses easily. It offers plenty of powerful features, including a course builder, landing pages, email marketing, membership sites, webinars, and analytics.
It will be a good choice for online trainers who want a powerful and feature-rich platform. Using Kajabi, you will get some powerful marketing and sales tools to reach more students. Plus, the comprehensive analytics and reporting feature will help you gain insights about your courses. It also accepts payments from several popular payment gateways. 

Thinkific: Thinkific is one of the most popular course platforms to help you create courses and communities. It comes with some useful features like live lessons, community-building, and assessment features. You can build a course using this platform in two parts: course material and a landing page. 

Thinkific provides some helpful tips on creating a course with the templates. Plus, you can easily create quizzes and assessments to test your students' knowledge. This online course builder offers comprehensive reporting and analytics to help you track student progress. 

Teachable: You can create and sell courses, coaching, and digital downloads with this platform. It offers some excellent features like membership, flexible payment options, and sales & marketing tools, AI features, etc. Notably, Teachable accepts payment in 130 currencies from multiple payment getaways like PayPal, Stripe, etc. 

LearnWorlds: LearnWorlds is another online course creation platform for tutors to build courses easily. It lets you create and sell courses, memberships, and coaching programs without much hassle.

This course platform comes with useful features and integrations to help creators create engaging and interactive learning experiences. Like Ezycourse, Thinkific, and Kajabi, you can also build a community around your courses to grow your course reach. What’s more, there are some exciting features like AI Assistance, social learning, etc. 

Mighty Networks: Mighty Networks is mainly a community-building platform along with course course creation options. If you are mainly looking to build a community for engaging with your audience, Mighty Networks will be a good choice. 

You can design your online space with features like discussion forums, live streaming, and content delivery with this platform. 

Winner: After the discussion, let’s see the ranking while comparing the features: 

  1. EzyCourse

  2. Kajabi

  3. Thinkific

  4. Teachable

  5. LearnWorlds

  6. Mighty Networks

3. Customer Support

While you are creating courses online, you will need dedicated support from the course builder. If you check the reviews of the platforms, you will see plenty of frustrations for lack of support.

EzyCourse comes with extremely dedicated support. You will get 24/7 reliable support for any troubleshooting issues and they also offer you a one-to-one meeting if necessary.  You can read reviews and testimonials from other users on the platforms like Trustpilot, g2, and AppSumo. Let’s see a comparison chart of reviews and ratings on Trustpilot. 

Keep all these factors in mind while selecting a white-label online course platform and ensure a branded learning experience for your audience.

Winner: Let's rank the course platforms in the context of customer support & review: 

  1. EzyCourse

  2. Thinkific

  3. Kajabi

  4. Mighty Networks

  5. LearnWorlds

  6. Teachable

4. Customization & Branding

Make sure your platform allows customization and branding options to align with your brand. Check for options to use your brand logo, color, and custom domain. EzyCourse will be a robust white-label solution that seamlessly aligns with your brand identity.






Mighty Networks

100% white


Remove Branding






Pro Plan

Winner: Here’s the ranking of the platforms when it comes to customization and branding options: 

  1. EzyCourse

  2. Mighty Networks

  3. LearnWorlds

  4. Thinkific

  5. Teachable

  6. Kajabi

5. Development and Scalability:

Consider an online course builder platform's development roadmap and its scalability. Choose the platform that is evolving, introducing new features, and adapting to industry trends. 

Scalability is crucial if you plan to expand your course offerings or accommodate a growing number of students. Ensure that the platform can support your long-term goals. Fortunately, EzyCourse is updated almost every week. So, it will help your online courses and communities to grow and scale your business. 

Winner: Here’s the ranking of the course platforms in  case of development, updates, and scalability: 

  1. EzyCourse

  2. Teachable

  3. LearnWorlds

  4. Thinkific

  5. Mighty Networks

  6. Kajabi

Which is the Best All-in-One Course Platform for All Types of Creators? 

With the comprehensive guide to 6-course creation platforms, you have a detailed overview of the platforms. EzyCourse comes to be a platform for all! 

Whether you have a small business, or large, EzyCourse has you covered. It’s an all-in-one course platform for small, medium, and large enterprises and creators. 

In addition to the regular plan, there’s a twist in the tail for you. If you want a platform with the best value, go nowhere than EzyCourse. EzyCourse unleashes the 'Grow Together' plan to supercharge your online course at just $21!

EzyCourse kept a super budget-friendly pricing plan for online creators with a low budget. The EzyCourse Grow Together plan will offer you all affordable paid plans at low cost. 

Compare Online Course Platforms: Which is Best in 2024?  

So far, we have tried to show you a detailed guideline to compare online course platforms on budget. Whether you're an experienced instructor or just starting, you need the best online course creation platform to create and sell online courses. 

If you are tight on budget, a course platform like EzyCourse is there to help you. EzyCourse only starts at $21/month in the Grow Together plan. It’s at the same time a feature-rich and low-cost course builder platform.  

Hopefully, you are planning to go for the right course creation platform. Consider the pricing, features, branding, customization options, marketing features, and scalability while choosing the best course platform.

If you have any queries regarding your course creation platform, feel free to reach out to us. We love to hear from you. Happy online course creation journey!