Meet EzyCourse, your all-in-one online course platform that simplifies online teaching

Say goodbye to managing multiple tools and subscriptions. With EzyCourse, you can streamline your course creation, marketing, and delivery in one powerful platform. From building courses, communities, and funnels to scheduling appointments and selling digital products, EzyCourse has got you covered. Save time and money by consolidating all your online business needs into one comprehensive platform.

  • Access all the tools you need in one place
  • Email marketing (broadcast, automation, sequence)
  • Course builder (9 types of lessons)
  • Website builder (build any kind of website)
  • Funnel builder (capture leads and convert them to paid customers)
  • ... and many more

Get paid instantly by your favorite vendor.

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  • Manual payment

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Launch your own white label agency or manage multiple sites through a centralized dashboard.

Say goodbye to the stress of monthly or yearly subscriptions! With our solution, you make a one-time purchase and enjoy it forever. It's a win-win situation where both you and we benefit. It's that simple!

Give a smooth learning experience to your students with our native Android and iOS mobile apps.

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Get free tech support

  • EzyCourse tech team will help you to design your pages and set up everything so that you can focus only on your contents.

Get paid for your courses, products and your time

Sell almost anything

  • Courses & Bundle courses
  • Communities
  • Group chats & Private chat
  • Appointment booking
  • Digital & Physical products

Powerful course builder

Build your courses and bundle courses smoothly and easily using our built-in course builder.

9+ types of built-in lessons

Create video, audio, PPT, PDF, multimedia, quiz, survey, assignment and download lesson types easily with the builder.

Smart and flexible pricing

Set up one-time, subscription or smart-tiered pricing

Create unlimited communities

Create fully customized communities for your audience. Seamless integration with your mobile apps, and real-time push notifications to keep your community highly engaged and entertained.

Make free or premium communities

Turn your time into a revenue source by offering premium communities! Offer communities as a stand-alone product, or as an add-on to any course/bundle/product.

Real-time Facebook-like communities

Don’t miss Facebook! We created the communities keeping in mind how everyone has become accustomed to Facebook and getting real-time notifications and activities.

ezycourse community

Create unlimited private or group chats

Keep your students engaged with helpful private or group chats. Chats are integrated with the web and mobile apps so that your students never miss anything! Offer private coaching or mentoring through these chats.

Make free or premium private or group chats

Turn your time into a revenue source by offering premium private or group chats! Offer private or group chats as a stand-alone product or include it as an add-on to any course/bundle course/product.

Real-time push notifications

Don’t miss any activity! Keep your chat engaging with real-time push notifications. Get creative with tons of emojis, GIFs, images, videos, etc.

ezycourse chat and group chat

Create unlimited events

Create unlimited events and appointments with our booking feature. Schedule however you want!

Set up booking pricing

No more manual work. You can take payment for appointments before confirming the booking. Easily manage appointments and notify users prior to appointment time.

Powerful appointment planner

Use our built-in appointment planner to create your schedule. No need to search for a third-party platform.

ezycourse appointment

Sell digital products

Create unlimited digital products and ship them to your students. Manage products easily from your dashboard.

Sell physical products

Create unlimited physical products and ship them to your students. Manage products easily from your dashboard.

SEO friendly

Digital and physical products have built-in SEO and can be created effortlessly.

ezycourse digital and physical products

Build a mebmership site

Create dynamic membership plans

Offer site-wide, dynamic membership plans and add different content such as courses, group or private chat, digital or physical products, etc. Create monthly or yearly plans and build a complete membership site.
ezycourse membership plan features

Everything is done and ready for you!

Start building in no time

  • Mobile apps
  • Powerful site builder
  • Ready made blocks
  • Ready made templates

Easy drag-and-drop builder for non-coders

We built a powerful drag-and-drop builder with you in mind. Get the flexibility to create a beautiful website. Unlike others, it’s not a fixed, boring builder.

Hire an external designer to create for you

Send your page link with edit permissions to anyone, anywhere in the world to edit and design your page. No authentication is required, and you can revoke access anytime.

Save your work as a block or template and export for backup

You can save your work for reuse as many times as you like. Or export and import any page anytime, without limitations. You have complete flexibility.

Give a smooth learning experience to your students

A mobile app is instantly ready and available to download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Real-time push notifications for all kinds of activities.

Don’t let your students miss out on anything. Always keep them engaged with learning content and activities.

Get your own branded mobile apps

Get your own branded app uploaded and maintained by us.

Use our ready-made design blocks

Use our beautifully designed blocks with a click. Our blocks can be used anywhere and in any way you wish. We are constantly adding new blocks for you!

Save as your own block

Create your own design and save it as your own block

Upload your unique block and earn revenue

Upload your block to our design library and earn extra revenue from other teachers using your block.

Use our ready-made design templates

Use our beautifully designed templates with a click. You can use our templates anywhere or however you want. We are constantly adding new templates for you!

Save as your own template

Create your own design and save it as your own template

Upload your customized template and earn revenue

Upload your template to our design library and earn extra revenue from other teachers using your template

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Try EzyCourse for free!

Features that will boost your business by 10x

These key features will help your business grow faster and increase revenue by 10x more, than compared to any other online course platform.


Create unlimited courses with different types of lessons

Bundle courses

Creating bundle courses is super easy with ezycourse. Just click click!

Physical products

Sell physical products and take shipping details at checkout.

Digital products

Earn extra revenue by selling downloadable digital products.


Sell your time and support your students using our community feature.

Group chat

Create group chats with your students and make learning fun, engaging and attractive

Private chat

Help your students in a one-to-one chat and get paid for it. Set pricing however you like.

Appointment booking

Set up an easy and flexible booking system and manage your booking slots effortlessly

Complete dynamic membership site

Make your site a membership site and set up monthly or yearly pricing.

Partner revenue share

Invite partners and split revenue however you want and manage it automatically without manual work

Site builder

Our site builder is one of the coolest features. Create any kind of website easily without any coding knowledge.

Android & iOS mobile app

Learning should be easy and smooth. To do this, there is no alternative but to have a mobile app.

Advanced quiz

Unlike others, ezycourse has powerful built-in quiz features with many options.

Magic checkout

Our magic checkout will help you capture leads efficiently and sell more than ever!

Easy email marketing

Send white label marketing and notification emails without paying extra

Tiered pricing

With our smart tiered pricing, you can sell even more to organizations without any management work.

Smart upsell

You can add up to 20 add-on items per product and give unlimited product access to your students. No one has ever done this before!

Real-time reporting

Get real-time activity notifications such as orders, failed/abandoned orders, and other notifications from your students.


Build a sense of achievement among your students by offering certificates of completion using our built-in, powerful certificate builder.


Promoting your business online? Easily manage your campaign by creating and coupons on all/any of your products, just as you like.


Create, manage and publish beautiful, built-in SEO-friendly blogs with our intuitive and simple-to-use, rich blog editor.


Dramatically improve learner engagement and learning retention with gamification. Create stimulating content with game elements so that every moment of learning is fun and addictive for your valued students.

Student motivation popups

Promote a positive student experience throughout, and motivate your students to complete your courses.

Email integration

Connect and automate the most powerful and popular email marketing tools on the market — MailChimp, ConvertKit, and MailJet — in just a few clicks and you're all set to send targeted emails.

Multi-level affiliate program

Grow your customer base and multiply your revenue generation possibilities.

Advanced form builder & contacts

Streamline your data collection with our customizable form builder and contact management tools.

Unlimited lead generation and automation

Raise customer interests of your products and convert those interests into sales.

Advanced quiz retake

Random on demand quiz generation from question bank


Video gallery

Create and sell unlimited video galleries. With EzyCourse your revenue generation options are endless.


Video analytics

Customize your videos with custom thumbnails, captions, chapters, moments, and more. 🎥 Plus, view detailed video stats to see how your students are engaging with your content.


Email Automation Sequence

Easily create and manage targeted email campaigns with personalized email templates and advanced automation capabilities.


Multi-lingual support

Make learning accessible to all with EzyCourse's Multilingual Support feature.


Grading system

EzyCourse's Grading System feature offers a transparent and fair way to assess student performance.


Live lessons with ZOOM/MEET

Connect, teach and interact in real-time


Bonus items

Enhance your Course Offerings with Bonus Items.

Live class room

Coming soon

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I host my own content?

Absolutely! Though we host and manage your content, we also offer you the ability to host your content. You can create a Bunny CDN account ( and add API credentials to your settings. We upload the content to your account so that you are 100% in control of your content.

How do I receive money from my students?

All payments coming from your students will be paid out to your Stripe or PayPal account instantly. We don’t hold or keep funds and we offer zero transaction fees. You can see all transactions and process refunds via your dashboard.

Is a credit card required to sign up?

Yes, to activate free trial you need to signup with a valid card

Do I own my content?

Yes – 100%! You own your uploaded content and student data. We do not market to your students, instead we try to stay invisible.

I don’t have a Stripe or PayPal account. How can I use EzyCourse?

We are introducing a brand-new feature in which your money is deposited with us, allowing you to withdraw and transfer to your financial institution anywhere in the world.

What support do you provide?

All our customers receive chat and email support. VIP customers can also receive support through Google Meet and Zoom.

Switch to EzyCourse to sell almost anything in just a few clicks!

24/7 real-time

We don’t charge for providing support 😊. We are always here to make sure your business is running smoothly and growing without complications.