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The Best Teachable Alternative

The Best Teachable Alternative in 2022

The global e-learning market was worth USD 215 billion in 2021 and it is estimated to reach an expected value of USD 645 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 13% during the forecast period(2022–2030). With the emergence of advanced technologies and new standards being set, there are tons of tools and sites for educators/coaches/trainers to deliver their content.

Teachable is one such platform that helps you build and launch your courses online in no time, that too without any coding knowledge. Teachable handles everything for you, from web hosting to payment processing. Given its simplicity, Teachable might be a great platform to get started, but it is limited in terms of what you can do with it. It offers limited delivery and customisation options for creators. It works best for asynchronous, old-school learning. Teachable also misses out on some key features such as communities, real-time group and private chat, a true site-builder and ability to sell different types of products.

There had to be a better way, so we built it - EzyCourse - your all-in-one, zero coding, course creator platform, the best alternative to Teachable. Where Teachable struggles, we surpass. With EzyCourse build a branded fully capable course platform for a tiny fraction of the cost up and running in just a matter of a few hours, and get paid for your courses and your time with our powerful communities, chat and other revenue boosting factors.

Features that make EzyCourse distinctively exclusive:

  • Powerful communities -

    Never again miss Facebook! Also save yourselves from the distractions on Facebook. Creators on Teachable usually have to start a Facebook group, which is noisy and bothersome, or either continue without any community, which stops learners from collaborating. Communities turn out to add a lot to an online course. Communities are essential in the sense that they nurture healthy competition between fellow learners, keep them engaged via sharing stories, feelings, activities, learning inspirations, creating polls and helping them stay focused supporting each other throughout. EzyCourse offers creators the option to add communities along with courses to keep their audience lively, with this incredibly dynamic asset. EzyCourse communities have channels under them for a better separation of concern.
  • Group/Private chat -

    Apart from communities, EzyCourse features real-time, one-to-one and group conversations, so that learners can chat directly or discuss and reply to their mates instantly. Creators can add these as upsells or stand alone products and multiply their revenue.
  • Sell physical products -

    Teachable only allows sale of digital products, but EzyCourse comes up with support for physical products sale, as in if a creator wants to provide some branded stuff such as notepads or t-shirts, they can do that simply. EzyCourse also allows restricting sales to certain areas and adding all supported shipping details.
  • Complete dynamic membership site -

    Teachable membership is just another hybrid course - one that could consist of many of the product options together, whereas EzyCourse leaves this totally on the creators. Creators have full control over what and what not they want to include in their membership, they simply need to drag and drop the products they want to include in a membership plan, choose if the memberships would be monthly or yearly, and they can set the pricing for different plans accordingly. EzyCourse gives you a true Netflix like membership experience.
  • Build your own branded native mobile apps -

    Teachable misses out on a native mobile app experience. It’s been built well for the web and has a very light app, but it’s only available on iOS and not Android, leaving out 85% of global smartphone users which means that roughly 2.5 billion people will not be able to access your course from their devices. On top of this both course creators and learners find the iOS app glitchy. To ensure smooth, efficient, on-the-go learning EzyCourse rolls out support to branded native mobile apps on both the platforms - Android and iOS.
  • Magic checkout -

    Teachable has been reported to have problems with storing payment details. EzyCourse brings to creators magic checkout to solve this issue and help creators get new leads and stay informed real-time on how people are responding to purchasing their content. Creators will get notified not only on failed checkouts, but also when a user simply enters the checkout page, fills in some information and returns back without even proceeding the checkout. EzyCourse also makes checkout hassle-free for course buyers, if not logged in our system auto detects if your account exists or not and lets you login or create a new account right on the page letting you to continue to checkout swiftly.
  • Own your contents or integrate your storage API to get complete control

    Considering all concerns of creators regarding content privacy and sharing, Teachable and other platforms like Thinkific, EzyCourse also gives you options to download your content. In addition to this EzyCourse provides you means of owning your content completely, simply enter your Bunny CDN credentials and we upload all the contents to your storage instead of ours, this way your contents will be hosted on your own storage.
  • Easy email marketing with white-label branding -

    Unlike Teachable, which has no white-label email marketing system support, EzyCourse gives creators the power to send white-label marketing and notification emails without paying extra. Moreover EzyCourse adds in loads of email customisation options, that too ensuring all of it up running within minutes.
  • Real time reporting -

    With EzyCourse creators get real-time activity notifications such as failed/abandoned/successful orders, and other notifications from students. EzyCourse also lets creators send notifications to students to keep them on track.

Features that make EzyCourse the best Teachable alternative:

  • Flexible, interactive course delivery options -

    Teachable provides only limited delivery options, even with so many different possible ways to deliver a course, or bundled courses. Besides the lesson types supported on Teachable, EzyCourse also offers assignment, content feedback surveys, graded advanced assessment techniques supporting a wide range of question types, and audio only lessons as well. You can see all the students’ quiz submissions in your dashboard where other providers only give you export options, leaving no realistic analysis of how your students did. EzyCourse team is also working to deliver native live streaming soon.
  • Partner revenue share -

    EzyCourse also lets you invite partners and split revenue however you want and manages it automatically without manual work. Partners will get their own customised dashboard from where they can see their revenue and manage their courses. With EzyCourse, it’s possible to create your own course marketplace like udemy.
  • Internally built appointment booking system -

    With EzyCourse you can schedule meeting sessions and take payment for the booking slots before confirming the booking. You can also notify your users prior to the booking time and manage your booking easily.As opposed to Teachable, EzyCourse maintains its own effective appointment booking system, without the use of third-parties like Calendly.
  • Site builder -

    Teachable holds out a very limited course builder and limited landing page editing whereby EzyCourse brings to you a very sophisticated drag and drop site builder, with over 250+ pre-made templates and blocks ready made for you to get started easily even without any coding knowledge. Apart from this EzyCourse also gives you full customisation options, as such you can hire external designers and share links with them to edit the code as per your custom design preferences. With EzyCourse we offer you even more revenue generation options, you can upload your own templates and blocks in our design library and earn extra revenue when others use your template.
  • Tiered pricing -

    EzyCourse offers creators to add volume purchases options, with upto 20 tiers support to one product. As organisations can purchase a course multiple times at better prices to provide access to their people together and track their progress. Organisations will be able to use email invitation or create students from their accounts and share credentials internally to provide access.
  • Basic plan covers most -

    The Teachable pricing plans only provide limited access to features unless you buy the most expensive plan. EzyCourse instead gives you the most in the basic plan itself. Get more value of your money with EzyCourse.
  • Dedicated technical support -

    Contrary to Teachables' sluggish support(even with the live chat) we make certain of satisfactory support.
  • Smart upsells -

    Unlike Teachable you can add up to 20 add-ons per product. And in those add-ons EzyCourse gives you unlimited item addition options. Upsells show up on checkout.
    With EzyCourse’s smart upsells creators can sell more by drawing attention of potential learners.
    EzyCourse is a top-notch platform for beginners and also expert creators. EzyCourse is the best alternative to Teachable, or even other platforms similar to Teachable. It is a modern, robust all-in-one solution for educators, offering all that you’d ever need to get started instantly without having a lot of technical know-how, and not to mention the vast customizability options, finer control over content delivery in addition to other unmatched, striking features you’ll need as your business scales.

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