Bonus Items

Add Extra Value with Bonus Items

Enhance the appeal of courses, communities, or groups in your platform by including extra items. Boost attraction, differentiate your offerings, and captivate more students. Elevate your products on EzyCourse by offering additional bonuses to the students

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Bonus Items

Enhance your product offerings with bonus items. Now offer an item with additional bonus items to add extra value to your products.

With this feature, you can offer a primary product such as- course, communities, groups, etc. and then include one or more secondary products as bonus items. For example, you can offer a course, and add a community as the bonus item for that course. It simply becomes more enticing for users to buy!

EzyCourse makes it easy to add bonus items to your product offerings, and you can customize the bonus items based on your target audience and marketing goals. All in all, this feature can help you to differentiate your course offerings from competitors and attract more students to your platform.

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Branded Mobile App to Offer Learning On the Go

You can create an engaging mobile learning app. The EzyCourse app provides an interactive and entertaining learning experience.

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