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Monetize Your Memberships

Monetize courses, communities, and literally any products on your website! Earn recurring payments for your subscription packages. EzyCourse offers you everything to create and manage a complete membership site.

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Why Create a Membership Site with EzyCourse?

Memberships are one of the most effective ways to earn more from your audience. 45.2% of established membership businesses generate six-figure revenues annually.

Your Own Website

Sell any product from your site. Create a complete membership website with our website builder without any coding skill.

More Monetization Opportunities

Charge in several ways - recurring payments, one-off payments, installments, donation payments. EzyCourse also lets you create free member plans.

Several Membership Plans

Create unlimited paid or free membership plans. Also, you can upsell content across your membership tiers.

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Create a Complete Membership Site

With a membership website builder, EzyCourse lets you create and manage a completely dynamic membership site. You can choose to make your own plans to sell memberships to your audience. Include courses, communities, digital and physical products, and literally anything you have on your website.

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Smart & Flexible Pricing Options

Choose from flexible pricing options on EzyCourse. Make membership plans accessible to users with the Split Payment option where they can pay in installments. Or, go for the standard One-time option which is the “buy once get all” plan.You can also sell membership plans with subscriptions. Whether monthly, yearly, or even daily is completely up to you.

Include Anything & Everything!

EzyCourse gives you the complete freedom to choose what to include in your membership plans. You can add any product you’ve created on the EzyCourse platform to your membership plans. That includes courses, communities, chats, blogs, videos, etc.

Add New Items Easily in No Time!

Missed something when creating a plan? No problem! On EzyCourse, you can easily add new items to your existing membership plans. In addition, you get to decide whether to allow access to the newly added item to all the existing members.Allow access to all members or simply select the members manually to give access to the new item. Your plans, your decision!

Site-Wide Membership to Turn Your Site into a Netflix-like Membership Platform!

With the Site-Wide Membership feature, you can incentivize visitors to become paying members and gain additional monetization opportunities. Encourage more customers to subscribe to your site-wide membership, leading to a potential increase in recurring revenue.

Bundle Your Content: Offer Exclusive Membership Packages

Improve brand value, gain loyal customers, and earn recurring revenue by offering exclusive membership packages.

Exclude Products from Site-Wide Membership

Offer site-wide membership while choosing specific products or categories, like courses or digital products, to exclude. This lets users purchase excluded items directly, offering flexible access to the product.

Offer Card-less Free Trial For Your Memberships

By offering a cardless trial, allow your audience to subscribe to your membership plans without a card. Cardless transactions will help you get more audience to your plan.

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Pay What You Want (Donation Pricing) in Membership plans

Imagine offering a Membership plan without a fixed price, making it accessible to everyone. With EzyCourse's 'Donation Plan' pricing model, customers can pay what they can afford to access the Membership.

More Organized Membership Page!

Offer a more organized feel on the membership page of your audience. No more clutter with standalone products! Membership items are now easily accessible in a separate menu, allowing students to find everything they need in one place.

Branded Mobile App to Offer Learning On the Go

You can create an engaging mobile learning app. The EzyCourse app provides an interactive and entertaining learning experience.

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