EzyCourse Memberships: Your Gateway to Endless Possibilities

Monetize courses, communities, and literally any products on your platform! Altogether with our Membership site feature. Create long-term earning options with smart pricing, flexibility, and unparalleled freedom to include anything you desire.

Membership Site

Membership Site

Add a completely dynamic membership edge to your site. With EzyCourse, you can choose to make your own plans to sell memberships to your audience. Include courses, communities, digital and physical products, and literally anything you have on your website.

Memberships are a great way to monetize your contents for the long run without having to worry about students losing interest. And with EzyCourse, it’s a cakewalk to add site wide membership plans.

Smart & Flexible Pricing Options

Choose from flexible pricing options on EzyCourse. Make membership plans accessible to users with the Split Payment option where they can pay in installments. Or, go for the standard One-time option which is “buy once get all” plan.
You can also sell membership plans with subscriptions. Whether monthly, yearly, or even daily is completely up to you.

Include Anything & Everything!

EzyCourse gives you the complete freedom to choose what to include in your membership plans. You can add any product you’ve created on the EzyCourse platform to your membership plans. That includes courses, communities, chats, blogs, videos, etc.

Add New Items Flawlessly

Missed something when creating a plan? No problemo! On EzyCourse, you can easily add new items to your existing membership plans. In addition, you get to decide whether to allow access to the newly added item to all the existing members.
Allow access to all members or simply select the members manually to give access to the new item. Your plans, your decision!