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Top-notch Email Marketing & Automation Tools For More Sales!

EzyCourse comes with built-in email marketing and automation tools. No more reliance on third-party email marketing software. Win new customers & turn your emails into revenue!

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Built-in Email Marketing

Unlike other course platforms, you don’t have to rely on third-party tools for email marketing. Everything ready for you within the dashboard. Just a matter of a few clicks!

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Email Campaigns

Launch targeted email campaigns effortlessly to engage your audience.

Email Automation & Sequence

Automate email sequences to nurture your audience automatically.

Email Statistics

Track the performance of your campaigns with detailed email statistics.

Pre-built Templates

Use pre-built templates to create professional emails quickly and easily.

White Lable Emails

Customize emails with your branding for a consistent and professional look.

Email Tags

Organize and segment your audience with email tags for precise targeting.

Email Automation & Sequence

Launching successful email marketing campaigns has never been easier! With EzyCourse, you get all the opportunity to create effective campaigns without any real effort. Thanks to EzyCourse's email automation, you can automate email sequences, view and analyze campaign results, and so much more.

Set Automation Triggers

EzyCourse gives you full control over the automation process. You get to select exactly when or what event triggers the email automation. You can choose to launch an email automation campaign when someone submits a form or purchases any product.

Pick the Perfect Moment!

With automation, you can also decide whether to send emails immediately when triggered or at a later time. EzyCourse leaves it all up to you to set the time in minutes, hours, and days. You can also choose a timezone so that your campaign reaches users at the perfect moment.

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Add Automation Sequences

Add as many email sequences to follow after the trigger. You can create unlimited email sequences on the EzyCourse platform. No holds barred! Again, you select the exact time to send the mail to your users. And by exact, we mean absolutely exact! Choose time for each sequence and in your preferred time zone. Market like never before!

View & Analyze Automation Results

You can track the performance of your emails easily. With EzyCourse, you can see -

  • Emails sent

  • Number of users

  • Number of clicks

  • Bounced number

  • Conversion rate

  • Emails in progress

  • Emails opened

  • Number of clicks

  • Conversion count

You can view all these not just for the whole automation. But, for every single email in the automation sequence. This is great for optimizing emails and figuring out which ones are actually doing the job for you.

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Exit Code for Email Automation Sequence

Tired of manually shutting off an email campaign after its purpose is achieved? Don’t want to put off a customer with unnecessary emails? Say hello to EzyCourse's advanced automation feature, Exit Code for email sequence.
With Exit Code, you can choose to end an email sequence campaign if a user purchases a product. Which product? You select that yourself! On EzyCourse, we want to give you all the opportunity to control your business. And Exit Code is a testament to that promise

Organize Email Campaigns w/ Tags

You can create tags, assign them to students, and then launch campaigns that are specifically relevant to the tagged students. That simply means a better chance of personalization to truly grab the attention of your students.

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View All Stats for Email Campaigns

EzyCourse lets you analyze your email campaigns with several performance metrics so that you can evaluate the performance of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

Use Beautiful Pre-built Email Templates

EzyCourse features an easy drag-and-drop email builder to create stunning and professional-looking emails in minutes. You get to start from 30+ ready-to-use, fully customizable beautiful templates, or choose to build one using our cool template builder.

Combine Multiple Email Campaign Filters to Target More Audience

Launch email campaigns on EzyCourse with the ability to target audiences based on various activities and email tags, such as specific students, form submissions, and product purchases. You can combine as many filters as you like in a single campaign to save your time and effort. This way you can effectively reach your target audience.

Your Brand, Your Emails: White-Label Transactional Emails

Customize your sender emails and send them from your own domain to reflect your brand's unique identity. Enjoy easy setup and enhance your brand's professionalism with every emails with our White Label Transactional Email Add-on.

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Reliable White-label Email Delivery Service

Enjoy a reliable white-label email delivery service! Say goodbye to spam and bounce issues. Get better deliverability and greater reliability for your email campaigns.

Target Your Audience with Personalized Email Tags!

Enhance your email marketing strategy with personalized campaigns using EzyCourse Email Tags. Create tags, assign them to students, and launch targeted campaigns specific to their interests. Thus you can ensure maximum engagement and attention from your audience.

Branded Mobile App to Offer Learning On the Go

You can create an engaging mobile learning app. The EzyCourse app provides an interactive and entertaining learning experience.

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