Take Engagement “Through the Roof” with EzyCourse Community!

Tailor a haven for your students, open the door to unending engagement & exclusive learning experience. Create a vibrant community where ideas flourish, connections spark, and knowledge is shared easily among peers.


Forge Learning Bonds with a Vibrant EzyCourse Community!

As ever, with EzyCourse, the power is in your hands – customize and command the dynamics of your communities just the way you envision. Tailor a learning haven for your students, opening doors to unending engagement & exclusive learning experience.

Create a dedicated learning space for your students and unlock new ways to engage and connect with EzyCourse Community. And of course, as always with EzyCourse, you decide how you want communities to work for you.

Distraction free Learning Space

Give your students an ideal distraction-free learning platform. Enhance student engagement and collaboration while ensuring they are safe from Facebook’s inevitable distractions. Unlike other platforms, you don’t have to start a Facebook group at all.

EzyCourse community is also designed to give a premium feel like Facebook. All in all, communities are great to keep students engaged via sharing knowledge, feelings, activities, learning inspirations, and ultimately helping each other to stay focused.

Keep Students Connected to Your Course Always

Seamlessly integrate with your EzyCourse mobile app, and you’ll have real-time push notifications to keep your community highly engaging. Besides, users still get notifications on their dashboard for different activities in a community. Every activity made in the community is a chance for you to get your contents to the users.


Features to Utilize

With communities, you can give life to your course and create a lasting connection with the users. With EzyCourse communities, you can -

  • Create separate channels for different topics, allowing discussions to be more specific.
  • Control accessibility which determines how you want students to access the community.
  • Enable or disable post approval.
  • Allow all members to chat with each other

Generate Extra Revenue

Offer premium communities to your users to earn some extra revenue. You can offer communities as standalone, with or without course. Or, offer them as an add-on to any course/ bundle course/ products.

Give Your Students an Exciting Community

With an EzyCourse community, students have the tools they need for optimal engagement. They can truly engage, share, and collaborate like nothing else in the EzyCourse community. You give them the opportunity to post, comment, react, share photos and videos, and so much more.