Unleash the Power of Seamless Conversions!

Dive into real-time insights on user responses, capture leads effortlessly, and transform potential buyers into loyal customers. Revolutionize your sales game, say goodbye to checkout hassles, and welcome a world of friction-free, magical conversions!

ezycourse - Magic Checkout

Magic Checkout

Get new leads and stay informed real-time on how people are responding to purchasing your content. Capture leads efficiently and sell more with EzyCourse Magic Checkout!

Track Every Activity of Users on Checkout Pages!

Get notified of everything once a user enters a checkout page. EzyCourse's Magic Checkout not only notifies you of failed checkouts, but even when the user only enters a checkout page.

Obtain useful user information to help turn leads into conversions. With Magic Checkout, you also receive the information they fill up and get notified even if they exit without proceeding with the checkout.


Smooth Friction-free Checkout

EzyCourse Magic Checkout makes the whole thing a hassle-free swift process for your users. No page transition, your users can get done with the checkout process in no time.

The Magic Checkout is also capable of auto detecting whether the user has an account. If no account exists then it lets users create a new account on the checkout page without having to navigate back and forth to different pages.

That’s great for you because you not only get to keep the user on the checkout page, but also have a new user on your platform. And that’s a win even if they back out from completing the checkout.