EzyCourse Upsell Magic: Elevate Sales with Smart Suggestions!

Experience unprecedented revenue growth with EzyCourse's Smart Upselling feature! Level up your sales strategy by seamlessly suggesting related products during checkout. Draw in more leads, maximize sales, and witness the magic of smart upselling like never before!

ezycourse - Smart Upsell

Smart Upsell

Upsell on EzyCourse is one of the unique features to utilize on route to increasing your revenue. Seamlessly suggest related products to sell as your users are checking out a product. A feature never offered by anyone else!

EzyCourse makes upselling a breeze to boost your sales. Offer unlimited product suggestions to attract more leads and ultimately greater revenue. So how does it work?

Well, you simply add product suggestions on the checkout page of a product. EzyCourse lets you add up to 20 of these upsell add-ons for a single product. In each add-ons, you can include as many products as you like. No holds barred!

All in all, you won’t find this feature anywhere else except on the EzyCourse platform. With smart upsells, you sell more by drawing the attention of potential customers.