Smart Upsell

Upsell Your Products & Make More Sales!

Level up your sales strategy with smart upsells. Suggest related products to buy to your existing users during checkout. Maximize sales with less effort!

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Smartly Upsell Your Products

Get all data at a glance from EzyCourse Magic Checkout Stats! Boost sales with the smooth checkout process.

Upsell At Checkout

You simply can add product suggestions on the checkout page of a product. EzyCourse lets you add up to 20 of these upsell add-ons for a single product.

Upsell On Sales Pages

Get more sells by upselling through sales pages or any other pages with exclusive upsell offers.

Upsell Through Payment Plans

Offer more value with flexible payment plans that include upsell options.

Upsell Through Customization

Personalize your selling process by upselling through customization.

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Let Your Customers Come Back For More!

Offer unlimited product suggestions to attract more leads and ultimately greater revenue. With smart upsells you can sell more by drawing the attention of existing customers.

Branded Mobile App to Offer Learning On the Go

You can create an engaging mobile learning app. The EzyCourse app provides an interactive and entertaining learning experience.

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