Learn How a Medically Retired Teacher Has Earned £4,680 So Far on EzyCourse

Learn How a Medically Retired Teacher Has Earned £4,680 So Far on EzyCourse

Learn How a Medically Retired Teacher Has Earned £4,680 So Far on EzyCourse

  • EzyCourse Team

  • 23 Apr 2024

  • 8 minutes

Today, we are going to share one of our successful user’s stories.

Introducing Helen DaVita, an EzyCourse user who transformed her side hustle into a successful profitable business. Being a medically retired teacher, Helen was able to generate £4,680 which is almost $5797 USD. She earned £766 this month so far!

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Helen’s Journey with EzyCourse: Hear From Her Voice

“As a ‘side hustle’ course creator, I commit the cardinal sin of taking a very low-key marketing approach. So imagine my surprise to wake up, log in to my Ezycourse dashboard, and notice that in the last month, I had made £766 in the last month! That’s almost 1K USD!”

Imagine how much it would be if I used my EzyCourse platform to the full capacity with everything it includes! I’m only using a fraction of its potential and there is a goldmine waiting to be uncovered.

Helen’s Lifetime Earnings After Launching on EzyCourse 

“So how did I do it and where do I go from here – because I have everything available to me with Ezycourse, to make it happen on a much grander scale. I could make a really good living, earning on this ‘all in one’ platform.

The truth is, I’m medically retired, so I don’t have consistent days. But if I can do this with a few hours a week, anyone who has the time and consistency could make a real difference to their income and their learners.”

“If I’m going to make this bigger, I can:

  • Start my community with all its rich features and monetize it for select participants

  • Monetize private chats to share expertise

  • Send out a newsletter

  • Email my students with updates and encouragement for their purchases and mention new and upcoming products and courses

  • Create a regular newsletter for all subscribers

  • Get the white-label app

  • And even more features I haven’t even looked at yet!”

Learn How She Was Able to Earn Money

“What I have done to get this far, is regularly upload 5-minute videos to my YouTube channel on my area of expertise. In my video descriptions, I add the link to my Ezycourse page for my courses and products. 

I’m in the spiritual development field, so I’ve uploaded a few inspirational videos. I also announce via a YouTube video, when I launch a new course, offer a small discount with a time limit and write about it in the community tab.

Then I share every video and update to my Facebook page and LinkedIn, with a link to my courses. I probably posted once or twice a week. Nothing big.

I share my YouTube videos to my video gallery on my Ezycourse site and I add blogs. However, I create some unique video content just for my site and I mention that on social media, to encourage new visitors and sign-ups. I occasionally write on medium.com and I have some books on Amazon. Again I’m a terrible marketer, but everything I have includes a link to my Ezycourse site.

I think of it like a spider’s web and when one space is tickled, the others all react with a vibe to my website and courses.

I also engage with every comment on Facebook and YouTube. People need to feel valued and I learn from their ideas too.

I don’t have a millionaire mindset and I’m not a marketer. In fact I loathe funnels and hit the delete button as soon as I realize I’m going to have to read too much and scroll for ten minutes before I get to the point and the price. I get bored with them. Yet I still made a decent side income without funnels, thanks to Ezycourse and I did very little.

The fact is, should I decide to actually get my finger out, I could make a very comfortable living and help a lot more people. All this is because Ezycourse is so rich in features and an ‘all in one’ solution. 

I’ve only scratched the surface in a lazy way, yet for anyone making this a full-time income, everything is there and ready to take it to new levels. 

I can’t end here, without mentioning the incredible support and responsiveness of the team at Ezycourse. It is the best I have ever experienced and I’ve been through a few platforms, trying to find my wee bit of cyberspace to share.

You can make your business as small or large as you wish, but here, you have the scope to decide on the potential. It really is that Ezy.”

Helen’s website: https://www.developingspirit.com/

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCotI99fnaeN5ZOtXq9xsJug

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/davitalearning

Customer Success Story: Interested in Telling Your Story?

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