Coaching Success Story: How ​​Gabby Got Her First Sale!

Coaching Success Story: How ​​Gabby Got Her First Sale!

Coaching Success Story: How ​​Gabby Got Her First Sale!

  • EzyCourse Team

  • 2 May 2024

  • 8 minutes

Wondering how to make your first sale on a course platform? It’s easy!

Today, we are going to share another coaching success story of our user.

Introducing Coach Training Campus, a company that offers coaching and business success blueprints. And guess what, the website was built on EzyCourse.

Gabby Button and Deb King – the founders of Coach Training Campus shared their stories on how they got their first sale on EzyCourse.

Their success story will surely touch you!

Excited to read the whole story?

Let’s dive in!

Journey with EzyCourse: Hear From Gabby & Deb’s Voice

How We Got Our First Sale on EzyCourse

“At the Coach Training Campus, we are coaches and we work with coaches so we know firsthand the challenges with technology! We built our original website on WordPress and experimented with platforms like Thinkific and Teachable. Unfortunately, we just gave up on these platforms! 

Well, that was until we found EzyCourse.

We were looking for a platform that was not only just good for us but also good for our community. We needed something to be used by non-techie guys. Plus, we searched for a platform that was built to monetize intellectual property not only for us but for all our clients too.

So we started with EzyCourse. We gradually started creating our new website with the help of the amazing EzyCourse team. The best thing about EzyCourse is that it has so many options to make sales. 

So where did we make our first EzyCourse sale? We made it using the events module. Events are really easy to set up in EzyCourse. It can be used for – training, networking, group coaching, payment, and registrations. Using their builder, we created a landing page for the events page. You can do all your follow-up emails from EzyCourse.“

The Twist of First Sale!

“So, if you are looking to make your first quick sale…while you might not have any training programs up, yet don’t worry! You have lots of easy options to monetize with the platform.

At Coach Training Campus, like many of you, we've experienced our fair share of technological ups and downs. From experimenting with platforms like WordPress, Thinkific, and Teachable and more than a few others, we've been through it all. But at last, we settled in EzyCourse, a really helpful platform! 

We wanted more than just a functional platform. As I said, we wanted something that could also be used by our ‘non-tech savvy’ coaching, community. EzyCourse proved to be just that. A great platform to monetize intellectual property and where you don’t need to be a techie.

This platform is like a Swiss Army knife for coaches—it's equipped with everything from appointments and digital downloads to memberships, courses, video and audio libraries, events, and much more. 

Even more than that, the support from the team is beyond world-class. And another good thing is, you can monetize everything from courses to communities to events to more!

Just imagine, our very first sale didn't come from an online course or digital content—it came from something much simpler, from our first event. 

We followed a few simple steps and created an engaging event page. It’s like getting our custom event platform! Again we knew that we could manage emails from the EzyCourse email marketing features. 

So the good news is you don't need to have everything perfectly in place to start making sales. You can start generating revenue even while you're still setting up your site, creating courses, or exploring the features of the platform.

Remember  - Keep it Ezy.

Here's to many more sales and fewer tech headaches!”

- Gabby Button & Deb King – Founder at Coach Training Campus. If we can help you out please feel free to reach out to us.

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That was all from the founders of Coach Training Campus. We would love to share more success stories from our users.

If you are interested in telling your story, feel free to send your story to [email protected] and we are happy to share all your success stories with EzyCourse.