Why Migrate from Kajabi or Thinkific to EzyCourse?
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Why Migrate from Kajabi or Thinkific to EzyCourse?

Are you in search of the most suitable online course platform?

Kajabi and Thikific are among the most popular course creation platforms. There are some cool features in the tools to make your business easier. 

But why do online creators migrate from Kajabi/Thinkific?

Initially, there can be several reasons to switch to a new platform from your previous one. It might be budget, feature limitations, poor customer support, etc. 

In this blog post, I’m gonna explain why folks switch to Kajabi or Thinkific and suggest where to head next. Should I give you the spoiler? 

Hold tight! It’s EzyCourse. 

Why Consider EzyCourse?

EzyCourse is an all-in-one online platform to create courses, communities, coaching, etc. Here are several reasons to consider EzyCourse as your go-to platform for hosting and delivering online courses:

  1. Easy to Use: You are an online creator and may not be an expert at building sites. No worries, EzyCourse offers a user-friendly interface. It helps both instructors and students to use the platform effortlessly. 

  2. Feature-rich: EzyCourse offers over 16 revenue streams, allowing creators to sell courses, communities, memberships, digital and physical products, book appointments, and events. Additionally, it lets you create a highly interactive platform with engagement through group chat or private chat. Moreover, there are some robust email marketing and sales features. 

  3. Budget-friendly: EzyCourse is one of the most cost-effective online course platforms. EzyCourse starts at only $31/month with plenty of premium features. Interestingly, you can get started with EzyCourse at only $21/month in the Grow Together plan. No platforms will give you so many features in the basic plans like EzyCourse. Fortunately, you can get both a feature-rich and less costly platform concurrently.

  4. Responsive Customer Support: EzyCourse takes support to the next level with 24/7 customer support. And if needed, you will get me personalized one-to-one meetings. You can get proof of positive customer experience from the platforms like Trustpilot, G2, and AppSumo.

  5. Advanced Customization Options: You can customize your online courses to perfection with plenty of EzyCourse's customization features. 

  6. White-label Branding: EzyCourse can be the perfect white-label solution to align with your brand identity. It offers a complete white-label platform just in the basic plan.  

  7. Development and Scalability: Great thing is, that EzyCourse is updating almost every week. Hence, the platform will help your online business to scale. 

Feature Comparison: Kajabi vs. Thinkific vs. EzyCourse 

While comparing Kajabi, Thinkific, and EzyCourse, we have to consider the features and functionalities. Let’s compare the main features of each online course creation platform. 





Unlimited Courses

Community Building









Unlimited Storage

Branded Mobile App

Android TV App

Email white labeling



Expand plan

Free or Premium Blog 

Pricing Options in Courses



Why Migrate from Kajabi to EzyCourse?

Are you a Kajabi user? If you are a Kajabi user and having a hard time with Kajabi, then here’s an option for you!

How do you know that you are an unhappy Kajabi user? There are a few drawbacks of Kajabi you may have faced: 

  • No Options to Grow: Kajabi falls short in several aspects. It lacks essential growth features expected in a robust course ad community platform. It doesn’t offer features such as live streaming, dynamic content, and native video hosting. The platform hasn’t evolved much since its creation. You may face a hard time while teaching Kajabi. 

  • Limited Community Options: Despite introducing Community 2.0 as an enhancement to its forum function, Kajabi's community features remain limited. Users still require a separate login to access these functionalities.

  • Mobile App Limitations: Kajabi only offers a basic course app. It falls short for established or rapidly growing creators. The platform lacks the option to create white-label courses under a custom app. 

  • Too Much Expensive: Despite its premium pricing, Kajabi fails to deliver on key features expected in a top-tier platform. Imagine you have to start with $149 but it doesn’t even offer responsive support or multiple admin! 

  • Everything Limited: Customer limits exist on all plans, with no option for unlimited customers. You have to pay for Kajabi Access, at an additional $99/month but there's no solution beyond 40,000 customers. The Pro plan is necessary for multiple websites.  Kajabi offers a limited selection in templates.

If these seem similar to you, you are in the right place, you can migrate off Kajabi to EzyCourse. Why consider EzyCourse as the best Kajabi alternative? EzyCourse is easy to use, feature-rich, budget-friendly, dedicated with customer support, customizable, white-label platform, and development-friendly. 

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Why Migrate From Thinkific to EzyCourse?

If you are not a satisfied user of Thinkfic, then it’s high time to switch somewhere else from it. 

How do you know that you should migrate from Thinkific? Look whether you see the disadvantages of Thinkific: 

  • Pricing Concerns: Thinkific's pricing structure raises eyebrows! The Basic plan at $49 per month lacks features like memberships and live lessons. You will need to upgrade to the Growth plan costs $199 monthly to add another administrator user.

  • Limited Community Options: Thinkific offers some engagement features but falls short of creating a vibrant community. It lacks features like content behind paywalls, group chats, or private messages, unlike platforms such as Patreon, EzyCourse, or Mighty Networks. Learn about Thinkific Community vs. EzyCourse Community.

  • Learning Curve: Users find Thinkific's feature-rich interface challenging. You will get a steeper learning curve than expected. Setting up the first course can be overwhelming due to the numerous steps and integrations involved.

  • Dependency on Multiple Platforms: While excelling in course creation, Thinkific requires additional third-party extensions for tasks beyond its scope. You may find this reliance on external apps inconvenient. 

  • Limited Flexibility: Thinkific's course and website framework lacks deep personalization options. It requires you to purchase additional apps for more customization. Plus, their mobile app has many limitations.

If these are familiar to you, you need a Thinkific alternative. Have a look at EzyCourse. EzyCourse stands out as a user-friendly, feature-rich, cost-effective, and customer-focused platform. It offers easy customization, a white-label option, and is development-friendly. The platform is designed to meet diverse needs while ensuring a seamless and supportive user experience.

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Kajabi Pricing vs. Thinkific Pricing vs. EzyCourse Pricing 

Let us know the pricing plans of Kajabi, Thinkific, and EzyCourse.  

Pricing Plans











Second tier







Higher tier







Free/ free trial

14-day free trial

Free Plan 

Free trial

So, Should You Migrate to EzyCourse?

We just do not say yes, we recommend you check the sites we’ve built with EzyCourse

With the detailed comparison, you should have an overview of the platforms. 

EzyCourse is the ultimate platform for all types of course creators and sellers. Have you planned to migrate from Kajabi or migrate from Thinkific?

Then, try building your white-label courses with EzyCourse.  

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