Thinkific Mobile App: Is it the Best Mobile Learning Platform?  

Thinkific Mobile App: Is it the Best Mobile Learning Platform?  

Thinkific Mobile App: Is it the Best Mobile Learning Platform?  

  • EzyCourse Team

  • 10 Dec 2023

  • 8 minutes

You’re selling courses online, that’s a great thing! It’ll be even greater if your courses are available on a mobile app. 

What makes a mobile app for your students essential? Do you know? The adoption of mobile learning leads to a 72% increase in user engagement

The good thing is that there are online course platforms to offer you branded mobile apps like Thinkific. Thinkific mobile app gives you one of the best mobile learning platforms experience. 

You may wonder if there are any other Thinkific alternatives for mobile app solutions. Hold tight!

Today, I’m going to share about the Thinkific branded mobile app, Thinkific alternative- EzyCourse branded app, and many more essential info related to online course creation. Without further ado, let’s dive deeper. 

What is Thinkific Mobile App 

Thinkific is one of the best online course platforms that offer a course builder’s mobile app. The Thinkific Mobile app helps students access courses and engage in communities directly using their mobile devices. It comes with both Android and iOS versions offering a user-friendly interface to enhance your learning experience.

However, you can’t get any admin tools in the mobile app. So, for creating or managing courses, you'll need to use the Thinkific website. Moreover, it doesn't offer some features like Thinkific certificates and assignments on mobile. Yet, you can access these missing features through the web. 

Thinkific app is free for students but if you are a course creator, you will require a Start plan or higher subscription for school-wide mobile access. Plus, Thinkific creators can get a white-labeled app for their schools. The Branded Mobile app allows you to create a custom app which is a cost-effective alternative to building an app from scratch. To get the mobile app on Thinkific, you have to avail of their Start plan at $99 per month + $199/month to add the mobile app to your existing Thinkific plan.        

Limitations of Thinkific Mobile App

Although Thinkific is one of the finest platforms for course creation. However, their mobile app is required to be more user-friendly. With a 2.6-star review in the Google Play and App Store, there are several frustrated customers. 

Some common user complaints include:

  • Content not loading properly in the app.

  • Experiencing glitches and crashes.

  • An unintuitive user experience (UX).

  • Inability to save progress within a course.

These factors can be a bit concerning for the users. If your course platform’s mobile app is not properly functional, you can’t offer the best student experience within your course. 

If you are looking for a smoother user experience with more features and cost-effective options than Thinkific, some other course builders come with stunning mobile apps. Let’s know the best mobile learning platforms. 

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Thinkific Mobile App Alternatives

Did you look for a budget-friendly option? Or you are thinking about extended functionalities! To note a few Thinkific alternatives -

  1. EzyCourse Branded Android & iOS Mobile App 

  2. Teachable Mobile App 

  3. Kajabi  Mobile App 

  4. LearnWorlds Mobile App 

  5. Mighty Network Mobile App 

Now let’s get more info about the EzyCourse Branded Android & iOS Mobile App. 

What is the EzyCourse Mobile App 

EzyCourse comes with a branded Android and iOS mobile app that makes learning easy, fun, and accessible everywhere. You can stay connected to your audience on the go with the mobile app. 

Your students can smoothly go through courses with a simple interface and a cool video player. Plus, there are options to join communities, engage in group or private chat, and get notifications in real time. You can also see the downloads, and get certificates directly from the mobile app. 

What’s more, EzyCourse gives some extra features like blogs, and audio libraries, video libraries, that most other course platforms don’t have. With the branded mobile app for EzyCourse, you will get everything you need in a course platform’s mobile app. 

Overall, EzyCourse keeps courses neat and easy to follow. Fortunately, it’s one of the most budget-friendly online course platforms with a mobile app. You can get it from the Pro plan + $129 for the mobile add-on. 

Thinkific Mobile App vs. EzyCourse Mobile App: Quick Comparison Chart 





Price (Mobile Add-ons)



User Interface


Easy to use

Group Chat

Private Chat

Audio Library



Certificates and Assignments

Real-time notification

Enroll in a Community from App

In-app Purchases

Dark Mode

Thinkific Mobile App vs. EzyCourse Mobile App: Feature-by-Feature Comparison 

Now let's dive deeper into the feature-by-feature comparison between Thinkific Mobile App and EzyCourse Mobile App. 

1. User Interface

Thinkific App: Thinkific comes with a minimalistic user interface. Its mobile app has received mixed reviews regarding user experience. Some users have reported issues such as content not loading properly, glitches, crashes, and an overall unintuitive user interface. Although some users appreciate the app’s simplicity and clean design. 

EzyCourse Mobile App: EzyCourse stands out with a user-friendly interface and functionality that has earned positive feedback. You will find the app easy to navigate offering a seamless learning experience. EzyCourse gives an intuitive design so your students can focus on the content without any difficulties. Moreover, it offers an option to switch to dark mode. 

Winner: EzyCourse

2. Course Creation Options

Both course platforms come with several options to showcase courses and communities in the mobile app. Here’s a glimpse: 


  1. Courses 

  2. Communities

  3. Video Libraries 

  4. Real-time Notifications


  1. Courses 

  2. Communities

  3. Group Chat

  4. Private Chat

  5. Blog

  6. Certificates

  7. Real-time Notifications

  8. Blocked Users

  9. Audio & Video Library

  10. Dark Mode

Winner: EzyCourse

3. Features and Functionality:

Thinkific App: Thinkific primarily focuses on providing students with access to courses and communities. Yet, it lacks some essential features like certificates and assignments, blogs, audio libraries, etc. 

And you won’t get the option to chat with students like EzyCourse with Thinkific. While Thinkific on the mobile version serves the basic purpose of completing courses, it doesn’t offer advanced functionalities.

EzyCourse App: EzyCourse on the other hand takes a more comprehensive approach. It offers a range of features beyond basic course access. Your students can access courses, and communities in no time. Plus there are plenty of other engaging options like group and private chat options, instant notifications, etc. 

What’s more, EzyCourse offers a blog feature to access from mobile. Also, your students can download certificates from the app upon their successful course completion. All these functionalities make EzyCourse a versatile platform, especially for creators looking to enhance the overall learning experience.

Winner: EzyCourse

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4. Budget Considerations:

Thinkific Pricing for Mobile App: While Thinkific's mobile app is free for students, course creators need to subscribe to at least the Start plan ($99/month) to enable school-wide mobile access. Plus, if you are looking to have a branded app, there's an extra cost of $199/month.

EzyCourse Pricing for Mobile App: EzyCourse offers a more budget-friendly option to start with its mobile app. The branded mobile app add-on comes at an additional cost of $129/month. Yet, it is a cost-effective yet feature-rich mobile learning platform than Thinkific and most other course creation platforms.

Winner: EzyCourse

5. In-app Purchases

Thinkific: Unfortunately, in-app purchases are not supported in the Thinkific Mobile App. However, the audience can access already purchased learning products using this app. 

EzyCourse: You can sell premium content and exclusive features with in-app purchases. The feature lets your audience view and purchase all your offerings without leaving your app. This simply increases the chance of generating more revenue.

Winner: EzyCourse

Which Is the Best Online Course Platform with a Mobile App?

So far, I have tried to give you a detailed overview of both online course platform’s mobile apps. While choosing the right option, you can consider factors like user interface, features, mobile options, costs, etc. 

Thinkific mobile app is very minimalistic and has basic features and functionalities. On the other hand, the EzyCourse mobile app emerges as a feature-rich alternative to Thinkific. The branded mobile app will let you create an engaging community and let users post, comment, and react from anywhere using any device. Plus, your audience can reach your content instantly with real-time notifications. EzyCourse offers branded Android and iOS mobile apps in the Pro plan at $129/month for the add-on. 

Overall, EzyCourse offers great functionalities for creators who want to offer an advanced and engaging mobile learning experience. As EzyCourse comes with plenty of unique options with a low budget, I will suggest EzyCourse to give a try!  

Know how to choose the Right Online Course Platform for Your Business

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Thinkific Mobile App Free?

Yes, Thinkific's mobile app is free for students. However the course creators must go for a minimum subscription to the Start plan ($99/month) to activate mobile access. Additionally, if you want a branded app, it will need an additional expense of $199/month.

What are the Benefits of Mobile Apps in Online Learning?

The integration of mobile apps in online learning has proven immensely beneficial. Research shows that the adoption of mobile learning leads to a notable 72% increase in user engagement.  

When students can access your courses from mobile, there are more chances of enhanced participation, interaction, and commitment among them. Mobile apps improve accessibility and lead to a more dynamic and engaging online learning experience.

What are the Best Thinkific Mobile App Alternatives?

Are you looking for a budget-friendly course builder with a mobile app? Or you are thinking about extended functionalities! Let’s know the best Thinkific alternatives for mobile apps -

  1. EzyCourse Branded Android & iOS Mobile App 

  2. Teachable  Mobile App 

  3. Kajabi  Mobile App 

  4. LearnWorlds Mobile App 

  5. Mighty Network Mobile App


Final Words: Thinkific or EzyCourse Mobile App? 

After all, you should be able to make a choice between the Thinkific mobile app and the EzyCourse mobile app. I’d suggest you choose the best course platform with a branded mobile app. Whether it’s Thinkific or EzyCourse, you will need a responsive mobile app to make your courses more accessible. 

If you ask for recommendations, I’d strongly vote for the EzyCourse app. You already know why you should choose EzyCourse. Happy course creation!

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