Xperiencify Alternative: Why Choose Xperiencify vs. EzyCourse?
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Xperiencify Alternative: Why Choose Xperiencify vs. EzyCourse?

If you’ve decided to create an online course, you must go for an online course platform. 

However, there are thousands of Learning Management Systems like Kajabi, Thinkific, Teachable, Xperiencify, EzyCourse etc. 

In this blog, we’ve compared two popular LMSs - Xperiencify and EzyCourse. 

Both platforms have some distinct functions when it comes to online creation. We’ll look for the factors to consider while choosing an online course platform. You’ll get to know about the Xperiencify alternative- EzyCourse and Xperiencify pricing, features, customer support, etc factors.

Let’s dive in!

What is Xperiencify (Best Gamified Online Course Platform)

Xperiencify is an online course platform that features gamification to make online courses more fun for students. It’s basically a course creation platform. 

In addition to course creation, Xperiencify offers community-building options. However, there is no dedicated community portal. The most hyped feature of Xperiencify is its gamification feature. You can offer a gamified learning environment to your students to earn points, badges, and prizes as they complete courses. 

Moreover, Xperiencify has third-party integrations like Zapier. You can get their mobile app on the App Store. However, Xperiencify lacks a lot of options that an LMS should have. The platform doesn’t have a branded mobile app. In addition, there are limited published courses, limited marketing options, no membership features, limited features to create courses, etc. 

Xperiencify pricing starts at $49/month. But if you need to avail the features properly, you have to choose the Platinum plan at $299/month. 

What is EzyCourse (Best All-in-one Online Course Platform)

EzyCourse is an all-in-one online course platform to make the course creation journey easier for you. With its intuitive drag-and-drop course builder, crafting and selling courses becomes as easy as a few clicks. 

What sets EzyCourse apart is its exclusive features for any type of online creator. With over 16 revenue streams, including course sales, memberships, digital and physical products, appointments, and events, the earning potential is limitless. 

If you are looking for a budget-friendly LMS, EzyCurse can be your best companion. You can get started from $35/month with all the important features. In addition to easy course creation, you can build a vibrant community for your students.

What makes EzyCourse an all-in-one platform for creators? It not only covers the creation process, but it also covers the sale and marketing part. From lead generation to email automation, EzyCourse has you covered.

Thinking about offering courses on the go? EzyCourse provides branded Android & iOS white-label mobile apps as well. EzyCourse isn't just a platform; it's a game-changer for online course creation. And with our 24/7 dedicated support, help is always just a click away.

Sign up for free today and explore the possibilities with EzyCourse.

Is EzyCourse a Good Xperiencify Alternative?

To know the answer you have to go through a detailed discussion. First of all, let’s go through a quick comparison chart between the two-course creation platforms.

We've compared EzyCourse and Xperiencify features, course creation options, learning experience, marketing integrations, support, mobile app, pricing, etc. 

Quick Comparison Chart: Xperiencify vs. EzyCourse

Top Features




Not rated yet in Trustpilot, Capterra, etc


Free trial

Comparable Plan

Platinum plan ($299/m) 

EzyCourse Basic ($35/m)

Courses with any content type

Unlimited published courses



Active monthly students



Admin users






Dedicated community portal



Private Chats


Sell Physical Products

Page Customization

Branded Mobile App

Android TV App

Complete White Label Branding 


(Basic plan)

Unlimited Storage Usage

Live chat support 

Activity Dashboard

Xperiencify vs. EzyCourse: Factors to Consider

Now we’ll go through a detailed comparison between the two LMS platforms. Here, we’ll compare the features, functionality, pricing, ease of use, user experiences, and customer support of both platforms. 

1. Pricing

Pricing is the most crucial factor when choosing an LMS platform. Let's know the budget you will need for both platforms. 

If you are looking for a cost-effective option, then EzyCourse is the right option. However, Xperiencify is more expensive, especially if you are a beginner. 

EzyCourse basic plan only takes $35/month with a wide range of features. Xperiencify Starter plan comes at $49/month but with limited options. 

Xperiencify Pricing: 

Let's see the pricing options of Xperiencify: 

  • Xperiencify Starter ($49/month)

  • Xperiencify Growth  ($99/month)

  • Xperiencify Pro ($149/month)

  • Xperiencify Platinum ($299/month)

EzyCourse Pricing: 

The pricing options of EzyCourse: 

  • EzyCourse Basic ($35/month)

  • EzyCourse Pro ($99/month)

  • EzyCourse Unlimited ($199/month)

  • EzyCourse Elite ($299/month)

Now let’s see the comparison chart between Xperiencify pricing and EzyCourse pricing: 

Pricing Plans



Xperiencify Starter vs. EzyCourse Basic



Xperiencify Pro vs. EzyCourse Pro 



Xperiencify Platinum vs. EzyCourse Unlimited



Note: EzyCourse has another plan called Grow Together Plan that offers every plan at an even lower price for helping small enterprises. It starts at $29/month. 

Winner: EzyCourse

2. Key Features 

While choosing a course creation platform, you will need to go for a platform that offers enough features to create courses. Let’s see the core features of each platform:

EzyCourse Features: 

EzyCourse is a feature-rich online course platform. It comes with 16+ revenue streams ranging from courses, and communities to chats to events. You can create and sell online courses, memberships, chats, communities, physical & digital products, and so on. Plus, there are detailed analytics options to see your students' flow, and other data directly from the dashboard. 

What’s more, EzyCourse is rich in email marketing. You can send bulk emails, and white-label transactional emails from the platform. When it comes to course creation, EzyCourse has 12 types of lessons, 6 pricing options, upsell, coupon, gamification, etc features to skyrocket your course marketing. 

There are many more options. Most importantly, you get a branded white-label mobile app. Moreover, you can offer your courses on the big screen with the Android TV app. There are many more features that EzyCourse offers like 

Things you can do in addition to creating courses with EzyCourse:

  • Build vibrant communities

  • Allow group & private chats

  • Sell physical products

  • Create and sell digital products

  • Book appointments

  • Create audio & video library

  • Host and manage events

  • Sell memberships

  • Go live

Xperiencify Features: 

Xperiencify is a growing online course platform. It especially offers several gamification features for course creation. Also, you can take quizzes & assessments, offer certificates, etc for your students. Plus, you can create communities with the platform. 

What’s more, there are email automation features. You can integrate Xperiencify with Zapier. Xperiencify also comes with a mobile app. Have a look at the core features of Xperiencify: 

Winner: EzyCourse

3. Ease of Use

Being an online creator or instructor, you may not have the technical skills. That’s why, one can look for an easy-to-use course creation platform. 

EzyCourse User Friendliness:

If we consider ease of use, EzyCourse will be one of the best platforms. You can see a user-friendly dashboard like this: 

Editing courses in EzyCourse: 

Here you can see the dashboard contains every possible thing in an online platform. That’s why EzyCourse is an all-in-one platform. You can create courses from courses within a few clicks using the drag & drop options. Plus, you can monetize several types of products like physical & digital products, communities, chats, events, appointments, memberships, etc. 

What’s more, you can build any type of website with the website builder. That’s not the end yet, the online course platform also has sales and marketing features to market courses. You can send transactional emails, and bulk emails directly with the platform. 

User analytics is another unique functionality of EzyCourse. You can track everything from the single dashboard. Enjoy many more features of EzyCourse

Xperiencify User Friendliness:

Here’s what the Xperiencify dashboard looks like: 

Editing course modules in Xperiencify: 

As you can see, there are limited options in the dashboard. Xperiencify offers fewer features to create and market courses. 

Overall, you can see that EzyCourse has detailed features for course creation and other streams. Comparing both platforms, it’s clear that EzyCourse is more clean and easy to use. 

Winner: EzyCourse


4. Course Creation Features

EzyCourse course creation options: 


You can also create a custom page with the EzyCourse builder for your course like this: 

Xperiencify course creation options:

You can add courses in the Xperiencify dashboard. Here are the course creation options:

Xperiencify course payment options: Xperiencify offers two pricing options for courses.

  • Single payment

  • Subscription

On the other hand, EzyCourse has 6 different course pricing options: 

Winner: EzyCourse

5. Sales and Marketing 

After course creation, you need to sell it to earn revenue. So, look for a platform that offers enough sales and marketing features. 

EzyCourse: EzyCourse is one step ahead in these features. You can send bulk amounts of transactional emails to your students. Plus, you can offer coupons, promotions, smart upsells, etc in your course. EzyCourse also keeps multiple affiliate marketing options and student referral programs. Overall, EzyCourse is a great tool with sales and marketing integrations. 

Xperiencify: Xperiencify comes with a few selling tools like in-built order forms, upsells & order bumps, bundled courses, etc. Plus, it integrates with third-party tools like Zapier. 

Let's see a quick comparison chart between Xperiencify and EzyCourse:

Sales and Marketing Features



Integration with marketing tools

Bulk email

Coupons & Promotions


Streamlined Checkout 

Set up free trials for students

Third-party integration 

Affiliate Program

Student referral program

B2B selling options

Sales page branding and customization

Winner: EzyCourse

6. Mobile App

Both course platforms come with an Android & iOS mobile app. However, there are some differences in the mobile app features. 

You can get a white-label mobile app with EzyCourse. On the other hand, Xperiencify doesn’t offer white-label branded apps now. EzyCourse mobile app has some cool features like courses, communities, group and private chats, an audio library, download options, blogs, etc. 

Xperiencify provides features like courses and communities. But it lacks a few options like audio libraries, blogs, etc.

So, if you are looking for the right Xperiencify alternative with a branded mobile app, EzyCourse would be the better option. See how:

Mobile Options



Available on Android

Available on iOS

Branded mobile app



Group Chat

Private Chat

Audio Library


Dark mode

In-app Purchases

Winner: EzyCourse

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7. Customer Support

Customer support is one of the most important factors for an online course platform. Being a digital creator, you will need expert support in your business journey. 

Fortunately, EzyCourse is widely appreciated for its customer support. Thanks to the dedicated customer support engineers who offer reliable user support. EzyCourse offers 24/7 live chat, email support, priority support, one-to-one meeting, etc. Also, you will get free migration support if you switch from another platform. 

Xperiencify comes with several support options like email Support and live group coaching. You can get dedicated customer success manager support and priority support in the platinum plan. 

Let's see the comparison between EzyCourse and Xperiencify support. 

Customer Support



Live Chat 

24/7 support

Priority support

Platinum Plan

Dedicated customer success manager

Platinum Plan

✅ (Any)

Training Resources

Winner: EzyCourse

Considering all the factors, now decide which online course platform is better for online creators…

Is EzyCourse the Best Xperiencify Alternative?

Coming to the final words of this article, hopefully, now you can cut between both LMS. Here, we’ve shown a detailed comparison of the Xperiencify alternative- EzyCourse. 

EzyCourse is a feature-rich online course platform. The best thing about the platform is its budget-friendly pricing plans. At the same time, EzyCourse is easy to use and popular for dedicated customer support. 

Xperiencify is especially well known for its gamification options in course creation. However, there are some limitations in its mobile apps, communities, and other features when compared to EzyCourse. 

Finally, it’s your decision to choose the right course creation platform for your courses. 

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