Feature Updates

Introducing the most awaited, course list sorting options!

  • August 17, 2023

Now you can take control of your courses listing sequence easily. Whether you prefer the freshest content first, or arranging alphabetically, or even any order you like – the choice is yours! Use the dropdown to sort by latest, oldest, or A-Z. And that's not all! Experience ultimate flexibility with drag-and-drop functionality to effortlessly rearrange courses.

How to sort the course list?

Simply head to "Courses" and click "All Courses." Look out for the "Sort Courses" button – it's your gateway to course arrangement freedom.

To ensure your customization reflects seamlessly on your page, head over to Site Builder. Select the page with the Course List widget, click "Build," and choose "Order by Position." Watch your page come alive in perfect harmony with your vision.

We're not stopping there. On Saturday, get ready to experience the same level of control with courses on all products widget as well!