Uscreen Alternative: Uscreen vs. EzyCourse

Uscreen vs. EzyCourse

Uscreen vs. EzyCourse: Which platform is right for you?

If you are looking for the best Uscreen alternative in 2024, you are in the right place! Uscreen is an all-in-one video membership platform that helps online creators elevate their businesses using apps, web, community, and live streaming options.

But how is Uscreen an online coaching platform? However, Uscreen has some limation when it comes to online creation. It comes with a higher price, limited video player customization options, limited features, not enough support for live-streaming events, etc.

You may need an alternative to Uscreen then. In this article, we will introduce EzyCourse. EzyCourse is a feature-rich, budget-friendly, all-in-one course platform.

What are the factors to choose EzyCourse as a Uscreen alternative? Now, let's dive into the comparison game between Uscreen and EzyCourse.

Budget: Uscreen Pricing vs. EzyCourse Pricing

Let's know how much is Uscreen and EzyCourse. Here are the pricing details for both course creation platforms.

Ezycourse Pricing sc
Comparable planUscreenEzyCourseSavings with EzyCourse
Lowest PlanUscreen Growth $199/mEzyCourse Basic $35/m82.41%
+$1.99 per paid member/m0 transaction
Mid PlanUscreen Pro$599/moEzyCourse Pro $99/m83.47%
+$0.99 per paid member/m0 transaction
Highest PlanUscreen Plus(Custom pricing)EzyCourse Elite ($299/m)

Pricing may be subject to change over time. Check the latest price here.

Note: EzyCourse has another plan called Grow Together Plan that offers every plan at an even lower price for helping small enterprises.

Now let’s compare the main features of both online platforms for creators.

Uscreen is mainly a video membership platform. With the video streaming platform, you can create and sell courses. It offers a plethora of features to enhance content delivery. The platform's robust monetization features allow you to monetize our videos.

Plus, the live streaming feature is available with the Uscreen Plus plan. It includes OTT app support, real-time chat rooms, a full platform API, and premium customer support. Other notable features include a customizable video player, user-friendly video CMS, reliable hosting, dynamic live streaming experiences, inbuilt marketing tools, real-time analytics, and community features.

However, Uscreen comes with several drawbacks that users should be aware of. Firstly, there are limited options for customizing the video player, site building, and the checkout process. Plus, there is the absence of native mobile app development tools and inadequate support for live-streaming events. Additionally, Uscreen lacks robust options for video content protection, does not allow full access to code, and does not support multiple profiles in an account.

Uscreen doesn’t provide detailed analytics as those offered by other platforms. Pricing is another big concern. It’s almost four times higher than the competitors. Other notable drawbacks include the absence of a native feature for sending emails or engaging in affiliate marketing.

Fortunately, you can go for an Uscreen alternative named EzyCourse.

What’s EzyCourse? EzyCourse is an all-in-one course platform. The platform offers more than 16 revenue streams including courses, communities, membership, products, and much more. It’s kept all features for the creators. From video streaming to audio library, live events to memberships, mobile apps to TV apps, you are going to get everything with the platform.

What’s more, there are many more powerful features like a web builder, coupons,, tiered pricing in courses, email automation, affiliate options, coupons, gamification, etc.

Let’s check out the feature-by-feature comparison with the alternative to Uscreen - EzyCourse.

Top FeaturesUscreenEzyCourse
Rating (Trustpilot)
Uscreen rating4.7*
EzyCourse rating4.9*
Free trial
Comparable PlanUscreen Pro $599/mEzyCourse Pro 79$/mSaves 86%
Transaction/ Subscriber fees
  • +$1.99 per paid member/month
  • Zero transaction fee
Create courses with any content type
Unlimited Courses
CommunitiesLimited options
Group/Private Chats
Sell Physical Products (External eCommerce tools)
Page/Website CustomizationNot enough customization optionsHighly customizable. You can build any type of site
Mobile App ($599/m) +$200 for extra app +$129/m for branded app
Android TV AppAt Plus Plan (Custom Price)
Complete White Label Branding (Basic plan)
Remove Branding (Only at Custom Plan) (Basic plan)
Unlimited Storage Usage
24/7 Email support
Priority chat support (Pro plan)

Course Creation Features: Uscreen vs. EzyCourse

Uscreen is basically a video membership platform. Although you can sell online courses with Uscreen, it’s not as fluent as EzyCourse.

Let’s know the course creation features of both platforms. Uscreen

Fortunately, EzyCourse offers with plenty of course features with the easy-to-use course builder. It lets you create courses with any content type. You can create 13 types of lessons like assignments, quizzes, SCORM, etc. Plus, there are six different pricing options while selling courses.

Other side, Uscreen falls short in the online course creation options. It lacks some important features like detailed checkout, multiple content types, tiered pricing, drip courses, student course reviews, etc in courses.

Let’s compare the course creation features between Uscreen and EzyCourse.

Course creation
Course Creation FeaturesUscreenEzyCourse
Create courses with any content type
Assignments (with 3rd party integration)
Advanced quizzes & exams (with 3rd party integration)
SCORM lessons
Bulk Import
Unlimited digital downloads
Multiple content types
Drip Courses
Student course reviews
Magic checkout
Pricing options in courses

3 pricing options:

  • Free
  • One-time
  • Rental price

6 pricing options:

  • Free
  • One-time (Standard)
  • Split payment
  • Subscription
  • One-time (Tiered)
  • Subscription (Tiered)

EzyCourse revolutionizes the online learning experience for both teachers and students. It seamlessly integrates gamification, motivation popups, student progress tracking etc engaging features. The platform offers easy course navigation with the native video player. Plus, your students can interact through social sharing.

On the other hand, Uscreen doesn’t have native gamification elements, certificates, motivation popups, etc options like EzyCourse. Also, there are limitations on admin/instructors in Uscreen. The Grow plan only allows one admin whereas EzyCourse allows unlimited admins in the Unlimited Plan.

Now, let's dive into a head-to-head comparison between Uscreen vs. EzyCourse.

Teaching And Learning
Teaching & Learning ExperienceUscreenEzyCourse
Easy course navigation
Native certificate builder
Student social sharing
Motivation popup
Unlimited instructors/admins
Advanced quiz retake
Course insights and detailed analytics
Optimized for all devices

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White Label Branding: Uscreen vs. EzyCourse

Branding is an essential part of any business, but it can be expensive and time-consuming to create your own brand from scratch. That's where white label branding comes in. White-label branding allows you to use an existing brand's products or services and rebrand them as your own.;

Both of these platforms offer a variety of white-label branding options. including a custom domain, removing branding from the footer, and branding in the app. But you will have to go for the Plus Plan (Custom Price) to remove branding from the footer and mobile app. And there is no option like white-label transactional emails.

Fortunately, EzyCourse is a complete white-label solution. From the basic plan, you will get all the branding options. EzyCourse basic plan includes a custom domain, removable branding from the site, and white label email.

Which white-label branding option is right for you? Check the comparison chart between Uscreen white-label branding and EzyCourse's white-label branding options.

White Label Branding OptionsUscreenEzyCourse
Complete white label (Basic plan)
Custom Domain (Growth plan at $199/m) (Basic plan at $35/m)
Remove branding from the footerPlus Plan (Custom Price) Basic Plan
Remove branding from the appPlus Plan (Custom Price) Basic Plan
White label Transactional Email
White-labeled Email

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Online course platforms come with sales and marketing integrations to help you boost sales. Both platforms have some native and third-party marketing features.

Uscreen comes with sales features like invoices, sales reports, payout reports, etc. Plus, there are marketing features like YouTube lead generator, giveaway funnels, referral, etc.

EzyCourse is an all-in-one platform that provides everything you're looking for. The platform offers plenty of sales and marketing features to help you monetize your online courses. You can get detailed sales analytics directly from the EzyCourse dashboard. Plus, you will get many course marketing options like lead generation, email automation, coupons, promotions, upsells,, etc. Here’s a comparison chart between Uscreen and EzyCourse.

Sales and MarketingUscreenEzyCourse
Marketing integrations
Bulk email (with MailChimp integration)
Coupons & Promotions
Streamlined Checkout
Set up free trials for students
Third-party integration
Multi-level Affiliate Program
Student referral program
Lead generation & Email Automation Basic plan
B2B selling options
Sales page branding and customization
Currencies 130+130+

Effective management of online course payments is essential. And EzyCourse simplifies this process effortlessly. It offers seamless transactions using popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay, FastSpring, Paddle, Alipay, Apple Pay, GPay, and more. Additionally, for those who prefer manual payment methods, we've got that covered as well. With the multiple payment methods, you can confidently broaden your audience reach.

On the other hand, Uscreen offers payment gateways like Stripe and Plus, it will offer limited options to use PayPal.

Payment Gateways
PayPal (Limited)
Apple Pay
Manual payment methods

EzyCourse Mobile App vs. Uscreen Mobile App

Both EzyCourse and Uscreen come with mobile apps. But Uscreen gives you the mobile app at higher higher-priced Pro plan at $499/m.

On the other hand, you can enjoy the branded Mobile app of EzyCourse at $129/month. EzyCourse offers an array of impressive features in the mobile app. It includes courses, communities, group and private chats, an audio library, download options, blogs, and more. The app-building along with publishing and maintenance is expertly managed by EzyCourse's experts.

Uscreen only comes with courses and communities. However, the Uscreen mobile app lacks some features like chat options, audio libraries, blogs, etc.

Mobile app
Mobile App FeaturesUscreenEzyCourse
Available on Android
Available on iOS
Branded mobile app
White label appPlus Plan (Custom Price)
Support for communities
Group Chat
Private Chat
Audio Library
Download Option
Dark mode
Push notifications
Published in your dev account
In-app PurchasesPro plan
Pricing With Uscreen Pro ($499/m) (+129/m for Branded app)

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EzyCourse TV App vs. Uscreen TV App

Both EzyCourse and Uscreen are popular platforms for creating and launching your own branded streaming TV app. But if you consider pricing, the EzyCourse TV app outranks the Uscreen TV app. To avail of the TV app on Uscreen, you have to spend a lot on the Plus plan (custom price).

Fortunately, EzyCourse offers the TV app for free to install from the Play Store. Plus, if you need a branded TV app, it will cost $629.EzyCourse is by far the more affordable and feature-rich option here. Now compare the Uscreen TV app with the EzyCourse TV app.

TV app
TV App featuresUscreenEzyCourse
PricingPlus Plan (Custom Price)Included in the regular plans
Available on Android
Available on Apple TV
Branded TV app$629
White label appPlus Plan (Custom Price)

Uscreen Support vs. EzyCourse Support

When choosing a course platform, prioritize customer support options of it. Fortunately, EzyCourse offers the world’s best customer support as an LMS. This platform has earned an impressive 4.9-star rating on Trustpilot with plenty of positive reviews by happy customers. EzyCourse goes above and beyond by providing 24/7 live chat, priority support, one-to-one meetings, and access to experts.

Uscreen offers good customer support but is as not responsive as EzyCourse. It doesn’t have the live chat support. Plus, access to experts and one-to-one call options is also limited. (Only one call in the Growth plan)

Let's see the comparison game between EzyCourse and Uscreen.

Customer SupportUscreen EzyCourse
Live Chat
24/7 support
Priority chat supportPro plan
One-to-one meetingLimitedAny customer
Training resources/Help tutorials
More Savings

The Best Uscreen Alternative: Save More with the EzyCourse Grow Together Plan

For online creators with a low budget, EzyCourse kept a super budget-friendly pricing plan. The EzyCourse Grow Together plan will offer you all affordable paid plans at low cost.

In this offer, the basic plan starts at $29/month which offers unlimited courses, custom pages, two communities, etc. EzyCourse Pro comes at only $65/month which was $99 in the regular plan. The plan will take a 5% commission fee per sale, but if you are short on budget it won’t be a big deal for you. It’s better to start with giving fees, instead of not starting. Right?

Let’s know how much you can save in the Grow Together plan.

Grow Together Plan
Pricing PlansRegular Plan (Monthly)Grow Together Savings
EzyCourse Basic$45/m$29/m36%
EzyCourse Pro$129/m$65/m50%
EzyCourse Unlimited$329/m$99/m70%

These prices may change over time. Stay updated with latest prices here.