Features improvement

List widget improvements

  • August 21, 2023

We're dedicated to continually refining your experience, and we're thrilled to introduce exciting enhancements to our List Widget that will make managing your content even smoother!

📜 1. Drag to rearrange:

Effortlessly take control of your content order! We've added a brand-new feature that allows you to drag and rearrange list items as per your preference. Whether it's prioritizing important items or maintaining a specific sequence, the power is in your hands.

🙈 2. Hide list item icons:

Sometimes, simplicity speaks volumes. To offer you more customization options, we've introduced the ability to hide list item icons. This ensures a clean and streamlined appearance, perfect for when you want to focus solely on your content.

🚀 How to utilise these enhancements? 

  • Login to your EzyCourse dashboard.

  • Open your page with the List widget in the builder or create a new page and add a List widget.

  • Select the List widget to explore the new options available