New Zenler Mobile App vs. EzyCourse Mobile App: Which One Is Better? 

New Zenler Mobile App vs. EzyCourse Mobile App: Which One Is Better? 

New Zenler Mobile App vs. EzyCourse Mobile App: Which One Is Better? 

  • EzyCourse Team

  • 14 Dec 2023

  • 8 minutes

The New Zenler mobile app was launched in June 2022 to help users get content on the go. If you are looking for an online course platform offering mobile apps, this article will help you. 

Coming to 2024, you can’t go without a mobile app in your online courses. Fortunately, there are course platforms to offer you a personalized mobile experience. In this article, I’ll try to give you an overview of the Zenler mobile app. Plus, if you are searching for a Zenler mobile alternative, I’ll compare the EzyCourse mobile app with it. 

Before diving deeper into the full comparison, let’s first overview the New Zenler app. 

What Is Zenler Mobile App?

The online course platform New Zenler comes with a handy mobile app tailored for students. Introduced in June 2022, students can access the courses, and communities from the Zenler app. 

However, creators have restricted options within the app. Zenler focuses on enhancing student engagement through course lessons, community interaction, and real-time notifications. Zenler mobile app access requires your school to be on a paid plan starting at $67/month. 

While you are looking for a more feature-rich mobile app within your budget, I have a Zenler alternative to suggest to you. 

New Zenler Mobile App Alternatives

Zenler is a popular platform for online course creation. However, their mobile app needs to be more user-friendly. To get a smoother user experience with more features and cost-effective options than Zenler, some other course builders come with stunning mobile apps. Let’s know some useful mobile learning platforms -

  1. EzyCourse Branded Android & iOS Mobile App 

  2. Teachable Mobile App 

  3. Zenler Mobile App

  4. Kajabi  Mobile App 

  5. LearnWorlds Mobile App 

 Now let’s get an overview of the EzyCourse Branded Android & iOS Mobile App. 

What is the EzyCourse Mobile App 

EzyCourse is one of the best online course platforms offering a seamless mobile experience. With the branded Android and iOS mobile app, you can make your course more personalized, and accessible. 

As a course creator, you will always want your courses to get a better completion rate. EzyCourse lets your students smoothly view courses with a simple interface. It’s very easy-to-use offering courses, communities, group chat, private chat, and so on. You can send push notifications and popup notifications. Plus, students can also see the downloads, and get certificates from the mobile. 

Notably, EzyCourse offers some unique options like blogs, audio and video libraries. You also have the option to give your branding to the mobile app with the branded mobile app. Fortunately, EzyCourse is one of the most budget-friendly platforms with a mobile app. You will get the EzyCourse mobile from the Pro plan at $65/m. 

Zenler Mobile App vs. EzyCourse Mobile App: Quick    Comparison Chart  

Before we dive into the detailed feature-by-feature comparison, let's provide a quick overview of the key differences and similarities between Zenler and EzyCourse.




User Interface


Easy to use

Group Chat

Branding Options 

Limited, No white label mobile app

Complete white-label branding

Private Chat

Audio Library

Download Options


Certificates & Assignments

Real-time Push Notification

Popup Notification 


In-app Purchases

Dark Mode

New Zenler Mobile App vs. EzyCourse Mobile App: Feature-by-Feature Comparison 

Now, let's take a deeper dive into the specific features offered by Zenler and EzyCourse. We’ll compare their features, functionalities, and overall user experience.

1. User Interface

Zenler Mobile App: Zenler comes with a very minimalistic user interface. Here’s what it looks like: 

EzyCourse Mobile App: EzyCourse is renowned for its user-friendly interface and extended functionality within mobile. The app ensures easy navigation to give students a seamless learning experience. With an intuitive design, students can easily view courses, communities, chat, notifications, etc. 

Winner: EzyCourse

2. Available Features in Mobile Apps

Both course platforms come with several features in their mobile app. 

New Zenler: 

  1. Courses 

  2. Communities

  3. Search option

  4. Push Notifications


  1. Courses 

  2. Communities

  3. Group Chat

  4. Private Chat

  5. Blog

  6. Certificates

  7. Real-time Push Notifications

  8. Popup Notifications

  9. Blocked Users

  10. Audio & Video Library

  11. Dark Mode

Winner: EzyCourse

3. Courses on Mobile 

Zenler App: The New Zenler provides students access to the enrolled courses. It gives you the option to view the courses. There is also a discussion option in Zenler courses where students can write or post anything. 

However, Zenler lacks some features like chat, certificates and assignments, blogs, and audio libraries, in the mobile app. 

EzyCourse App: On the other hand, EzyCourse goes beyond basic course access offering a bunch of features. Students can easily access courses with the powerful no-buffering video player. With the mobile app, course completion gets easier. It also incorporates interactive chat options. You can also send push notifications, and popup notifications in real time. What’s more, EzyCourse mobile keeps the certificate download option upon course completion. 

While Zenler on the mobile version serves the basic purpose of completing courses, it doesn’t offer advanced features like EzyCourse. 

Winner: EzyCourse

4. Communities on Mobile App 

Both course platforms come with the option to access communities from mobile apps. 

Communities on Zenler: Zenler lets you directly use communities with your mobile. Its community has features like post options, comments, notifications, etc. 

Communities on EzyCourse: With the EzyCourse mobile app, you can interact in the community just like any community platform. You can post, comment, and react on the go. Plus, the EzyCourse community provides other features like courses, chat, blogs, etc. The app also gives instant push and popup notifications. 

Winner: EzyCourse

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5. Pricing for Mobile App:

Zenler Pricing for Mobile App: To get the Zenler mobile app for your school, you have to subscribe to any paid plan. It offers two different pricing plans: 

  • Pro Plan: $67/m 

  • Premium Plan: $197/m

EzyCourse Pricing for Mobile App: EzyCourse lets you start with its mobile app from the Pro plan with an additional cost of $129/month for the branded mobile app. Also, see the full pricing details of EzyCourse:

You can see that EzyCourse is a budget-friendly option if you compare Zenler pricing with EzyCourse. However, you’ll need to pay extra bucks to get a mobile app for your school in EzyCourse.

Winner: EzyCourse

6. In-app Purchases

Zenler: There are no in-app purchase options in New Zenler. 

EzyCourse: You can sell premium content with in-app purchases of EzyCourse. This feature allows your audience to see and purchase your offerings without leaving the app. 

Winner: EzyCourse

Zenler Mobile Vs. EzyCourse Mobile: Which One Is Better?

I’ve tried to give a detailed idea of both the Zenler and EzyCourse app. Choosing the best online mobile course platform depends on your specific needs. Consider factors such as branding options, community, chat, download, notifications, in-app purchase, etc options when making your decision.   

As you have seen New Zenler mobile app is very minimalistic and has basic functionalities. While comparing both platforms, EzyCourse is by far ahead of Zenler with a range of features. The EzyCourse mobile app lets your students easily complete the courses, communicate in the community, interact in chats, etc. Plus, your audience can reach your content instantly with real-time push and popup notifications.

With all the extended functionalities, the EzyCourse app beats Zenler in the race.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a New Zenler site?

It's easy to set up. You just have to head to the Mobile App tab in your New Zenler Site settings and configure a few elements. Click on the branding option. There you can modify details like the thumbnail and color.

Can students access communities on Zenler mobile?

Yes, students can comment, post, and receive push notifications for community interactions. EzyCourse also allows the students to access communities directly from the mobile app. It has some extra options like chat, and poll options while creating posts, etc.  

Is course design customizable within the Zenler mobile app?

Zenler comes with limited customization; primarily static design. But Zenler doesn’t have a white-label mobile app. On the other hand, EzyCourse provides a complete white-label branding option with a branded mobile app. You can get it by paying $129/m extra. 

Can admins post new content within the Zenler app?

The Zenler app is only for students. On the contrary, EzyCourse keeps the option to access for both admins and students. 

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Final Words 

By the end of this comparison review, it shouldn't be anymore tougher for you to pick one between the Zenler mobile app and the EzyCourse mobile app. My suggestion will be to choose an online course platform with a branded mobile app. EzyCourse gives you the complete white-label branding option with a responsive mobile app.

What are you waiting for? Start your course creation journey with EzyCourse!