10 Affordable Websites Like Kajabi | Free And Paid Options

10 Affordable Websites Like Kajabi | Free And Paid Options

10 Affordable Websites Like Kajabi | Free And Paid Options

  • EzyCourse Team

  • 28 Mar 2024

  • 8 minutes

Kajabi is one of the pioneer platforms for knowledge entrepreneurs. A lot of digital creators have been using the platform to create online courses or manage online businesses since 2010. 

However, Kajabi's pricing may not suit everyone's budget. Also, there is less flexibility in website design, limited options to sell physical products, etc factors. 

So, what are you thinking about?

Worry not! There are some all-in-one online platforms similar to Kajabi. In this article, I’ll review 10 affordable websites like Kajabi to use in 2024. 

Before diving into the list, let’s first know about the Kajabi review, pros, cons, pricing, etc.  

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is a platform to help digital entrepreneurs and small businesses sell digital learning products online. The all-in-one platform offers features like:

  • Online courses

  • Online communities

  • Coaching programs

  • Membership management

  • Podcasts

  • Website building

  • Email marketing 

  • Sales funnel 

  • Analytics

With all these options tools, you can monetize your knowledge easily. 

However, Kajabi has some very expensive pricing plans. That’s why, many digital creators may not be able to afford it. 

Kajabi Pros      

Kajabi is an all-in-one online platform for knowledge entrepreneurs. There are several advantages of Kajabi: 

  • All-in-One Platform: Kajabi offers a wide range of features such as online courses, communities, memberships, coaching, and podcasts. 

  • User-Friendly Interface: Kajabi is an easy-to-manage platform. The platform automates the business tasks for creators. 

  • Easily Bundle Products and Offers: Whether you want to bundle mini-courses or create a membership site with various products, Kajabi has you covered. You can offer flexibility in creating, pricing, and distributing content according to individual preferences. 

  • Regular Features Update: Kajabi has been continuously adding new features and promptly addressing any issues that arise.

  • Comprehensive Training Resources: Kajabi provides several training resources through its Resource Hub. It includes content from Kajabi University, blogs, and a help center. 

  • Effective AI Tools: Kajabi uses AI to create content to help users make content faster and better.       

Kajabi Cons

Unfortunately, Kajabi has some limitations that you may not love. Here are the cons of Kajabi:

  • Expensive Plans & No Free Plan: Kajabi's pricing starts at $149 per month. And unlike Thinkific, Teachable doesn’t offer any free plan. 

  • Limited Option to Sell Physical Products: Kajabi is mainly designed for digital products. There is no native option to sell physical products. 

  • Limitations in Website Design: While Kajabi is user-friendly for non-coders, it offers less flexibility compared to other platforms. 

  • Extra Costs for Integrations: Despite being an all-in-one platform, you will need to pay extra for the advanced features. The third-party tools require additional costs.

  • Limited File History: Kajabi only stores the last 100 items uploaded. Users need to manually back up all files.

  • Challenges in Membership Design: Creating membership sites on Kajabi may be tricky and require additional purchases. Alternatively, platforms like EzyCourse offer easier-to-use membership site solutions.

    If these factors bother you, you might look for the Kajabi alternatives in 2024. 

Kajabi Pricing

Kajabi offers 3 different pricing plans: Basic, Growth, and Pro. Besides, additional add-ons are also available for an extra cost.

  • Kajabi Basic Plan: $149/month

  • Kajabi Growth Plan: $199/month

  • Kajabi Pro Plan: $399/month

Why Look for a Kajabi alternative?

As I mentioned there are a few factors that may bother a user to look for Kajabi alternatives. 

Initially, Kajabi pricing can be an issue for users with low budgets. You will get platforms similar to Kajabi with lower prices. At the same time, according to some reviews, Kajabi lacks some community creation features like Mighty Network, Thinkific, or EzyCourse.

Moreover, Kajabi integrations need extra bucks which can be an extra hassle for creators. Again, the platform is limited to selling digital products. All these factors can make someone migrate from Kajabi

Are you looking for an alternative to Kajabi? Proceed anyway! 

10 Affordable Websites Like Kajabi (Free And Paid)

It’s time to let you know the top 10 best websites like Kajabi. I have kept both free and paid platforms in my review. 

1. EzyCourse (Best all-in-one online course platform)

EzyCourse is an affordable online course platform with plenty of options to create courses, communities, memberships, etc. It’s an easy-to-use platform where you start creating courses in no time. 

There are more than 16 revenue streams in EzyCourse. That’s why it’s called an all-in-one platform. In addition to courses and communities, you can also -

  • Sell membership plans

  • Sell Digital and physical products

  • Schedule appointments and events 

  • Create group chats or private chats

  • Add affiliates

  • Streamline marketing with email automation

  • And many more

Moreover, you can build customizable websites like Kajabi with the EzyCourse Site Builder. EzyCourse offers a white-label Android & iOS mobile app to stay connected to your students on the go. 

As you are looking for an alternative to Kajabi, EzyCourse can be a good option with affordable pricing, more selling options, highly customizable websites, etc.  

EzyCourse Pros

  • Easy-to-use platform 

  • All-in-one platform 

  • Budget-friendly pricing plans 

  • Plenty of monetization options 

  • Versatile selling options for digital and physical products.

  • Highly customizable websites 

  • A branded mobile app 

  • Dedicated customer support 

  • Plenty of useful integrations like Webhooks, Zapier, Pabbly, Google Analytics, etc

  • Easy payment integration with all popular payment gateways 

EzyCourse Cons

  • There is rarely any negative customer feedback from EzyCourse users. Although the native blog editor has mobile responsiveness issues. 

EzyCourse Pricing

EzyCourse comes with four different pricing plans:

  • 14 Day Free Trial  

  • Basic Plan– $31/month

  • Pro Plan– $99/month

  • Unlimited Plan– $199/month

  • Elite Plan– $299/month

2. Teachable (Free Kajabi Alternative)

Teachable is an excellent online course platform for online tutors. If you want to create a website and host courses, Teachable can be your go-to choice. 

Fortunately, Teachable offers a free plan to help you start for free. However, it’s not an all-in-one platform like Kajabi. Teachable is focused primarily on online course hosting. 

Notably, this platform offers several course creation features like quizzes, lesson notes for students, certificates, an affiliate program, video analytics, student segmentation, and reporting. 

Teachable Pros 

  • Advanced course creation features

  • Easily set up your affiliate platform

  • Payment gateway for simple payouts and tax management

  • Smart video analytics

  • iOS mobile app available 

Teachable Cons 

  • Free and basic plans charge transaction fees of 10% and 5% respectively

  • The basic plan only allows 5 products

  • No branded app and unavailable on Android 

If you're interested, you can also explore the Teachable alternative.

Teachable Pricing 

Teachable includes five different pricing plans:

  • Free plan (10% transaction fees)

  • Basic plan- starts from $59/month (5% transaction fees)

  • Pro plan- starts from $159/month

  • Pro+ plan- starts from $249/month

  • Business plan- starts from $665/month

3. Thinkific (Popular Kajabi Similar Platform)

Thinkific is another popular course platform similar to Kajabi. It comes with a drag-and-drop page builder, drip-feed course content, and video hosting features that make your course creation easier. 

If you're looking for a Kajabi alternative for online course creation, Thinkific is worth considering. Thinkific also offers website-building tools and options to sell digital products. 

You can add quizzes, multimedia articles, videos, surveys, webinars, and many more to the platform. Moreover, it also lets you create communities and get a branded mobile app 

While Thinkific is a good course builder, it falls short of a comprehensive business suite similar to Kajabi. Thinkific offers a free option for users to test the platform. However, to unlock the important features, you have to upgrade to the higher plans. 

Thinkific Pros

  • All-in-one course platform

  • Fits businesses of all sizes.

  • No transaction fees

  • User-friendly and intuitive

  • Provides extensive training, examples, and access to its help center

Thinkific Cons

  • High prices of premium plans

  • Lacks funnel features

  • No built-in blogging tool

  • No native email marketing

  • Not fully SCORM compliant

  • Poor customer support

Thinkific Pricing

Here are the plans of Thinkific: 

  • Free Plan 

  • Basic Plan – Starts from $49/month 

  • Start Plan – Starts from $99/month

  • Grow Plan – Starts from $199/month

  • Expand Plan – Starts from $499/month

  • Plus Plan – Custom Price  

Check 20 affordable Thinkific alternatives here. 

4. LearnWorlds (Kajabi Competitor for Online Schools)

LearnWorlds is an online platform where you can build and sell courses. It's mainly designed for professional training, online education, and onboarding of employees or customers. 

LearnWorlds primarily focuses on course features. In addition to courses, LearnWorlds supports learning tools like videos, ebooks, live lessons or webinars, and forums. It also integrates with popular email marketing platforms such as MailChimp and ConvertKit. Notably, LearnWorlds offers more flexibility in website design than Kajabi in their website builder. 

However, LearnWorlds lacks features for creating other digital products such as memberships and coaching programs. 

LearnWorlds Pros

  • Easy to use for beginners

  • Budget-friendly pricing

  • Useful third-party integrations  

  • No transaction fees

  • Interactive video editor

  • Affordable pricing

LearnWorlds Cons

  • Not an all-in-one platform

  • Limited features on primary plans

  • Additional cost for integrations

  • Basic reports and analytics

  • Not enough customizable page design 

LearnWorlds Pricing

LearnWorlds includes the following plans: Starter, Pro Trainer, Learning Centre, and High Volume & Corporate. 

  • Starter ($29/month + $5 per course sale)

  • Pro Trainer ($99/month)

  • Learning Center ($299/month)

  • High Volume and Corporate Plans 

Also Read: LearnWorlds Alternative

Podia (Free Site like Kajabi)

Podia is considered a free online course platform. Being a website like Kajabi, it lets you create a website, and digital products, and build a community. Similar to Kajabi, Podia offers a wide range of products.

The platform has some exclusive email marketing features to boost your email campaign. Also, the website builder covers different landing pages, blogging tools, etc. 

Although you can start for free, Podia takes a 10% transaction fee for each sale in the free plan. To access features like webinars and affiliates, you'll need to upgrade to the Podia Shaker plan at $89 per month. Furthermore, Podia provides robust customer support. 

Podia Pros

  • User-friendly platform 

  • Plenty of email marketing options

  • Low budget pricing

  • Easy affiliate management 

  • Responsive customer support 

Podia Cons

  • No open API is available 

  • Limited customization in the wesbite

  • Limited features compared to competitors

  • Lacks assignment features

  • Weak video engagement reporting. 

Podia Pricing

Podia is a free online course platform with different pricing plans: 

  • Free (10% transaction fee)

  • Starter plan at $9 per month (8% transaction fee)

  • Mover plan at $39 per month (5% transaction fee)

  • Shaker plan at $89 per month 

6. Mighty Networks (Best Community Builder Kajabi Alternative)

Mighty Networks is a specialized platform for building communities. The community platform helps you create a lively paid community for your online course. 

Also, creators can sell individual courses, and community memberships, or bundle them together. Each course includes an Activity Feed to encourage interaction. It allows your members to share various content types inside the platform. 

Additionally, Mighty Networks offers a useful AI feature named Mighty Co-Host to generate course outlines. Moreover, it has Integration with Zapier to connect with other apps. Mighty Networks' pricing starts at $99 per month.

Overall, Mighty Networks comes as a community builder Kajabi alternative The platform offers a wide range of advanced community features, including live streams, member profiles, direct messaging, virtual events, and calendar integration.

Mighty Networks Pros

  • Best community builder platform

  • Clean interface and user-friendly design

  • Customizable notifications to keep students informed

  • AI-generated course outlines

  • Interactive chat & messaging options 

Mighty Networks Cons

  • Limited payment options 

  • Limited options to integrate courses from or to other platforms

  • Lacks built-in quiz feature 

  • Higher starting price

  • Not enough native marketing features

Mighty Networks Pricing

  • Courses (119/m) 

  • Business ($219/m)

  • Path-to-Pro ($360/m)

  • Mighty Pro (Custom pricing)

7. LearnDash (WordPress LMS Alternative to Kajabi)

LearnDash isn't a typical online course platform. It’s the most popular WordPress LMS plugin that allows you to sell courses directly from your WordPress website. 

The plugin is compatible with the WordPress editor and a drag-and-drop course builder. So you can host and sell courses from your website easily.  There are some useful LearnDash features like branding options, a distraction-free 'focus mode' for students, advanced quizzing, drip-fed lessons, badges and certificates, etc.  

However, there are limited marketing options in LearnDash. It has fewer features for email marketing and affiliate marketing compared to competitors like Kajabi.

LearnDash Pros

  • Naturally fits with a WordPress site 

  • Complete control of your site 

  • Wide range of certificates and quizzes

  • Robust community functionality

  • Fully brandable

LearnDash Cons

  • Lacks sales and marketing options 

  • Limited flexibility in email marketing

  • Lacks affiliate marketing and sales pages

  • Cost includes WordPress subscription and other

  • Need additional add-ons for better functionality

LearnDash Pricing

Here are three plans of LearnDash:

  • LearnDash Plugin Basic plan– $199/year

  • Ultimate Course Creator Bundle - $299/year

  • Student Success Bundle - $249/year

8. Ruzuku (Beginner-friendly alternative to Kajabi)

Ruzuku is another option like Kajabi but with a slightly different site. It's known for its easy-to-use interface for beginners. And the website of this platform is welcoming, especially for people who want to teach about their hobbies and earn extra income. 

Ruzuku offers both free and paid courses, allows online payments, and supports self-directed or drip-feed courses. It also hosts audio, video, and teleconferences with slides and group chat features. 

With a global content delivery network, it ensures faster loading times. Students can attach files when responding to activities, participate in forums, and create social profiles. What’s more, it integrates with Mailchimp for email marketing. 

Ruzuku Pros

  • Very easy to use

  • Provides strong teleconferences and teleseminar tools

  • Offers a vibrant discussion forum 

  • Good-looking course interface

  • Plenty of features for student engagement 

Ruzuku Cons

  • Not enough customizable 

  • Targeted for amateur content creators

  • Doesn’t provide any mobile app

  • Fewer marketing features

  • Only provides single instructor access with the basic plan 

Ruzuku Pricing

Ruzuku starts with a free plan but it’s limited to five students. 

  • Free - $0/m 

  • Core - $99/m 

  • Pro - $199/m

9. FreshLearn 

FreshLearn is another all-rounder platform for hosting digital products such as courses, digital downloads, and live masterclasses. It allows you to develop of complex courses for live cohorts and continuing education. 

Unlike Kajabi, FreshLearn doesn't impose limits on students, enrollments, storage, or digital products. Another great thing is that you can create a more customizable website than Kajabi. 

The course creation process is straightforward in FreshLearn. You can use various course materials like video, documents, audio, and assessments. advanced assessments, unlimited courses and storage, and gamification features. 

However, FreshLearn lacks email marketing and automation features. Also, it has fewer integrations other than Zapier. Again, there's a need for more support documentation of the platform.

FreshLearn Pros 

  • Branded certificate creation options 

  • Advanced quizzes and assessments

  • Unlimited courses, members, enrollments, and storage

  • Advanced gamification options like rewards, badges and challenges

  • No transaction fee 

FreshLearn Cons 

  • Lacks email marketing and automation

  • Fewer direct third-party integrations

  • Need more support documentation

  • Poor customer support

FreshLearn Pricing

  • Free: $0

  • Pro: $39/m

  • No Brainer: $69/m


Teachery is a web-based platform offering intuitive and simple-to-use online course-building options. It’s a user-friendly platform for online creators.

Yet Teachery provides some essential features for hosting courses and boosting sales such as sales pages, payment processing, and an affiliate program, it falls short in terms of advanced functionality. 

The platform lacks some features like video hosting, quizzes, and certificates. Also, the student experience during course delivery is not responsive enough. 

Teachery Pros 

  • Easy to use

  • Well-designed checkout process

  • Responsive customer support

  • Simple pricing

Teachery Cons

  • Limited features compared to other options 

  • No video hosting options

  • No quizzes & certificate features

  • No reporting tools

  • Doesn’t have a direct integration with PayPal.

Teachery Pricing: 

Teachery Pricing starts at $49 per month or $470 per year for the yearly plan.

  • Monthly Plan: $49/month

  • Yearly Plan: $470/year

Which Are the Most Affordable Websites Like Kajabi? 

We hope this article helped you to find a few websites like Kajabi for hosting your online courses. 

From this article, you get a detailed idea of the 10 affordable Kajabi alternatives like EzyCourse, Teachable, Thinkific, Podia, etc. Which one have you picked? If you consider the best budget platform with unlimited features, check EzyCourse.  

Ready to get started with your chosen online course platform?