Easy ways to increase your course revenue

Easy ways to increase your course revenue

Easy ways to increase your course revenue

  • EzyCourse Team

  • 28 Nov 2022

  • 8 minutes

Selling courses is a fantastic way to earn money online. You can start selling courses in just a few minutes once you have your course curriculum and materials ready. In this guide, you will learn what more options you have for increasing your course revenue. 

Let’s checkout the available options we have that we can monazite and increase money flow. Few of them you are already doing or maybe you never heard any of them. Let’s explore all possible options. 

  1. Offer bundle courses 
  2. Selling subscriptions 
  3. Offer upsell with discounted price 
  4. Sell communities 
  5. Sell group chat 
  6. Sell private chat and 1:1 coaching 
  7. Sell seats to team or organisations 
  8. Sell digital downloadable items 

If you are a beginner and want to start your career as an online course creator then this guide : How to Sell Online Courses: The Complete Guide is for you.

Now let’s talk about all the above features and see how we can use them. 

Offer bundle courses: 

There are a lot of people who like to buy more courses or items related to their interests. You don’t want to miss this opportunity. If you have multiple courses and one has dependency on another or both have some sorts of relationships for example, if you provide an Android application development course then you can also offer an iOS or API development course as both are related to each other and are nice to have skills. So, when you offer multiple courses in a package there are high chances that those students will prefer to buy them in bundle instead of paying per course. It’s a win-win for both parties. 

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Sell subscriptions:

Who doesn’t want a steady income! Subscription can be an ideal solution for steady income flow. Charging customers $20 monthly is more appealing than charging $400 at one shot. That’s because higher the prices, less people will be able to afford your product. Though there are exceptions, in general less people will be able to purchase your product given the more priced it is. Moreover, setting up subscription based payments also will help in promoting your business as this will give you recurring revenue. 

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Offer upsell with discounted price: 

Upselling is a strategy used to persuade customers to buy a more expensive item. You would typically promote more expensive products or package deals when you upsell. For example when a user is about to checkout with a course, you can offer the course’s related community, or bundle courses with that course in as upsells, for some discount when purchased together, so users would be tempted to go with the upsell, as they’ll feel like they’re getting more for less, and on the other side you get more sales!

Sell communities: 

Communities are a great way to get involved and make a difference. Successful businesses always have an active community built around their brand. You get to form deeper connections with your customers and create engagement, loyalty and trust around your products through communities. When people are guaranteed support they’d willingly pay for it.

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Sell group chat: 

This one’s a no-brainer, I suppose. Group chat is the simplest way to get connected to people from all over the globe. By selling group chats, you’re providing a means to have integrated discussions without having to leave your site to connect each time. In this way, engagement on your site will be boosted, and as a result of this your business will have a stronger online presence. The best part is that you’ll get paid for this behind the scenes.

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Sell private chat and 1:1 coaching: 

Who would say no to 1:1 coaching. Students always want to be mentored directly and be able to talk about the difficulties they’re facing in the course or clear any confusions instantly. So give your students your time and get paid for it.

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Sell seats to team or organisations: 

These days companies care about employee wellness and growth, so they tend to invest in their employees’ education. Thus, providing means for organisations to purchase and be able to manage and track the progress of their employees all at once will result in great profitability. Offering mass enrolments at discounted prices would attract corporate clients to purchase courses from you.

Screenshot 2022-11-28 at 5.58.34 pm.pngScreenshot 2022-11-28 at 5.58.34 pm.png

Sell digital downloadable items:

The best thing about digital products is that they aren’t physical products. So you’re off the hassle of shipping, stock management etc… Digital items require low investment, are easier to manage, and have the potential to yield high income if they’re quality ones and promoted correctly. 


Now that we’ve explored the possibilities of increasing your course revenue, you might be wondering how and where to get started. I’ve got you covered on this too. EzyCourse is a modern, one-stop online course platform which you can leverage to enjoy revenue flow in. Head on to ezycourse.com and check out for yourself.