16 Best Podia Alternatives You Might Look Out in 2024

16 Best Podia Alternatives You Might Look Out in 2024

16 Best Podia Alternatives You Might Look Out in 2024

  • EzyCourse Team

  • 5 May 2024

  • 8 minutes

Are you looking for the best Podia alternative?

If yes, then you’re in the right place. Podia is an online platform for creating and selling courses, communities, and digital downloads. However, the course platform may not meet all your course creation requirements as it lacks apps and a few other important features.  

So, you might be searching for an alternative to Podia. Today, I’ll suggest you the top 16 Podia alternatives in 2024 to improve your creation journey. 

Let’s first learn about Podia. 

What is Podia?

Podia is a free online course platform with options like online courses, communities, memberships, and digital downloads. Although Podia has free plans and less costly premium plans, it takes 10% transaction fees in the free plan. 

On the positive side, Podia has an easy-to-use interface. The platform has several email marketing tools with additional features to improve sales and marketing. 

However, Podia doesn't include a mobile learning app.  Again, their course management and reporting tools are not suitable for advanced creators. Also, the Podia community and discussion forum are very basic compared to other competitors.  

Podia Features:

  • Robust built-in email marketing tools

  • User-friendly website builder

  • Membership sites 

  • Multiple selling options

  • Options to sell digital downloads 

  • Free course migration for free

  • Drip courses to deliver content section-by-section 

Podia Pros: 

  • Easy to use for beginners

  • Easily track sales student engagement, and other metrics

  • Useful features like email marketing, membership sites, and webinars

  • Embedded checkout feature to make purchases simple

  • Budget-friendly pricing 

Podia Cons: 

  • No mobile app

  • No course stats

  • Higher transaction fees

  • Not enough customizable page design 

  • Limited features compared to others

  • Basic community features

  • No assignment options 

Podia Pricing:

Podia is one of the free online course platforms. However, the free version comes with some limitations (1 coaching product & 1 download). Here are all the Podia plans- 

  • Free plan (10% transaction fees)

  • The Starter plan starts at $9/month or $4/month annually (8% transaction fee)

  • The Mover plan starts at $39 per month or $33/month annually (5% transaction fee)

  • The Shaker plan starts at $89 per month or $75/month annually (no transaction fee)

Why Do Users Look for Podia Alternatives?

If you currently use Podia, you might know it has some downsides. Let’s know why some people are quitting from Podia.

Creators often find limitations with Podia, like:

  • Not enough customization options 

  • No mobile app

  • Marketing tools are limited and need additional tools to work better

  • No advanced course creation features for pro creators

  • Basic community features

  • Limited customer support, only via email

These factors may lead anyone to look for Podia alternatives. If these are important to you, check if any other platform does as well as Podia where it matters. 

What to look for in a Podia Alternative

We said earlier that Podia doesn't have some important features that an online course platform should have. So when you're searching for another option like Podia, you should look for some key features like:

Sales & Marketing Features

Podia comes with a few good sales and marketing features like email campaigns and marketing funnels features. 

So, you should search for good built-in marketing tools, like bundle creations, upsells, selling in different currencies, robust email marketing, sales funnel, etc.

Advanced Course Creation Features

As a course creator, you not only want a basic course-building tool but also some advanced features. The right alternative should offer the course creation features you want.

For example, look for easy course navigation, a simple website builder, lesson types, course marketing options, etc. 

Strong Community Building Options

A community inside your course platform will boost engagement with your students. As a creator, you should search for community-building tools along with courses on a platform. 

Mobile Learning App

A mobile learning app is a crying need for both students and creators. While many platforms offer a mobile app, look for branded apps for hosting white-label courses. 

Unfortunately, Podia doesn't have a mobile app. So, you may go for the alternatives that offer branded mobile apps like EzyCourse, Thinkific, LearnWorlds, etc. 

Additional Tool Integration

It’s not only about creating courses. If you want to market online courses, you will need several tools for marketing, and other needs. Check whether the platform offers email marketing tools, analytics tools, multiple payment integrations, etc. 

16 Best Podia Alternatives To Look Out in 2024

Now we will explore some top-notch premium and free alternatives to Podia in 2024. Let’s get started. 

1. EzyCourse (All-in-one Podia alternative)

EzyCourse is one of the best all-in-one platforms for digital creators, online tutors, and coaches. You can create and sell courses, communities, memberships, etc with the platform. 

EzyCourse is considered to be a top Podia alternative with affordable pricing and plenty of useful features. This platform offers a range of features from course creation to marketing to email automation, and so on. 

Unlike Poida, EzyCourse offers a branded mobile app. Plus, EzyCourse is free of transaction fees, which might be a big concern for Podia users. Also, you get the option to create strong communities like Facebook with EzyCourse.  

What’s more, EzyCourse makes it easier to sell courses with several built-in marketing tools, like bundle creations, upsells, multiple currency support, robust email marketing, sales funnel, etc. You can also get additional tools integration if required. Overall, EzyCourse is a great choice for all your online course creation needs.

EzyCourse Features: 

  • 20+ revenue streams

  • 12 lesson types, 6 different pricing options in courses 

  • 250+ amazing pre-made templates

  • Community building tools

  • Site-wide memberships

  • Unlimited email campaigns

  • Group or private chat options 

  • Branded Android & iOS mobile app

  • Complete white-label branding 

  • A smooth checkout process

  • Several third-party integrations

  • And many more 

EzyCourse Pros: 

  • Easy-to-use

  • No transaction fees

  • All-in-one course platform 

  • Feature-rich course creation  

  • Cost-effective 

  • Site-wide membership options to monetize more

  • Extremely interactive platform with communities & chat options 

  • Useful built-in email marketing tools

  • 24/7 dedicated customer support

EzyCourse Cons

  • Too many feature updates 

EzyCourse Pricing

  • Basic plan - $35/month

  • Pro plan - $99/month

  • Unlimited plan - $199/month

  • Elite plan - $299/month

Why Choose EzyCourse Over Podia?

EzyCourse is a feature-rich platform. If you see the key features of the platform, you can see there are hardly any limitations. You can build, host, and sell any type of digital products or even physical products. There are plenty of options like course creation, community-building, mobile app builder, etc.

Unlike Podia, EzyCourse lets you overcome all Podia limitations -

  • You can get a branded mobile app

  • See detailed course stats and analytics

  • Earn without any transaction fees

  • Customize any page as you want 

  • Build vibrant community 

  • Offer engaging elements like assignments, quizzes, gamification, certificates, and rewards

What are your main concerns while choosing a course platform? Budget, features, or both? If you are looking for a platform with a low budget but extensive features, EzyCourse will be a good pick over Podia.

2. Thinkific (Podia alternative with more features & customization)

Thinkific is the next Podia alternative on our list. This is one of the most popular platforms, especially for creating online courses. In addition to courses, you can also build communities and membership sites. 

As you are trying to escape Podia's limitations, you can take a quick look at Thinkific’s features. Thinkific has a branded mobile app, advanced course creation tools, and several tools from the Thinkific app store. 

Although, Thinkific is more expensive than Podia and EzyCourse. But there are useful features for enhancing your course creation journey. You can use live lessons and events for real-time interaction and engagement. Unfortunately, Thinkific has also some limitations like a lack of native email marketing, sales funnel, blogging tools, etc. 

Thinkific Features

  • Pre-built templates to get started

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop builder

  • Live lessons and webinars

  • Branded mobile app 

  • Thinkific App Store for several third-party tools

  • Thinkific Community, membership programs, TCommerce tools, etc

Thinkific Pros

  • Versatile course platform

  • Zero transaction fees

  • User-friendly interface 

  • Seamless integration from various platforms on the Thinkific app store 

  • Extensive resources for course creation

Thinkific Cons

  • Pricing gets higher in the premium plans

  • No funnel feature

  • No blogging tool

  • Lacks in-built gamification elements

  • No native email marketing integrations

  • Limited design options

  • Poor customer support

Thinkific Pricing

  • Free Plan 

  • Basic Plan – $49/month

  • Start Plan – $99/month

  • Grow Plan – $199/month

  • Expand Plan – $499/month

  • Plus Plan – Custom price 

Looking for the best online course platforms other than Thinkific? Check 20 Affordable Thinkific Alternatives in 2024

3. Teachable (Free Podia alternative)

Teachable is one of the best free Podia alternatives to help you create and launch your courses easily. It’s a beginner-friendly online platform for courses, coaching programs, and digital downloads. 

The course platform comes with a wide range of features including AI integration, flexible payment options, and different sales and marketing tools.

Teachable also has strong native email marketing tools like Podia to manage communication with students. Plus, you will enjoy easy content uploads with Dropbox and Google Drive. However, Teachable lacks community-building tools (beta), a branded app, and a few other features. So, if you are looking for a Podia free alternative, Teachable can be a good pick. 

Teachable Features: 

  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder

  • Accepts payment in 130 currencies

  • Various marketing and sales integrations

  • Digital product selling 

  • Multiple integrations with popular platforms 

Teachable Pros:

  • Easy-to-use 

  • Customizable course design

  • Plenty of third-party integrations

  • Useful marketing and sales tools

  • iOS mobile app

Teachable Cons:

  • Poor customer support 

  • Transaction fees on the free and basic plan

  • Limited branding options 

  • No option to get immediate revenue

  • Pricing gets higher for advanced features because of the Lack of pre-built templates

Teachable Pricing: 

  • Free plan

  • Basic plan- $59/month

  • Pro plan- $159/month

  • Pro+ plan- $249/month

  • Business plan- $665/month

However, if you do not feel like Teachable is a good option, you may look for some Teachable alternatives.  

4. LearnWorlds (Enterprise-level LMS alternatives to Podia)

LearnWorlds is an enterprise-level LMS alternative to Podia. The platform specializes in online training programs for entrepreneurs, and businesses. 

Like Podia, you can create and host courses on your branded website. Plus, you can offer your content with a mobile app which is unavailable in Podia. Besides, LearnWorlds provides more customization options for your site. 

The platform offers AI integrations to help you quickly get started with course creation. Plus, it offers an interactive video player for your courses. However, you have to go for the higher-tier plans if you want to get the most out of the platform. 

LearnWorlds Features:

  • Engaging video learning with performance tracking

  • Customizable course player for online classes

  • Graded or ungraded assessments, quizzes, and assignments

  • Gamification elements 

  • Branded mobile app

  • Attendance monitoring and automated enrollment 

  • Shopping cart plugin to support various payment gateway

LearnWorlds Pros: 

  • Beginner-friendly platform

  • Effortless sales, engagement, and metrics tracking

  • Comprehensive features including marketing, membership sites, and webinars

  • Various gamification tools to boost learner engagement

  • Live webinars for real-time interaction with learners

  • No transaction fees

LearnWorlds Cons: 

  • Not a comprehensive all-in-one course platform

  • Missing built-in email marketing feature

  • Limited features available in lower-tier plans

  • Higher priced mobile app

  • Basic reports and analytics 

  • Limited options for customizable website design

  • Poor customer support 

LearnWorlds Pricing:

  • Starter Plan: $29 monthly

  • Pro Trainer Plan: $99 monthly

  • Learning Centre Plan: $299 monthly

  • High Volume & Corporate Plans: Custom pricing

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5. Kajabi (Best premium alternative to Podia)

Kajabi is an expensive alternative to Podia. It was the first-ever online online course platform for knowledge entrepreneurs. 

It is an all-in-one platform with a wide range of robust tools, including a course builder, community feature, email marketing tools, membership sites, webinars, and detailed analytics. This platform also offers mobile apps to increase student engagement on the go. 

Kajabi especially suits advanced creators with a high budget. If you are looking for a feature-rich platform with plenty of options, you can go for Kajabi. 

However, Kajabi won’t suit you in case you are short on budget. Again the customer support of Kajabi has been irresponsive according to many users. 

Kajabi Features: 

  • Interactive course builder

  • Pre-built landing pages 

  • Strong native email marketing tools 

  • Membership sites 

  • Podcast features

  • Live webinars

  • Branded mobile app 

  • Detailed analytics and reporting 

Kajabi Pros: 

  • Wide range of features 

  • All-in-one platform  

  • User-friendly interface

  • Comprehensive training resources

  • AI tools to assist your course creation

  • Robust marketing and sales tools

  • Easy progress tracking 

Kajabi Cons: 

  • The most expensive course platform

  • Limited options for selling physical products 

  • Lower flexibility in website design & customization 

  • Additional costs for integrations 

  • Limited File history 

Looking for the best Kajabi alternative

Kajabi Pricing: 

  • Kajabi Basic: $149

  • Kajabi Growth: $199

  • Kajabi Pro: $399

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6. Udemy (Online Course Marketplace Alternative to Podia)

Udemy is a popular online course marketplace where you can sell your courses. If you are looking for a course marketplace alternative, then  Udemy can be a good choice. 

This platform has some built-in options to let you host your courses available for students worldwide. You can set the prices from $0 to $199. However, Udemy lacks customization and design options compared to other platforms like Kajabi, Podia, EzyCourse, etc.

Fortunately, Udemy has more than 49 million students. But there's a lot of competition as ranking in Udemy courses is difficult.  Moreover, the course platform offers features like simple instructor onboarding, marketing promotions, and 24/7 support. 

Udemy Pricing: 

  • Free enrollment for course instructors

  • 3% share of sales from coupons or referral links

  • 63% share of the revenue for other course sales 

7. LearnDash (Best WordPress LMS alternative to Podia)

LearnDash is a WordPress LMS plugin to help you host your course on WordPress sites. It’s a popular option among WordPress users. 

If you are looking for WordPress-based Podia alternatives,  LearnDash can be a good option. It comes with fast performance, rich features, and impressive course designs. Moreover, you'll find intuitive course-building tools, customizable templates, and even options for adding gamification elements to keep things engaging.

However, you will need a lot of plugins to set up your course business in addition to LearnDash. These integrations might cost you more than Podia. 

LearnDash Pricing

  • $199 for a single-site license 

  • $399/year for10 site licenses

  • $799/year for unlimited site licenses 

8. Mighty Networks (Best community platform alternative)

Mighty Networks is a community and course builder platform. It comes with a wide range of course creation features including pre-recorded courses, lessons, modules, videos, and text. 

Unlike Podia, Mighty Networks has vast community-building tools. Moreover, the platform offers excellent live-teaching features for live streaming and live events. Plus you can choose from various pricing options for courses and communities, including subscriptions and one-time payments. 

Yet, the Mighty Networks mobile app is far costlier than  LearnWorld, EzyCourse, or Thinkific app.

Mighty Networks Pricing:

  • Courses: $119 per month (When paid monthly)

  • Business: $219 per month (When paid monthly)

  • Path-to-Pro: $360 per month (When paid monthly)

  • Mighty Pro: Contact sales for pricing information

9. FreshLearn (Free Podia alternative platform)

FreshLearn is a free Podia alternative that helps you create courses easily. You can host courses, course creation, add multimedia, take assessments, and track student progress with the course platform.  

With the website builder, you can also create branded websites with design customization. Plus, FreshLearn offers email campaigns, automation, etc features. 

FreshLearn doesn't have an app for iOS. Also, it lacks a 1-click sales funnel feature. Overall, it’s an affordable course platform on the list and one of the best alternatives to podia with white label solution. 

FreshLearn Pricing:

  • Free (1 admin, up to 25 students)

  • Pro: $39/month (1 admin, unlimited students)

  • No Brainer: $69/month (3 admins, unlimited students)

10. Skillshare (Course Marketplace Alternative)

Skillshare is another website like Udemy where you can host and sell courses online. This popular online course marketplace is been used by more than 13 million users.

Besides, Skillshare is designed for more collaboration and community engagement. It has a subscription-based model that comes with free and premium membership options. 

As Skillshare is not a self-hosted LMS like Podia, it lacks enough customization options. If you wonder how to build an online course on Skillshare, or want to know the detailed payout structure, you can visit their website. However, course creators get a share of revenue based on the course view time. 

Skillshare Pricing: 

  • For teams of 2-49 seats, Skillshare takes $159/seat annually


11. Kartra (All-in-one marketing platform alternative)

Kartra is basically an all-in-one marketing platform. You can create sales funnels, manage marketing campaigns, host online courses, automate comprehensive email sequences, and manage affiliate programs.

Kartra is an all-in-one platform that combines different essential tools and services you need to create, manage, market, and sell online courses.

It's designed to replace multiple separate systems with a single and all-in-one solution. With Kartra, you get everything from email campaigns and membership portals to webinars, all included in one package.

This platform is user-friendly for both beginners and experienced users, offering secure cloud storage for your data without any extra charges for additional features.

Kartra Pricing:

  • Starter Plan: $199/month 

  • Growth Plan: $229/month 

  • Professional Plan: $549/month 

12. ClickFunnels (Best marketing platform alternative)

Although ClickFunnels isn’t mainly a course platform like Podia, but it still comes to the list. If you're looking to create and launch your own online course, you can also do it with ClickFunnels.

It offers plenty of templates designed to help you bring your course to life in no time! Plus, ClickFunnels lets you choose pre-built sales funnels designed for different purposes. For example, you can promote your online courses with the funnel tool. Moreover, the platform helps you build landing pages, implement upsells, and manage email campaigns. 

However, ClickFunnels is relatively a higher-cost platform compared to Podia and other cheap course platforms. 

ClickFunnels Pricing

  • Basic - $147 per month

  • Pro - $197/month

  • Funnel Hacker - $297 per month

13. Teachery 

Teachery is another user-friendly course builder platform like Podia. You can sell unlimited courses, and memberships, bundle products, and build sales and landing pages with the platform. 

Teachery offers two templates for building courses. Plus, it has several 3rd-party integrations with popular platforms like Mailchimp, ConvertKit, and Zapier. 

However, Teachery has some limitations like community, digital downloads, coaching, and video/audio hosting. So, it won’t be a good option if you are an advanced course creator. 

Teachery Pricing:

  • Monthly plan: $49/month

  • Annual plan: $470/year

14. Ruzuku (Podia free alternative)

Ruzuku is another Podia free alternative course platform to help you start building courses for free. It’s an easy-to-use platform like Podia. Ruzuku comes with pre-made customizable templates, marketing features, community-building options, etc. 

Podia and Ruzuku are both platforms that allow creators to sell courses, digital downloads, communities, webinars, and coaching. 

Ruzuku has an intuitive course builder to allow for the creation of various course types. You can start with self-paced, and live courses with unlimited video, audio, and file hosting.

Unlike Podia, there are no transaction fees in Ruzuku. However, Ruzuku is not as versatile as Podia and it lacks many marketing and customization options. 

Ruzuku Pricing:

  • Free

  • Core: $99 per month.

  • Pro: $199 per month

15. New Zenler

New Zenler is another all-in-one alternative platform like Podia. The platform is specially designed with course creators in mind. 

This course platform offers an easy-to-create builder to host your courses easily. Besides, New Zenler offers a community inside your platform to build engaging communities. Moreover, you will get features like sales funnel building, automated email campaigns, built-in webinars, blogging, etc.

You can get started with New Zenler with a free trial. However, the New Zenler UI is kind of old-school compared to modern course platforms. 

New Zenler Pricing: 

  • New Zenler starts at just $67 per month in the Pro plan

  • The Premium plan takes $197/month

16. TalentLMS (Enterprise-level free alternatives to Podia)

TalentLMS is an enterprise-level LMS that suits businesses of all sizes and industries. You can easily create and manage courses, training programs, quizzes, surveys, etc. 

As one of the free alternatives to Podia, TalentLMS lets you host your content and courses in your own way. You have extensive customization options for your brand. Plus, it offers mobile apps to make your courses available on any device. 

Moreover, the platform lets you connect with third-party tools like Zoom, Salesforce, and Shopify. Also, it has robust reporting and analytics features for progress tracking. 

TalentLMS Pricing:

Standard plans:

  • Free: $0

  • Starter: $89/month

  • Basic: $189/month

  • Plus: $369/month

  • Premium: $569/month

What is the Best Alternative to Podia?

We have shown you 16 of the best Podia alternatives in 2024. Among them, you can carefully choose one platform. We suggest you choose an all-in-one platform for courses, communities, and memberships. 

Fortunately, EzyCourse is considered the best all-in-one online course platform. You can create and sell any type of digital products ranging from courses, communities, mobile apps, etc with the platform. 

As we have mentioned, EzyCourse lets you overcome all Podia limitations. For example, you can offer a branded mobile app to increase student engagement. Also, the platform helps you to see detailed course stats and analytics from the dashboard that Podia doesn't; offer.

Again, EzyCourse doesn’t hold your cash with any transaction fees. Plus, the platform is highly customizable. All these factors show that EzyCourse will be a good pick as a Podia alternative.