Your Favorite Online Course Platform EzyCourse Successfully Turned into One!

Your Favorite Online Course Platform EzyCourse Successfully Turned into One!

Your Favorite Online Course Platform EzyCourse Successfully Turned into One!

  • EzyCourse Team

  • 7 Nov 2023

  • 8 minutes

Are you an instructor or entrepreneur looking to create and sell online courses? Look no further!

Hey folks! We are thrilled to announce that, your favorite course platform EzyCourse has just successfully turned into one year today! 

We want to warmly thank all our users on this special day. The fantastic first year has passed so fluently with our clients and the vibrant team behind the scenes.  

EzyCourse has always wanted to bring the best course platform solution to the world. The course builder has been evolving every day. Let’s overview some of the exciting functionalities that you will love in EzyCourse. 

7 Things You Will Love in EzyCourse: the All-in-one Online Course Platform 

EzyCourse is the most user-friendly online course platform to help you excel in the course creation journey. With this course builder, you have the luxury of creating and selling online courses with ease. Here are the seven things you will love in EzyCourse's online course builder platform. 

  1. Budget-Friendly Online Course Platform 

Creating and selling online courses shouldn't break the bank, right? However, we have a thought that selling courses online needs huge bucks! EzyCourse lets you start for minimum cost. So, you can create your courses without any big investment.   

In addition, EzyCourse offers the most cost-effective pricing plans. The basic plan starts only at 31$ which is by far more cost-effective than the popular course platforms like Kajabi, Thinkific, Teachable, etc. 

  1. Feature-rich & Easy-to-use Course Builder

EzyCourse comes with a powerful and intuitive course builder to help you build interactive online courses effortlessly. Whether you're a beginner looking to sell courses or an experienced course creator, you'll find our platform packed with useful features. 

With EzyCourse, creators can sell 16+ revenue streams like courses, membership, digital and physical products, etc. You can start building and selling all these things quickly and easily. The easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder will save you time and effort. 

  1. Powerful Video Player With No Buffering

Buffering issues can be a frustrating issue in online learning. EzyCourse focuses on ensuring a smooth learning experience. You will get our powerful video player that ensures uninterrupted playback. 

EzyCourse gives you the power to build an SEO-friendly video gallery for YouTube/Vimeo in no time. With EzyCourse’s video gallery system, you can build awesome video galleries without having any coding skills. 

  1. Monetize Your Course with Dynamic Course Pricing

While you are selling courses online, one pricing plan may not fit all students. That's why EzyCourse offers dynamic course pricing. It will allow instructors to set their course prices according to different plans. 

With dynamic pricing, you can experiment with different prices, give offer discounts, or create tiered pricing structures. 

  1. Drip and Pre-sell Courses to Start Right Away

EzyCourse's drip method is a game-changer for instructors looking to deliver content in a structured way. Using this feature, you don't have to complete a full course to start selling your course. 

You can get started just by publishing a single content and then gradually adding your content later with the drip features. Also, you can pre-sell your courses with EzyCourse. 

  1. 17+ Extra Add-ons to Extend Functionalities

EzyCourse goes beyond just course creation. The course platform offers a range of add-ons to extend your platform's functionality. Whether you need advanced analytics, marketing integrations, or e-commerce tools, you can find it all here. 

You can get 17+ add-ons like Search Engine, Push Notification, Marketplace, etc. Moreover, the Social Share Add-on will be live soon!

  1. Several Popular Payment Gateways 

EzyCourse supports most of the popular payment gateways so that you can accept payments from a global audience. Whether your students prefer PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay, AliPay, or others, we've got you covered. 

We also offer payment options like FastSpring and Razorpay to ensure seamless payment, especially for Indian users.

#Bonus Point: A White Label Mobile App for EzyCourse  

You’ve not covered all our exciting features yet! Here’s the bonus thing that you will love most. EzyCourse goes the extra mile by providing a white-label mobile app solution. 

You can use the EzyCourse mobile app on both iOS and Android platforms. It’s the coolest thing to offer a seamless mobile learning experience for your students.

EzyCourse User Stories

EzyCourse always gives the most importance to its users. Here you can see how we made changes and updated our platform according to the feature request of our users.  

Know the Stories of our happy customers: 

Gratitude to All Our Users!

Thank you all our users for your excellent support. We are nothing without you who has been a part of EzyCourse's success. Your success stories delight us. 

Hope to see you soon. And don’t forget to share the post on your community. 

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