What Our Clients Say About Us

At EzyCourse, we prioritize building strong relationships and recognize their positive impact. We consider customer feedback crucial in helping us continuously improve and deliver exceptional service.




Don't miss it if you are into coaching business!!!!

Amazing platform backed up by exceptional team. Ezycourse really made my life easy. It is a well-thought-out platform with a lot of features, & the team is keep adding more & more...

I liked almost everything about Ezycourse: the aesthetics, easy-to-use interface, amazing features & fabulous support team.




LMS Game Changer

I did my research before purchasing after having tried many LMS on the market and found them to to missing in one area or another.

With EzyCourse I have found not only a true all in one.

Key features that sealed the deal for me:

1. Web Builder.

2. Email marketing (limits were initially a concern but with the webhook integration now available to Zapier, payment solutions and more, I can easily resolve that concern).

3. The ability to sell digital products, physical products (work in progress) and coaching programs seamlessly.

4. The ability to bundle products.

5. COMMUNITY BUILDING - Exceptional. Unlike anything I've seen anywhere jam packed .

6. SUPPORT - Second to none. The level of responsiveness of the EzyCourse team is inspiring. They listen to their users and they take action, they resolve issue promptly and they have a vision and are actively building to make an the platform even better than it already is.

More that worth it.

Secure it while you can so you don't beat yourself up later.




I am extremely satisfied with EzyCourse!

This is one of the best deals I've seen on AppSumo. I researched and reviewed EzyCourse for awhile before deciding to buy, including joining the Facebook group and following the various posts and comments. I was consistently impressed with how everyone at EzyCourse was working hard to make this a great product. I became convinced this platform was something I wanted to build on and I made the purchase. I'm so glad I did. I continue to be pleased with everything I'm experiencing, including exceptional support by Shakil and exceptional leadership by Sadek Hossain. Get this deal before it's over! And be sure to join the Facebook group.




Bizman Academy

I also bought the deal from appsumo. I have to say I am really impressed by the platform. I have already uploaded 10 of my courses and created my 3 communities. I will promote it heavily this summer.




Testing new software and collaborating with new businesses

I tried out Ezycourse last night and here is my early review:

It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. They are still working on documentation, but there are helpful video tutorials available.

It offers a wide range of tools for creating engaging and interactive courses. You can customize your courses to meet your specific requirements.

It has collaboration features that allow instructors and students to interact and work together easily. Communication can be done through built-in messaging systems and communities. I'll use GoBrunsh to expand the communities and collaboration.

The customer support team is highly responsive and helpful on Facebook, providing quick responses and updates.




Go for it

bought several ltd on Appsumo but ezycourse is excellent in terms of functionality.

My only criticism is the user interface which is not intuitive for users but I trust Sadek and his team to see improvements as they listen to their user.

Do not hesitate to join the facebook group, they respond with incredible responsiveness, it makes you wonder if they are sleeping ;-)




LMS wwith a long-term win-win business vision

As an e-learning professional, I'm always on the lookout for innovative platforms that can help me deliver quality content to my audience. After testing Ezycourse, I have to say I'm impressed.

The platform's comprehensive functionality - a Learning Management System (LMS) with courses, community, sales pages and email all in one place - is a game changer.

What's more, their customer service responds quickly, making it easy and stress-free to set up.

I'm pleased to see that Ezycourse is receptive to feedback and is working on minor bug fixes and improvements, such as flexibility through more services.

It's reassuring to see that the team behind Ezycourse is committed to looking after its customers during this Appsumo launch. All the signs are that, unlike other LTDs, this should last long after the launch.

Their reinvestment of funds in important areas shows their commitment to continuous improvement and providing users with the best possible experience for a long-term win-win business vision.

And the 5% commission for each sale, which I didn't want before.

It's OK with me now as long as it allows for good mutual development.

I'm particularly excited about the editing options, such as CSS updates, which give users creative freedom when it comes to customising the website and branding or my products on the platform.

And for those who want to set up their own LMS platform development agency, it's possible with Ezycourse. It's rare and cheap until the end of this month...

However, like any LTD platform, there are always areas for improvements.

I'm waiting to see the integration of the SCORM standard, which is essential for the training departments of the large companies I work with. And a better ability to translate the entire interface into French.

All in all, given the confidence already gained by so many users, Ezycourse is definitely worth a look for anyone looking for an LMS + Community + Sales platform that keeps its promises.

I've decided to change my platform this summer, and I'm switching to Ezycourse.

It's a difficult decision because it involves a lot of work, but I'm going to reap the benefits from 2023 onwards.




This is THE LMS platform to get!

I bought several LMS platforms with the intentions of setting up a virtual school and all of them have been so much work to set up. Not this one! It's literally so EASY! I don't mind the processing fee because I'm happy to support this tool for longevity. Not only can you sell your courses, community, and even a separate erate group chat, you can sell physical and digital products and bundles. It's the perfect all-in-one software. If you have a need, I couldn't recommend this enough. The fact that you can also sell products is a huge plus, so definitely take advantage of this offer while you can! I'm so glad I did!




Simplify your life with EzyCourse, the all-in-one platform that replaces multiple subscriptions and tools.

EzyCourse: The Ultimate Online Teaching Solution

Hello, educators and entrepreneurs!

I've recently stumbled upon a game-changer in the world of online teaching, and I couldn't resist sharing my excitement with all of you.

There are so many things I love about EzyCourse, to save your time, I will name the main ones:

1. It's All in one powerful platform. No more jumping between multiple tabs or trying to remember countless passwords. I used Kajabi before, and EzyCourse is less expensive and it has more features!

2. You can Create and Manage courses, build online communities literally in a few days!

3. Set up funnels effortlessly

4. Schedule appointments, (I canceled Calendly)

5. Sell digital products 6. EzyCourse's email marketing features (broadcast, automation, sequences) will have you feeling like a marketing superhero.

7. EzyCourse's website builder lets you create any kind of pages you desire and comes with beautiful templates.

8. Outstanding Customer Service!!!

9. A super supportive Facebook group is family-like community, where their CEO, Hkm Sadek Hossain personally answers questions and responds to our messages too.

10. The company makes improvements almost daily and clearly communicates with us.

if you're tired of juggling multiple tools and subscriptions, EzyCourse is your knight in shining armor!!!

Get ready to revolutionize your online teaching game with EzyCourse.




Ezycourse makes it super easy to grow your business online

Let me tell you, this platform is the real deal for agency owners and aspiring entrepreneurs who want it all in one place.

First things first, Ezycourse is like a magician—it keeps its promises and delivers beyond expectations. I mean, I was genuinely blown away by how quickly I could put together a website and complete online course in a matter of a few hours. Since the launch they have already implemented suggestions and consistently delivered on their roadmap to include: RSS feeds, audio widget in the website builder, customizations for the student dashboard and cloning questions in the question bank for quizzes.

As a long-time user of lifetime deals (LTDs), I've learned to spot when a product is not sustainable. Ezycourse is not one of them and the commission structure really ensures they can continue to be around for the long haul.

There is also something to be said about how responsive their support team is. I really don't think they sleep and they answer almost instantly with answers to all of my questions.

Ezycourse isn't just about courses—it's a whole package. You can sell digital products, physical products, appointments and even access to communities. As an all in one solution it's like they doubled down on the best of all website builders, ecommerce tools and LMS platforms and made it 10xs better. They bundled this with built in marketing, email automation, upsells and bonuses.

It's got the tools, the support, and the community to make your online business ideas a reality. Simplify your life as an online instructor and start creating and selling courses effortlessly. Trust me, this is the kind of opportunity you don't want to miss.

Kudos to a brilliant team. Get it TODAY!




I almost passed this by

My computer is a place where many apps have gone to die. I've tried so many LMS (learning management system) platforms but none had all the features I wanted - e.g. courses, community, sales pages, email, etc. Most were missing something, even if was just that visually I couldn't get with it.

With Ezycourse, I'm finding they really are keeping up with the promises made on the plan description. I'm excited about where they are heading and I love how I could pull together the site so quickly & beautifully! Sure, some improvements are necessary in a few areas but it's so refreshing to:

1) get a speedy response from customer support;

2) see continuous & relevant updates and features rolling out; and

3) be part of a thriving, sharing community rallying around the app.

Some people were anxious about the commission structure, but having been a long-time LTD user, I can see usually spot signs when a startup has thought through how they will sustain business long after the launch. And I get it! The Ezycourse team seems to be reinvesting funding in the right places. If they succeed, we succeed! #winwin

I also am a HUGE fan of being able to brand things the way I want. And this has worked well so far through simple CSS updates. I love that creative freedom!




EzyCourse: Your Path to Simplified Course Creation and Financial Growth

Course Creation and Materials:

EzyCourse offers user-friendly tools for creating engaging courses with videos, audio tracks, PowerPoint presentations, surveys, and dynamic tests. Real-time access to quiz scores adds to the interactive experience.

Efficient Administrative Tools and Support:

EzyCourse simplifies administrative tasks with a user-friendly dashboard and responsive support team available through live chat. Say goodbye to outdated ticketing methods.

Continuous Improvements and Responsive Development:

EzyCourse spins ideas into reality with frequent updates and enhancements based on user feedback. It's like having a personal genie for course-building desires.

All-In-One Benefit:

EzyCourse combines the best features of popular WordPress plugins like Elementor, LearnDash, and BuddyBoss. No need for multiple systems. It's a Swiss Army knife for course creation.

White labeling of mobile apps and increased reach:

With EzyCourse, you can white-label Android and iOS apps to enhance your brand's presence and reach students wherever they are. Affordable pricing starts at $400 per year.

Versatility and Variety:

EzyCourse offers a wide range of features, including group chats, video libraries, appointment scheduling, live streaming, email marketing, and surveys. It transforms your course platform into an all-encompassing online realm.

EzyCourse vs. Acadle:

EzyCourse surpasses Acadle in customization options, providing a personalized experience tailored to individual needs. It's the clear winner for course creators seeking flexibility and control.

The Lowdown:

EzyCourse is the ideal solution for course development, offering tools, support, and a proactive approach to improvements. Join now to simplify your life as an online instructor and start creating courses effortlessly.




EzyCourse is a great saas to have

EzyCourse is a wonderful tool. It is well-structured and easy to use. The support is fantastic. The community is awesome.




Review Number 50 with 5 Tacos 😁

This is where the term No Brainer takes on a new dimension.

The service and response time is so fast that I even wrote to the CEO as a customer, he can take a few more minutes to respond.

In the same way, I have never seen how quickly suggestions for improvement are implemented within a few hours.

If this continues, and it will, ezycourse will evolve into the allinone platform that everyone has been dreaming of.

I've already tested so many different LMSs, so when I read the features, I immediately knew where the journey was going.

The transaction commission also gives us the certainty that everyone can continue to benefit from it in the future. When the developers are satisfied, the energy comes back.

Thanks to the whole team and Sadek and please never let yourself be bought, because this spirit can never be replaced.




So far so good!

Grab this if you have any plans for building and monetizing a course or community. The platform is clean and elegant and I am quickly learning the ins-and-outs with the help of very responsive support. The inclusion of an above-average blog component takes this web site and course builder to the next level. Can't wait to see the continued enhancements and feature additions. Don't balk at the 5%... this is what will fund those ongoing improvements.




Overall Nice Platform!! I liked it!

Overall I liked Ezycourse platform! They have tons of features and excellent customer support! Being at a founding stage, ezycourse is improving day by day and I like their nature of fixing things asap. I cannot say that everything is perfect, but Yes they work best to make it best!!

Overall I liked it!




Intuitive Tool

Upon oppnening the dashboard I found the administrative tools easy to deploy.

Tech support is very efficient, thank you Shakil!

I look forward creating a great content with this platform.




Outstanding Support

Ezycourse is an absolute pleasure to work with even though I have zero knowledge of LMS building.

It's difficult to pick out a highlight as the whole experience is outstanding but I have to mention the phenomenal customer support. In most windows of the interface, there is a chat button bottom right and the response speed is amazing. I don't know if Shakil ever sleeps but I have never waited more than a few minutes for a useful and helpful response. Forget convoluted ticketing systems where they get back to you in a day or two.

If you are looking to create a learning platform then honestly you need look no further!




Excellent platform

I have to say, I'm always skeptical when it comes to LMS, but this one delivers and more. I'm truly impressed by what it offers, and I hope the quality doesn't decline.




If you're going to be build a course, get this

I've looked a bunch of LMS tools and came across this and am super glad to.

I even bought Acadle and started to build my course platform simultaneously with Ezycourse won on just having everything you need. Acadle was great until you wanted customization and so that's where Ezycourse wins out.

Support has been so awesome. So big shoutout to Shakil on helping me on every part of my journey in learning the platform.

As of right now, I got my site up within the past 2 weeks and nothing out there has allowed me to do it.

I even added Chatbase (another appsumo deal) and the site is nearly complete -- you can check it out on http://aralan.org

Absolutely get this if you're wanting to build a LMS site now or later.




This product is amazing

This product is amazing. An all-in-one tool that has everything and more needed to run online courses. Don't let this deal slip through your fingers.




I love this tool!

No other course or website builder that I've used so far included group chats, video libraries and similar innovative features. I also love the well executed all-in-one approach with appointment booking, live streaming, email marketing and forms. A similar provider here on AppSumo had many of these features too but they weren't integrated with each other - each being a separate system. Here, everything works well together. I especially like how easy the software is to translate. Yes, a few translations are missing (like the view/join buttons and "all" category in "all products" or the "I agree to receive promotional emails" checkbox on the sign-up page, but I see you are working hard to improve multi-lingual support.

I've entrusted you now with your system running my entire website - with sections about me, about my public speaking services, my blog, inquiry form and of course the educational products (courses, my print and ebooks, digital workbooks, chat groups, free and paid communities) and paid "weekly office hours" (group coaching /consulting calls) that multiple people can book to attend in your appointment booking module. I can't wait to get students and users into the system. All the chats, communities and comments will bring them back to my website over and over again, which helps me to build my brand and community.

I'm building the future of the online component of my business on your platform - please make sure that it will run well and be available for many years to come. No more tool switching for me now when it comes to course, community and website builders. You do awesome work!




Just Amazing!

I have tried a ton of Course Builders, ecommerce platforms for digital as well as physical products so far. However, I believe EZYCOURSE is the BEST ONE (or at least the best VALUE for MONEY - IMO).

I just tried it and am amazed to see the potential and ease of use it offers to the admins and the visiter/user/client.

The software is not only for course building, it can also build feature-rich ecommerce stores for both digital and physical products.

I am sure, the team is an active team. God-willing, they will keep on bringing value to it.

Regarding the commission per sale, I do NOT mind that. In fact, I feel safer when the developer charges some fee as it kind of ensures a better service and sustainability. Plus you pay only when you make money.

Last but not the least, it comes packed with email automations, Chats, community etc. etc. as well as the AFFILIATE feature (I was looking for a built-in thing for a while).

All the best to the team.




Great buy for all-in-one course platform!

I recently purchased the lifetime deal for EzyCourse and am very pleased with the platform. It is an all-in-one course platform that will simplify my life as a solopreneur in the online education space. There are a few features not fully developed yet but the development seems to be very responsive to suggestions and improvements are constantly being made. I have tried a lot of expensive, big-name course platforms but there was always something lacking that I wanted, or if offered cost beyond my means. This lifetime deal was a good choice for me and I think it would be for a lot of people. Thanks!




Simplifying Online Course Creation with EzyCourse

From setting up online courses to automating email sequences, EzyCourse has proved to be an all-encompassing tool for our online education needs. This powerful SaaS application truly understands the nuanced demands of online course creators, and the developer team is always there to help and even develop new features. I have never experienced so fast support times as Sadek and his team is offering!

Creating comprehensive courses with distinct lessons and chapters has never been this streamlined. The ability to incorporate various class materials such as video lessons, audio tracks, PowerPoints, PDFs, and surveys gives us the flexibility we require to tailor-make our content. The dynamic quizzes feature is a valuable tool for gauging student understanding and participation, and with results conveniently displayed on our dashboard, data-driven decision making is at our fingertips.

The ease of building a white-label website using their intuitive drag-and-drop builder is truly unparalleled. With over 250 website templates and interactive blocks, creating dynamic landing pages has become a no-code task, perfect for focusing more on content and less on technicalities.

The automation of email sequences with event-based triggers is another game-changing feature that EzyCourse offers. With no worries about email credits or extra fees, and the ability to segment our email list into unique audiences, our communication has become more personalized and effective than ever.

One of the standout features is the ability to create a community around our courses. Creating free or premium communities bundled with our courses has not only engaged our students more but has also helped us monetize our time effectively. The option to customize membership plans and pricing gives us the necessary control over our revenue model.

Gone are the days of coding nightmares, thanks to EzyCourse's commitment to user-friendly interfaces. The simplicity of building websites for courses, products, and services allows us to focus more on creating valuable content for our learners.

To sum up, EzyCourse is a comprehensive tool that is as powerful as it is user-friendly. It's the perfect partner for anyone looking to create and sell online courses, products, and services. Easy 5 Taco's for this stellar application!




Ezy setup for course creators!

I just purchased Ezycourse and tested it out. I must say, it truly exceeded my expectations. The comprehensive features available are impressive and there is everything I need for course creation. The dashboard is easy to use, and what really stood out to me was the prompt support I received when I had a question. I am good with paying the 5% commission as I will rather this platform be sustainable in the long term. It is a win-win situation for both Ezycourse team and course creators. :)




Don't miss this all in one sulution


If you are an online course creator and are looking for an all-in-one product, then look no further.

I was close to developing with another software but just in time I found ezycourse. It has all i need (website builder, communities, sales, e-mail marketing, quizzes, certificates, chat, appointment calendar, affiliate).

So lots of upsell possibilities and according to me don't worry to much on the 5%-6.5% transaction fees since it guaranties more the sustainability of this package for future development (and surviving in this competitive world). Because of these fees you get almost all features lifetime unlimited and if you grow big then you can always move to there (hopefully Appsumo LTD member discounted) monthly plans.

The biggest plus for me to buy 2 tier 2 licenses is there support. WAUW up till now always responding within 15 min and they are very eager to implement suggested features.

Keep on developing guys.

As a last tip follow there very active FB group




Great offer, great suppor

I've just bought the $99/plan today and I've just only begun to check it out. But I read all the questions and reviews... and I'm soooo impressed with their support! All the features, all the plans, and the direct communications really impress me. Wishing Ezycourse a very successful run!




Loving this product

Ezycourse has almost everything covered and I afinding it easy to use.

this is the first day, so my review may not be accurate but my gut feeling says that these guys are taking customer feedback seriously and trying to build somehting very smooth.

What made me write the review on the first day is, their quick response to help me out, turnaround time is less than 15 minutes. my interaction with Shakil was awesome.

will write a more detailed review after using it more.




Anybody can sell knowledge with Ezycourse

There are reviews that praise this product already, so I want to emphasize how amazing the Ezycourse community is. The community on FB is thriving, and from my experience, the users there are exceptionally supportive, savvy, and united like a big fam.

Of course, there are people behind it, Sadek, teams of developers and staff members who work tirelessly behind the scenes. I even wondered when they sleep. 😆

I am incredibly grateful to have access to such an excellent product thanks to them!




Best E Learning Software

My honest opinion is that this platform is the best I've ever seen, I was waiting for something similar to Learnworlds to come out but something much better came out. I appreciate the top notch team who promptly answers all questions and fixes any issues. Additionally they are releasing updates every week. Without a doubt the best investment you will make. The only thing I would like them to add is a gateway available for LATAM, for example Mercado Pago or Payu.




Best all-in-one tool for SMEs and solopreneurs!

I've purchased many AppSumo products in the last 3 years. That includes SaaS tools and WordPress plugins. So far EsyCourse is the most complete business solution that I know. You probably need to put 5-10 other tools together to achieve what EzyCourse can do here.

The developers and customer service are super responsive, friendly and willing to discuss all possibilities with you. That is a huge to me.

This product is still evolving. They add new features at a quick pace.

I haven't really started using this tool at the moment but will use it to replace one of my WordPress sites when I find the time.

Some might got deterred by the 6.5%/5% commission fee per transaction but the developer promised to offer upgrade packages to reduce that up to 0%. How does that sound?

Buy this deal when it still exists I would say. $99 for this kind of functionalities and customer service is absolutely a steal.




Unlocking EzyCourse's Potential: Proposals for Expansion and Competitiveness in the EdTech Market

EzyCourse has excelled in creating an all-encompassing tool tailored for solo instructors like life coaches. This tool seamlessly integrates features such as community platforms, group chats, video channels, email marketing, blogs, and courses, catering exceptionally well to the requirements of solo instructors or solopreneurs.

However, there's potential for EzyCourse to further enhance its product and widen its customer base by adding backend features for larger clientele. By incorporating exclusive workspaces for instructors to access their courses, students, and grades, EzyCourse could attract more Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) business customers. Implementing advanced features, such as team instructors who can collaborate on course creation, would substantially augment the platform's capabilities.

By assimilating these enhancements, EzyCourse could effectively compete with rival platforms like LearnDash, Tutor LMS, MasterStudy LMS, and community platforms such as BuddyBoss. These competitors operate within the WordPress (WP) framework, and many are seeking WP alternatives that don't compromise on functionality.

EzyCourse has the potential to differentiate itself by extending its platform to include features that allow users to create a Udemy-style platform integrated with a BuddyBoss-like community. This would establish EzyCourse as the only platform not requiring WP, setting it apart in a class of its own. This unique proposition offers a distinct solution to instructors, eliminating the need for WordPress.

SAAS business customers would indeed be willing to pay for a robust platform like EzyCourse, provided it delivers on these enhancements.




Finally I found the app that will replace many

This one app is a must to have if you are serious about building an outstanding educational online platform

EzyCourse has a unique features for online courses and additionally the community platform where you are able to offer your students a different learning journey.

I also love their profit share model as this will help us to grow together and avoid the challenges that face most of LTD apps which sometimes lead to shutting down the whole app unfortunately.




Outstanding Awesome product & Team!

What a fantastic platform with a very professional team behind. The Founder is very responsive and respectful to their customers.

PRO level customer support. They are like part of your team, a virtual team present when you need, with the right solutions for you to progress.

For EzyCourse's features and capabilities, I am excited about this platform. This is an out-of-the-box solution, with everything I need to grow and scale my online course business. With reminder to pay attention to revenue.

I recommend EZYCourse and their LMS Platform. Support this software and keep it going for us all. Awesome deal.

Don't miss it.




Super LMS Platform and Support

Finally, I may have found what I have been looking for.

After trying out many course builders here on AppSumo, I took out a Tier 1 with EZYCourse and I am super impressed with the Platform, Support and interaction with Sadek's team.

Time is not on my side (just like everyone else). I paid the special rate for Sumolings and opted for their support with regard to migration and building the courses from my Thinkific site. I am so glad I did...what an amazing team.

I really have no hesitation in recommending EZYCourse and their LMS Platform. I would also recommend opting for the migration (Premium) support. It's really a small price to pay as they will all do all the heavy lifting.

A very satisfied Sumoling.




The Best LMS for your Money Guaranteed!!!!

Okay so where do I start. How about starting with a couple of the LMS's that I have purchased from Appsumo. I will not name names but if it was pretty good I picked up at least one code. I honestly hate to admit but I kept buying LMS's because I looking for that perfect one. The earlier ones I purchased ended up being to clunky as they were getting in the space but made it to hard for creators to create courses in short order. One of things that hurt creators in their development is the course creation process. Another thing is they would have something you liked and or really loved about them, but then they would have something you disliked about them. Some of them would not let you host your videos and some of them would. Some wanted to give you a car body but no tires or you had to pay for the tires separately. Some gave Appsumo members a watered down version and then charged Appsumo members on the backend.Never ever and I mean Never have a seen an LMS that gives you everything.Did I say everything? Yes! Everything is in Ezycourse and here is why they can and should charge the fee they are charging. They are giving you everything that you can dream of in an LMS. They are also still working to make it even better. Did I mention that they give you everything? The fee really creates a win-win because you want a platform that gives you everything as a sumoling. What scares people about the fee is they just don't want to make money.If I can make money by 1.Selling access to unlimited courses 2. Selling to unlimited Digital Products 3.Selling unlimited physical products 4. Selling access to unlimited communities 5. Selling access to unlimited chat sessions (Yes if people want personal access to you then you can charge them on the spot) 6. Selling access to unlimited appointments.There is literally so many ways to make money on this platform.

see a walkthru here https://youtu.be/5gSjDXD8-co

Here is the kicker or bonus.Well, outside of having unlimited hosting of your videos. Sorry forgot to mention that.Oh, back to my kicker and bonus. You can run your own affiliate program. If others are enjoying it you can tell them to cover their cost of being a part of the community they can just share it with someone else they may want to benefit as well. I will say this for the last time. You have never seen an LMS like this as it does not exist, well until now. Once you get to a breakeven on your fees of 5% or which ever you buy you can just switch over to their monthly plan and pay zero fees as it would be cheaper. Being a finance major and IT major this by far is the best structured deal I have ever seen come to Appsumo. It is a low cost of entry for $99 bucks and for an content creator this is perfect because it gives you time to create your content without paying monthly.

No Cons on this Deal. Get it or you will regret it!




Everything to start and touch the stars

This is so complete 🤩 and I am just impressed with all the functionalities and the team skills ! You need to do e-commerce ? With physical products, digital ones or you are a coach or a teacher ? You call sell everything on this platform, take appointments, capture leads, share payments with others and so much more… go with it without hesitation!




Run Strong Yoga

Very, very happy with Ezycourse. It's the best course platform out there and it can do so much more than a great course experience.

I love the video library, gamification and honestly, everything. The support is also fantastic. Mostly get an answer within 5 minutes.





You heard me! These people know what they are doing. Ezycourse is absolutely amazing. Here's whats the best...you need help with something, they are always online it seems. You find a 'bug', they jump on it and give you a pretty accurate idea of when it'll be fixed. The customer service is beyond excellent. This is a company that recognizes that for them to be successful, they must help us be successful.

I have High Tier Lifetime deals on: Gurucan, BrainCert, Vonza, FreshLMS, Classtra, SubHub, Mastera, Utobo, UTeach, SupaPass & one more that was too worthless to remember. Yes, I definitely have a problem...I know I know. But each of the ones that I own and refuse to use had some kind of issue...maybe they were too complicated to work with...or maybe they didn't meet my particular needs. I invested in high tiers for CRM's also, such as AhSuite and SuiteDash...both of which couldn't give me the simplicity and performance that Ezycourse is promisingly doing.

I've been searching for a program that will make my school feel complete. I have live streaming classes, in-person classes and pre-recorded courses. But the majority of what I do is in live classes, so I need a way to connect and manage them, their payments and my communication back and forth with them.

So I know that my design sucks, but I just found out that for $299, they can take your set up from A to Z and design it all out so it looks good and is functional the way we need it. That's sold me forever on this software.

I tell you now that it's worth the 5% commission they take monthly. Support this software and keep it going for all of us. It's totally awesome.




Cancelling and deleting kartra asap! lets go!

Oh man, I'm telling you, I've been on a software downloading spree with AppSumo. I mean, they've got some cool stuff, but none of it quite hit the mark until I came across EzyCourse. Now, this platform... it's like it was tailor-made for my needs.

I've been on Kartra for the past four years, right? It's been my go-to for my online courses, but EzyCourse is making me seriously consider jumping ship. I mean, the features are super comprehensive. You've got your course builder, email marketing, heck even a funnel builder, and a ton of other nifty tools. The social interaction features like the real-time group chats and private chats? Super useful for engagement.

But what really sells it for me is how user-friendly it is. As someone who's been around the block with course platforms, I can tell you it's an absolute game-changer. Plus, their mobile apps are slick and I'm digging the branded mobile app feature.

The only thing I'm slightly iffy about is the recurring payment. I mean, the pricing is pretty sweet, especially considering the value you're getting, but I'm a one-and-done kind of guy. I'd much rather pay a one-time fee and get it over with, that 5% per sale transaction fee? Not a fan. I hope they consider an option to waive that off for an additional one-time fee or something. That'd be just the cherry on top.

But honestly, apart from that, I can't find much to complain about. EzyCourse looks super promising and I'm super excited to get transfer all my courses to it. If you're on the fence about it, I'd say definitely give it a shot!




EzyCourse: Exceptional Customer Service and Features

You know what's rarer than a good hair day?

Finding quality customer service these days, especially when it comes to software products and lifetime deals.

But let me tell you about the wizards over at EzyCourse - they've got their sh*t together.

I popped a question in their group, expecting nothing more than cricket sounds. But holy guacamole! In 30 freakin' seconds, they swooped in like Batman and solved my problem. I don't even think these guys sleep!

Their customer service is top-notch: quick, professional, and just plain awesome. EzyCourse deserves all the praise – hands down.

Now, I won't bore you with their gazillion features because trust me, there are plenty! Just cruise on over to their Facebook group for proof of how fast they're rolling out new stuff. It's mind-blowing!

Long story short: if you want great product support AND a ton of features without breaking the bank (seriously), then give your money to these guys already! You won't regret it - pinky promise.




More then expected

Wow! I just deleted my old Wordpress site and replaced it by ezycourse.

Much more functionality.




The product team is amazing

I asked for a new feature to fix legal issues and they did it in 24 hours on a SUNDAY. WHAT are these people!





I have to be honest, I have purchased a few LMS platforms from Appsumo and was never impressed, but boy does ezycourse deliver!

They are a robust platform with new features being added daily, seriously every day meaningful changes or new features are being added!

I am so happy I got this platform and I am most excited because I know it's going to be around for a long time, as more and more people see how this platform does everything needed to run a profitable business.

Some of my favorite features:

• digital and physical products.

• a great blogging platform

• import videos from youtube/vimeo

• web-builder - this is a biggie!

• ability to create your own landing pages for courses that can have the header/footer removed so you can keep customers from navigating away.

All in all this is a great platform out of the box with new features being added to make it even more fantastic. I did have the experience of getting stuck on something and reached out to the support chat on a weekend and I was answered within 10 minutes! That's almost unheard of! My question was also answered.

I truly believe this is a great investment!




Best Product On Appsumo

I have been able to get everything set up within a few hours. Their customer service has really helped me. For real, though. I have Groovefunnels, gohighlevel, and clickfunnels and Ezycourse is way easier to use. Their customer service has been such a great help. If you are smart, you will get this. $49 can't beat it.




Very productive and fast e-course software

I have tried and bought several e-course softwares both thru appsumo and outside. This is the first one I feel is well organized in the ui, works good using an mobile phone and that has a fast pace of development. And finally very very helpful, nice and communicative support and community employees.

So if you are looking into a software to sell something online a course, online meetings, community, digital products then this is a good buy for you.




A Comprehensive Solution with Exceptional Support

I've had my fair share of trying out different online platforms, and I have to say, EzyCourse is genuinely delivering on what it promises. But before I get into all the great things it can do, I have to give a massive shout-out to their support team. These guys really do care about us users and they're super quick at sorting out any questions or issues we have. It's been a breeze with them, and I've yet to come across a problem they can't fix.

As for the features, it's like they've read our minds and know exactly what we've been struggling with. You can sell your courses here, of course, but that's not all. They also let you sell digital products, build (and sell) communities, and even sell actual physical products! And they didn't stop there, they've thrown in email integration with customizable templates, an affiliate system, and you can upload videos directly - no more messing around with third-party sites.

You can build your own website using simple to edit templates, and a drag-and-drop feature that actually works!. You have the option to use your own domain name or go with theirs, start a blog, and even add some fun gaming elements to your courses. They've even thought of course certificates – the list just keeps going!

I'm still getting my courses ready on EzyCourse, but I can already tell you it's one of the most promising platforms I've used. I'm really looking forward to supporting this product moving forward. We've needed something like this for a long time! If you're looking for a smooth sailing experience with a platform that's packed with features, I definitely recommend you give EzyCourse a whirl.




Great LMS with awesome support

I have purchased 3 appsumo LMS deals in past and yet went for this because it beats the previous ones in many ways. I especially love the course UI both on desktop and mobile apps.

Also, their app add on offering is one of the best priced in the market. What more established LMS like learnworlds charge for a single month for apps add on, ezycourse gives for a whole year in the same price ($299).

However, one request to ezycourse is this : I understand that you eventually plan to increase this annual app add on cost to 449$ but I feel you will sell more app add on annual plans if you keep the price at 299$ and you will end up making more revenue for what you will lose in terms of single customer , you will gain many more times in terms of more people opting for this add on as your platform matures. However, if you have kept this scheme of pricing for creating FOMO , then it's a good strategy.

Oh, and by the way, I would be amiss if I didn't mention that ezycourse has one of the best and fastest replying support and almost every time, I don't know how but they come up with an elegant solution to any issue. They are working at breakneck speed to make this platform awesome.




Very solid platform

I'm currently expanding to the Spanish-speaking market. Being a solopreneur, platforms have to be easy to use so I can actually use them. Ezycourse is a good platform. I'm still setting things up, but from what I see, it has everything a teacher like me could have asked for. And I think the % they charge on sales is quite low, compared to other platforms and to what they offer. I won't tell them, but if they asked for more, I'd probably give it.





Definitely recommended.

Quick, easy to use, instructor and participant friendly.

The learning curve is extremely short.


Ability to upload your own videos and post from

Youtube Integrated mailing Lots of options when it comes to lesson type

Enough quiz options.

What I would like to see and what I don't:

Bilingualism. Now it can only be in one language, and translations do not cover 100% of the interface.

Easier to customize some elements, which now must be changed with javascript, which I find difficult.




Revolutionize Your Course Builder with ezycourse - The All In One Platform for Success!

I am absolutely blown away by ezycourse, the complete system and all in one platform for course builders!

This fantastic platform has made it incredibly easy for me to create courses, create and manage my own community, build and sell courses, create memberships, landing pages and even live stream my content to my followers.

The user-friendly interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, and the customer support is simply A++.

I have searched high and low for a platform that offers everything I need as a course builder, and ezycourse truly delivers.

Whether I'm creating an online course or engaging with my community through live streaming or creating memberships, I know that I can count on ezycourse to provide me with the tools I need to succeed.

Overall, I would highly recommend ezycourse to any course builders looking for a comprehensive and user-friendly platform.

With everything you need to easily create and sell your own courses and build your community, memberships, and create landing pages, ezycourse is truly the all in one platform for course builders.

Thank you, ezycourse, for making my life as a course builder so much easier and more enjoyable!

Thank you, thank you and thank you. You deserve more than 5 tacos.




Great LMS with awesome support

I have purchased 3 appsumo LMS deals in past and yet went for this because it beats the previous ones in many ways. I especially love the course UI both on desktop and mobile apps.

Also, their app add on offering is one of the best priced in the market. What more established LMS like learnworlds charge for a single month for apps add on, ezycourse gives for a whole year in the same price ($299).

However, one request to ezycourse is this : I understand that you eventually plan to increase this annual app add on cost to 449$ but I feel you will sell more app add on annual plans if you keep the price at 299$ and you will end up making more revenue for what you will lose in terms of single customer , you will gain many more times in terms of more people opting for this add on as your platform matures. However, if you have kept this scheme of pricing for creating FOMO , then it's a good strategy.

Oh, and by the way, I would be amiss if I didn't mention that ezycourse has one of the best and fastest replying support and almost every time, I don't know how but they come up with an elegant solution to any issue. They are working at breakneck speed to make this platform awesome.




Exclusive all in one platform for course builder and much more

All teachers and curriculum developers take note!

Go no farther than ezycourse ,if you want to create courses that are both interesting and interactive.

This course creator is flexible enough to satisfy a wide range of requirements thanks to its extensive library of pre-made modules.

Even though I haven't used it to its full potential yet, I'm pleased by its well-thought-out and user-friendly layout with very fast support . What I've seen so far earns it five tacos from me (or stars, if you prefer). Try ezycourse out for yourself, and you'll soon realize why I think it's fantastic.

here my opinion in details :

in the website builder , you can use builtin template to build any type of pages or build it from blank with all elements and controls to use.

in courses you will be able build a complete course like udemy and fiverr courses with gamification feature and badgets (also create quizs , survey ,forms and question bank)

and you can integrate users with mailchimp , convertkit and mailjet connection.

it support many payment gateway like paypal , strip ,paystack ,paddle and razorpay , this very flexible payment , but manual payment needs to upgrade to monthly subscription and this not important i think

you will get mobile app and white label it for 47$/month

you will get blog and unlimited video library to upload all content and materials need ( 2GB limited for upload file ).

all marketing and cointacts needs DFY and can whitelabel it

control all users types like teacher , student ,developer ,and admins and affiliate users also.

you can white label all website setting and use your domain or sub domain as you like

the best part for me i can sell courses , digital products , physical products, live streaming to community and a messenger to message users ( all ine one platform )

Thanks for this exclusive platform on appsumo




Looks very promising

Attention fellow educators and instructional designers! If you're looking for a tool to create dynamic and engaging courses, look no further than ezcoursebuilder. With a plethora of templates to choose from, this course builder is versatile enough to meet a variety of needs. While I haven't had the chance to explore all of its capabilities yet, I must say, I'm impressed by its polished and intuitive design. Based on what I've seen, I give it five tacos (or stars, if you prefer). Give it a try yourself and see why I highly recommend ezcoursebuilder.




I never thought it would be good as this

A very polished product with a lot of great features. To be more specific, everything you need to launch your e-learning brand. They have a great support team as well. I absolutely love this platform and waiting to start my journey with EZYcourse. I Hope Paddle integration will be implemented to the platform shortly.




Awesome All In One Platform!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this deal! My friend has been using ezycourse for a few months and I’ve heard amazing things about it. I have tried many LMS and community platforms and still have a couple, but they don’t come close to what is offered here and I’ll be migrating everything over.

So I bought it and it really is easy and fulfils all my needs for a fast website, good SEO, selling products and training, plus an awesome community feature. The community is very similar in look and function to Facebook, except it can be more private too, which is perfect for my clients. This is a great help for those making the transitions as they get it right away,

Also, I make YouTube videos and Ezycourse gives me the opportunity to create private or public video libraries without the ads. My YouTube followers like to chat privately, but some prefer a secure private group, so it works out wonderfully.

The course builder is great with so many templates and blocks and the support so fast and responsive. They really listen and are doing everything to make the site the best experience. I love that I can upload all my files and videos for courses too and don’t need separate hosting. It’s all provided.

Unlike some who don’t like to share their roadmaps or give you an ETA for updates, they are totally transparent, so you know what to expect. Plus, the updates come thick and fast. If you join the Facebook group, you can see how readily they listen to suggestions and implement them when possible.

The mailing list feature is awesome with some excellent email templates for campaigns and finally I no longer need a separate mailing list software. It’s truly an all-in-one solution! Such amazing value too! I’m also looking forward to building up my blogs here as they look great and well optimised and launching new courses and communities. Thanks Sadek and team.




Great product easy to use

Just purchased ezy course . It is a great product . support is very good .Very hard working people .

Helped me with set up . Gave me great ideas too about my products .

They are helping me with migration from teachable also for a very reasonable price.

5 stars and all the best .




An excellent companion on the road to success

I am very excited because I know that now I will be able to complete a project that I have wanted to carry out for a long time.

From what I've seen of EzyCourse so far, I'll be able to have my academy and manage everything from the same place, instead of having multiple apps and sites scattered around, so that alone already looks great!

And I will also have the possibility to scale my project later.

The commissions for payment seem fair and very good to me, because I understand that you have to live on something, and also if it goes well for you, it will also go well for me and I will be able to continue enjoying a wonderful tool. If one is really willing to generate money with the courses, it is clear that this price is insignificant compared to all the advantages and benefits that EzyCourse is offering us.

I'm very happy. Thank you.