Create unlimited courses

Create and manage unlimited single courses with different types of lessons.


Create and manage unlimited courses with different types of lessons.

Powerful course builder

Build exquisite-looking courses smoothly and easily using our built-in course builder just as you want to.

Standalone courses

Utilize all the different ways to deliver your content the way you like to. EzyCourse offers you 9+ built-in lesson types. Create:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • PPT
  • PDF
  • Multimedia
  • Downloadable lessons
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Assignments, very easily with the builder and live lessons with Zoom/ Google Meet

Drip-scheduled courses

Choose when and how much of your content you want to deliver to your students at a given time.

Bundle courses

Combine similar courses seamlessly into a bundle and offer them as an advanced learning option.

Draft courses

Organize your courses section by section, save your work as a draft for editing later, and launch only when you're ready.


Organize your courses into chapters and lessons.

Set lessons as prerequisites to other lessons or add video lessons to a free preview for prospects to get a taste of your content before purchasing. And if you want, make your video and audio lessons downloadable. You can also enable/disable discussions for individual lessons.

Quiz Types

Ensure your students are truly understanding your materials. Build an advanced graded assessment system with our dynamic quiz builder which gives you a range of supported question types-

  • Single choice
  • Multiple Choice
  • Free text where students can write and submit anything
  • Fill in the blanks – students need to write answers in boxes in order
  • True or false

Create Quiz-Question bank

You can create category-wise quiz questions and store them in a “Question Bank". You can also generate random questions by choosing only categories from your question bank.

Quiz settings

Quiz settings allow you to configure the grading and marking system, number of retakes, quiz options, and timer. If you want, you can set a timer for each question or for the whole quiz time. If you set the timer to 0, it will be removed.



You will be able to see all the students’ quiz submissions in your dashboard. In contrast, other providers only give you export options, leaving no means of rational analysis of how your students did.


Open Gallery

No need to worry about video hosting. EzyCourse does it all for you with our powerful super-fast video hosting. But as a creator, if you already have video content hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, EzyCourse lets you integrate those videos into your lessons too. Let your students watch YouTube/Vimeo content right in EzyCourse itself. All your uploaded files and videos will be saved in EzyCourse’s custom gallery where you can easily access them.

Using EzyCourse's high-powered streaming, learners are able to enjoy a smooth and swift video experience. No more buffering – with EzyCourse, give your students a YouTube-like video-viewing experience. EzyCourse’s custom built-in video player includes support for switching between different video resolutions, captions, and highlighting in-video chapters and moments.

Smart and flexible pricing management

Configure a one-time or subscription pricing plan, or a smartly tiered (one-time subscription) pricing plan.


Landing page customization

EzyCourse provides you with a default landing page. However, if you want to have a custom design for it, no worries, EzyCourse lets you add your custom landing page as well. And if you change your mind, you can always restore the default landing page.