Setup Your Passive Income Flow by Turning Your Videos into Courses🤑
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Setup Your Passive Income Flow by Turning Your Videos into Courses🤑

Videos have been one of the most preferred forms of online content delivery. For creators it makes it easy as they can connect to their learners directly in their own languages and for learners videos are an engaging element that provides both a visual and auditory style of learning.

You may be already uploading videos on YouTube or Vimeo channels to train people. So, what if you could use the same videos to generate some passive income, by repurposing those in a paid course using EzyCourse? EzyCourse makes it easy for you to build an awesome course website that looks good and loads fast. 

Additionally, you could also choose to create a free course with your existing videos on and use them to promote your paid course. This will help you in establishing credibility so it’ll be easier for you to sell future courses.

EzyCourse’s versatile course builder allows you to add your existing Youtube/Vimeo videos as lessons. 

Simply choose video lesson type add in a name for your lesson.

Creating a video lesson on EzyCourse

Then click upload and go to the Youtube/Vimeo option in the gallery, and add your video title and link, and you're all set. 

EzyCourse will automatically load the video thumbnail and required data. This feature was designed to save you time embedding videos into your new online course, so you can focus on marketing and selling your course instead.

Ready to give it a go? Try using EzyCourse now and watch a new course come together in minutes. 

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