15 Best Low-Budget ClickFunnels Alternatives in 2024!

15 Best Low-Budget ClickFunnels Alternatives in 2024!

15 Best Low-Budget ClickFunnels Alternatives in 2024!

  • EzyCourse Team

  • 19 May 2024

  • 8 minutes

ClickFunnels is a fantastic platform for building sales funnels, squeeze pages, membership sites, and whatnot. However, ClickFunnels pricing can be a barrier for many. And so, you may want to look for budget-friendly ClickFunnels alternatives.

There are a few options available out there. Let’s walk you through 15 amazing alternatives to ClickFunnels in this guide. You’ll find how they can offer unique benefits suitable for different needs.

Let’s dive in!

Sneak Peak Of 15 Best ClickFunnels Alternatives That We’ll Cover

  1. EzyCourse - Best All-in-one platform

  2. LeadPages - Best for startups and small businesses prioritizing high-converting landing pages over complex sales funnels.

  3. Thinkific - Best for educators concerned with course quality and student engagement.

  4. Teachable - Best for course creators seeking scalable solutions.

  5. SamCart - Best for digital product-selling entrepreneurs prioritizing sales processes and checkout optimization.

  6. Podia - Best for creators seeking hassle-free digital product selling, community engagement, and simplicity.

  7. Graphy – Best for creators focusing on online courses, webinars, and workshops with the pay-as-you-earn model.

  8. LearnWorlds - Best for comprehensive course creation & student engagement with extensive customization.

  9. Systeme - Best for beginners seeking basic course creation and community tools without advanced features.

  10. Groove.cm - Best for users preferring a yearly payment plan with basic content creation and marketing tools.

  11. GetResponse - Best for businesses focusing on strong email marketing campaigns.

  12. Brevo - Best for CRM and marketing automation over complex funnel building.

  13. OptimizePress - Best for WordPress users needing a powerful tool for high-converting landing pages and sales funnels.

  14. CartFlows - Best for WooCommerce stores with optimized checkout processes and sales funnels.

  15. Unbounce - Best for custom landing pages with advanced A/B testing capabilities.

What Is ClickFunnels

Indeed, ClickFunnels is a popular choice among online entrepreneurs, marketers, and course creators for all the good reasons. It makes creating funnels that actually convert, a super simple process with a few clicks. You can manage the whole sales procedure online.

Plus, ClickFunnels Offers:

  • Creating pro-looking sales funnels with an easy drag-and-drop builder that needs no coding skills and can be mastered within minutes.

  • The flexibility of managing simple landing pages and sales pages to even high-profile membership sites and order forms.

  • No need for a dedicated website as it’s a hosted platform to have all your pages and forms live within the ClickFunnels servers.

  • Contains pre-built funnel templates, popular payment gateway integrations, built-in analytics, and A/B testing flexibilities.

The offerings of ClickFunnels make it an all-in-all solution for larger enterprises that can fully leverage the features. 

Why You Should Look For ClickFunnels Alternatives

However, for solopreneurs and those owning a fairly new business, ClickFunnels might not be a great choice.

And It’s Pretty Expensive!

The least you can pay for a ClickFunnels monthly plan is $147. This can range up to $297 with additional features. Those on a tight budget will find it an extravagance.

  • Basic: $147/month or $1524/year

  • Pro: $197/month or $1884/year

  • Funnel: $297/month or $2496/year

Limitations That Make One Look For Alternatives To ClickFunnels:

  1. No Ads Integration: There’s no advertisement inclusion in videos or webinars, which could be a major turn-off for new owners who are looking for exposure.

  2. Customization Limitation: There’s a restriction with designing the membership site with fewer options and mobile friendliness. For full personalization needs, it’s not the best.

  3. Restriction with Student Engagement: Course creators and online trainers won’t find engaging tools. For example, gamification for learning, comments/discussion, quizzes, tests, and such important functions.

  4. Poor Content Management: Since ClickFunnels is more targeted toward sales and marketing funnels, there is no premium content management.

  5. Non-Native WordPress Integration: A major dealbreaker for solopreneurs or website owners who have flourishing websites they would like to shift.

Who Should Look For ClickFunnels Alternatives?

  • Startups or solopreneurs who are on a strict budget.

  • New businesses do not need complicated advanced marketing tools but only ones for better initial exposure.

  • Membership site owners who need increased mobile friendliness, freedom of customization, and tailored solutions.

  • Educators and trainers prioritize not just course-creating platforms but also engaging tools to make them interactive.

How Should The Ideal ClickFunnels Alternative Look Like?

A range of website-building tools are available to cater to different types of needs for a business. 

Design flexibility might be something a certain business prioritizes. While to some it’s the ease of use and personalization that matters the most.

Within a flexible price point, the ideal alternative to ClickFunnels must include:

  1. In-built Customization Options – Ample personalization and customization to represent your brand or image prominently. Flexible no-code interfaces, customizable templates, and styling options are the bare minimum.

  2. Seamless Integrations – Your existing tools and services must not be lost during platform integration with this alternative option. Choose a builder that provides strong integration capabilities to streamline your workflow.

  3. White Labeling and Custom Domains –  This is super important for constant branding experience. Look for alternatives that allow 100% white labeling.

  4. Multi-language Support – To attract a diverse audience to your business or service, it’s important to break the language barriers.

EzyCourse has been empowering creators with dynamic customization, seamless integrations, free migration, full white labeling, and multi-language support.

Top 15 Low-Budget ClickFunnels Alternatives

Let’s start with the top 15 best platforms that can replace ClickFunnels for different needs and come for an affordable price. 

#1 EzyCourse – The Best All-in-One Alternative To ClickFunnels!

EzyCourse great all-in-one ClickFunnels alternative is EzyCourse which offers some strong tools for online course creation. 

It’s a truly comprehensive website builder, looking at the fact that the platform allows one to customize sites without requiring any technical skills. Whereas with ClickFunnels you will need somewhat understanding of technical elements.

EzyCourse provides a treasure box of templates, widgets, and blocks. It is one of the best website creator sites in 2024 that helps in making effortlessly beautiful websites. Even as an absolute beginner. 

EzyCourse not only helps you manage your course but also provides solutions to student management, learning material regarding help, and so on. The interface is nothing complicated for even those who are not tech whizs. 

You also have the freedom to utilize many more features to establish a professional yet seamless online presence. This includes multiple branding options, live previews, multilingual support, and whatnot.

EzyCourse Features That Are Not Available With ClickFunnels:

Don’t forget to check our latest guide covering 7 whole chapters on creating the best membership sites in 2024.

EzyCourse Pros & Cons:

  • Beginner-friendly interface with no code requirements.

  • Complete customization flexibility.

  • A good range of pre-built templates and blocks.

  • Designs are super responsive.

  • Re-use friendly with easy import/export feature.

  • Plenty of revenue generation support.

  • Too many feature updates

  • No free plan

EzyCourse Pricing:

  1. Basic: $35/month or $699 Lifetime

  2. Pro: $99/month or $2290 Lifetime

  3. Unlimited: $199/month or $4990 Lifetime

  4. Elite: $299/month or $8190 Lifetime

Why Choose EzyCourse Over ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels's main goal is to help customers stay guided throughout their buying journey. The platform does offer some good tools that are beneficial for simplifying online transactions plus help in boosting sales. It’s great for sales funnels.

However, the lack of advanced customization and flexibility for overall website creation could be a huge gap for those looking into long-term revenue generation and brand building. Something EzyCourse considers to be one of its main motives.

EzyCourse not only assists with great website building but also takes the game further by providing community engagement features, membership site support, and crafting sellable online courses

It’s indeed a complete solution for online entrepreneurs who are looking forward to monetizing their expertise with proper support and better chances of success.

Choose EzyCourse Over ClickFunnels If:

  • Apart from the sales funnel, you also prioritize strong community building.

  • You need long-term monetization and revenue generation by selling your expertise.

  • Extensive customization is important to you.

  • You are on a budget but need advanced features.

  • No code and an easy interface are what you need as a beginner creator.

  • You want a branded mobile app for dedicated exposure and a loyal customer base.

    EzyCourse is the best ClickFunnels alternative for startups, solopreneurs, and educators who want an affordable, customizable, and user-friendly platform. It offers detailed analytics, mobile app support, multilingual options, and strong community-building tools without requiring coding skills, making it ideal for those prioritizing engagement and flexibility.

#2: LeadPages – The Best ClickFunnels Alternative Focused on High-Converting Landing Pages

Online businesses love LeadPages for catering to their long-term focus on higher conversion rates. This is because the platform is pretty versatile when it comes to creating some of the most impactful landing pages and websites. 

Especially if someone wishes to choose a platform that is free from overcomplicated sales funnel suite-style. Something that is by the way what ClickFunnels masters in.

ClickFunnels clearly emphasizes the entire process of a sales funnel. It is responsible for touring a particular user towards becoming a customer through a series of steps. That’s the main agenda usually!

However, for those who want to pick more simplicity and affordability for overall marketing, LeadPages can be a fabulous alternative. 

Also, despite charging a pretty low monthly fee, LeadPages still delivers a wide range of online business-friendly features such as LeadMeter and Al assistance for generating images and copywriting. 

These are promising tools for fine-tuning landing pages for better ROI. Also, some quite modern marketing tools are not even available with ClickFunnels.

LeadPages Features That Are Not Available With ClickFunnels:

  • Conversion optimization focused unique tool (LeadMeter) helping in real-time guidance for land page performance improvement.

  • Custom description-based visuals with an AL-driven image generator for streamlining content creation.

  • Refinement of existing content or creating copy for new pieces through Al's writing assistance.

  • Easy interface for effortless template sorting and selection.

  • Starting at an affordable price plan at $49/month.

  • Connectable to major CRMs and email service providers with a broad integration ecosystem.

LeadPages Pros and Cons:

  • Beginner-friendly user interface.

  • Super affordable pricing plans.

  • Strong lead generation functions.

  • Intuitive navigation for an extensive library of templates.

  • AI-driven content optimization benefits are included.

  • Sales funnel capabilities are not as good as ClickFunnels.

  • Less suitable for complex sales systems.

For those looking for an even more comprehensive solution, EzyCourse offers features such as a strong Site Builder that can create full-fledged websites and landing pages according to your needs. Additionally, the Magic Checkout feature can simplify the online sales process for seamless transactions.

Available Plans:

  1. Standard: $49/month or $444/year

  2. Pro: $99/month or $888/year

  3. Unlimited: $299/month or $2388/year or $4390 Lifetime

  4. Advanced: Customizable monthly and yearly plans, quotes available upon request.

Why Choose LeadPages Over ClickFunnels?

If the focus is on creating optimized and high-converting landing pages and organizing lead generation within an affordable monthly or yearly plan, LeadPage can work as a wise choice against ClickFunnels.

While it’s true that ClickFunnels does offer a bunch of advanced features dedicated towards the sales funnel concept. However, not every business or online creator requires that complicated assistance at certain phases of their respective journey.

The most convincing reason for anyone to think about LeadPages instead of ClickFunnels is definitely the difference in the pricing plan. Within this range, you will get decent solutions for high-quality landing pages.

Being priced much lower than ClickFunnels, LeadPages can still deliver landing pages and help with lead generation campaigns.

Clearly, any startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses who prioritize these sectors while being on a tight budget should consider LeadPages over ClickFunnels.

Choose LeadPages Over ClickFunnels If:

  • You are looking for plans below 50 dollars monthly.

  • The primary goal is landing page optimization for high conversion and effectiveness.

  • Straightforward template exploring and selection sounds like the ideal user interface.

  • You don’t require extensive sales funnel-focused models.

  • You lack advanced marketing and design experience.

#3 Thinkific – Ideal ClickFunnels Alternative For Specialized Course Creation

Anyone who wants to share their expertise with a broader audience needs a platform that’s beefed up with plenty of new tools focused on boosting sales and marketing, Thinkific is the right platform. 

It is one of the best online course platforms for entrepreneurs targeting brand expansion to reach more students through effective course creation, promotion, and selling.

ClickFunnels is indeed a great service for dedicated marketing and sales. However, if you are an educator requiring a tailored solution for the complete management of your online course and selling it the right way, Thinkific can help.

The course builder is quite handy and quick as well as the mobile app. The flexible pricing plans are comparatively better value for money as well. 

Educators looking for a cheaper alternative to ClickFunnels and a strong online learning setup without breaking the bank, think about Thinkific.

Thinkific Features That Are Not Available With ClickFunnels:

  • The dedicated course creation-focused toolbox provides complete support for creating, managing, and delivering online teaching needs.

  • Structure customization, multimedia support, and progress tracking.

  • Full access to customize the learning environment matching the course brand.

  • Educators can offer their students a variety of pricing options with additional features such as free trials, coupon codes, subscriptions, and memberships.

  • Amazing student engagement tools for goal setting, progress tracking, and even completion certificates for keeping learners involved throughout the journey.

For educators seeking even more functionality, EzyCourse offers a powerful Courses feature that allows the creation of comprehensive online courses with Communities and EzyCourse Chats. EzyCourse’s powerful toolset upgrades student engagement through consistent interaction and collaboration within the course environment.

Thinkific Pros & Cons:

  • Specialized platform for online course creation and management.

  • Feature-rich for course promotion and creation.

  • Pricing options are reasonable and beginner-friendly.

  • Multiple fee structures are available for students provided by educators.

  • Extensive community forum, self-help guide section, and email assistance.

  • Decent sales funnel and marketing features are missing.

  • There should be more theme options.

Thinkific Pricing:

  1. Basic: $49/month or $432/year

  2. Start: $99/month or $888/year

  3. Grow: $199/month or $1788/year

  4. Expand: $499/month or $4488/year

  5. Plus: Customizable with price quote available upon request.

Why Choose Thinkific Over ClickFunnels?

Education and course-based entrepreneurs may not find sales funnel optimization their foremost priority. The focus should be initially on providing high-quality course standards. 

That’s where Thinkific can be one of the perfect affordable substitutes for ClickFunnels.

The platform targets replicating a classroom experience in a virtual setup. At the same time, the instructors can provide a holistic suite of useful tools. 

The courses are injected with several features provided by Thinkific to make them engaging and interactive for prospective students.

Also, ClickFunnels may offer a 14-day free trial for exploring its capabilities. But Thinkific goes a step further by allowing access to its basic core functions for free without any time limit. 

Also, there’s no need to provide confidential personal information for the free sign-up such as your credit card details. Something you will require to do with ClickFunnels.

Choose Thinkific Over ClickFunnels If:

  • Your business is focused on education-based features and tools.

  • You need means for scalability with seamless course offering expansion.

  • Flexible pricing options for memberships and promotions are important to you.

  • Data protection and security is your top concern.

  • You want mess-free easy student enrollment technology without losing user experience.

#4 Teachable - ClickFunnels Alternative For Coaching, Courses & Digital Products

Teachable is one more popular educational content delivery platform that is quite popular within coaching, courses, and digital product-based business communities. 

Module-wise organization for content delivery, multimedia file integration, and assignment/quiz-based functions are all available with the compelling platform.

There’s not much room for any sales funnel-style features with Teachable though course promotion and marketing tactics are apparent.

Teachable comes with a free plan as well as other paid plans that are quite affordable compared to ClickFunnels. 

You can expect advanced features such as affiliate marketing, unlimited membership tiers, and many other useful add-ons to boost your digital product sales.

Teachable Features That Are Not Available With ClickFunnels:

  • Organized content modules, responsive files, quizzes/assignments, and more course creation tools.

  • Group and individual coaching sessions could be available with an appointment system.

  • Video calls and messages for direct learner-instructor interaction.

  • AI-powered curriculum generator, writing assistance, and other tools to produce high-quality courses.

  • Membership site creation with exclusive content, resources, and community access.

  • Different formal digital downloads are available.

EzyCourse offers Appointment Booking for seamless scheduling of coaching sessions and Digital & Physical Products to elevate your earnings by selling a variety of products. The Membership Site feature focuses on exclusive content and community access for maximum retention.

Teachable Pros & Cons:

  • All the tools are user-friendly and make courses engaging.

  • Coaching integration focuses on direct interaction.

  • AI-powered features are helpful for producing high-quality materials.

  • Exclusive membership sites are easy to manage and make.

  • Pricing is flexible with a free trial included.

  • Advanced features offer ample room for scalability.

  • Fewer tools for sales funnel optimization.

  • Template options are quite limited.

Teachable Pricing Plans:

  1. Basic: $59/month or $468/year

  2. Pro: $159/month or $888/year

  3. Pro+: $249/month or $2388/year

  4. Business: $665/month or $5988/year

Why Choose Teachable Over ClickFunnels?

Choosing Teachable over ClickFunnels boils down to business needs and priorities. However, for course creators and educators, the priorities are quite well aligned with what Teachable offers. 

Seamless course creation and then ensuring the highest quality are where the success of a particular course or coaching program usually lies.

Teachable offers an intuitive interface suitable for instructors with less knowledge of technical aspects. As well as it enables them with some advanced set of features dedicated towards the common goal of creating and marketing a successful project.

Also, the AI part makes content creation and management less time-consuming and simpler for the dynamic learning experience. 

Not to mention the fact that Teachable offers an affordable and flexible price range for new course instructors and educators with the opportunity for expansion in the new future. 

It may lack the advanced marketing automation that ClickFunnels offers. But perhaps the automation flexibility is not something a newbie instructor wants to focus on. 

And in that scenario, Teachable is arguably one of the finest ClickFunnels alternatives to try.

Choose EzyCourse Over ClickFunnels If:

  • Audience-specific course creation is what you want for now.

  • Your project requires direct interaction with the students or members.

  • Not only flexible but scalable paid plans are your preference.

  • You want a dedicated learning environment for student community building within budget.

  • Sales funnel or marketing automation are right now less of a concern.

#5 SamCart – ClickFunnels Alternative For Best Checkout & Cart Mechanism

Anyone who values straightforward functionality and ease of use would appreciate the simplicity of SamCart

It is a great affordable alternative to ClickFunnels to consider and the pricing structure is its most significant advantage. 

You can start as low as $79 each month. Entrepreneurs and small-scale business owners who are looking to minimize overall expenses would appreciate most of the pricing options available with SamCart.

The main focus of SamCart lies in its cart and checkout mechanisms. The features make purchase a seamless experience, which is by the way a key factor for higher conversion rates.

The typical e-commerce conversion rate is around 3%, but it jumps to 8% once a customer adds a product to their cart. (According To TIDIO). However, many customers may halt and leave their carts at this stage, which could result in lost conversions. 

SamCart has some great tools to tackle cart abandonment. This includes order bumps, upsells, and add-ons, pre-designed templates, coupons, and targeted messages to re-engage customers. These features make it easy to recover lost sales and increase revenue generation.  

It’s also notable that SamCart excels when it comes to selling and delivering digital products. The strong mechanism with powerful checkout pages and templates contributes to creating brand creditability through the professional presentation of services and products.

SamCart Features That Are Not Available With ClickFunnels:

  • Dedicated cart and checkout function for seamless purchase and high conversion rates.

  • Simplifying digital product selling and delivering.

  • Check out pages and templates for a powerful impact on brand image.

  • Easy upselling and 1-click checkouts for increasing order value.

  • Wide range of 3rd-party platform integration available.

SamCart Pros & Cons:

  • Conversion rates focused mechanism for cart/checkout.

  • Highly customizable features are available.

  • Checkout pages are appealing for strong selling value.

  • Most plans are low compared to the features it provides.

  • Only higher-priced plans allow dedicated affiliate management.

SamCart Pricing Plans:

  1. Launch: $79/month or $708/year

  2. Grow: $129159month or $1428/year

  3. Scale: $319/month or $2868/year

Why Choose SamCart Over ClickFunnels?

SamCart offers a set of great tools that would be useful for digital marketing and testing landing pages. The features are especially important for selling high-quality and reliable courses online. 

With ClickFunnels, you are quite limited and it’s also not the best choice for a reliable affiliate tracking system. 

There are also some complaints about lacking analytics as well as limited page customization. Most importantly, the checkout processes are somewhat cumbersome.

SamCart addresses the issues quite comprehensively. The sales processes are known for being extra smooth and efficient. 

No matter what scale value you are offering with your courses, SamCart can help you maximize the profit to its best extent. All within a price point lower than ClickFunnels.

Choose SamCart Over ClickFunnels If:

  • Optimizing the cart and checkout experience is your target.

  • You are suffering from poor conversion rates.

  • Cost-effectiveness is your big concern.

  • An easy navigation-friendly interface is a priority.

  • You want to make sales processes efficient and effective.

  • Your business does not require broader funnel-building capabilities.

#6 Podia – Free ClickFunnels Alternative

Podia is a well-known e-learning platform that focuses on selling digital products without any technical challenges.

The best feature of Podia has to be the transparent pricing. You don’t have to worry about any transaction fees. 

And simply focus on uploading and selling your digital products. This makes it a pretty strong affordable alternative to ClickFunnels.

There’s a free plan with reasonable forcing tiers that works fabulously for entrepreneurs and creators who are on a budget.

Exploring the features beforehand making a big financial commitment is indeed a flexibility new creators would love.

There are simple tools available with Podia for creating email marketing campaigns as well as a complete website. 

The real-time chat assistance, ability to sell unlimited products, built-in online communities, and more features make it an inclusive substitute to ClickFunnels no doubt.

More Things To Know About Podia:

  • One-on-one sessions, assessments, discussions, and certifications are all available with courses managed through Podia.

  • You can create sites with the visual builder and pick from various designs, and create good course sales pages, and workflows.

  • Decent funnels/marketing capabilities with the Emails 2.0 feature.

  • Managing affiliate's onboards is easy and there’s also room for lead converting webinars.

  • Only the shaker plan has no transaction fees.

Available Plans: 

  1. Free: $0/month or $0/year

  2. Starter: $9/month or $48/year

  3. Mover: $39/month or $396/year

  4. Shaker: $1068/month or $708/ 1st year then $900 yearly.

  5. Optional Email Add-On: Pricing based on subscribers.

Choose Podia Over ClickFunnels If:

You are a new webpreneur looking for budget options with the flexibility of a free plan with a focus on community engagement, scalability, and user-friendly functions.

#7 Graphy – ClickFunnels Alternative With Pay-As-You-Earn Model

If you are particularly interested in a ClickFunnels alternative that not only allows creating/selling online courses but also supports a website and mobile app, Graphy could be a great option.

It is quite easy on the pocket with an interesting pricing concept. You can start for free with AI-powered SEO, detailed analytics, and similar useful features for free. 

With each sale, Graphy will take a 10% fee. And that’s how they run this pay-as-you-earn system. There are two more yearly plans as well. 

Graphy is a great pick for anyone requiring some handful of tools for course creation-focused webinars and workshops. The mobile app is dedicated to building a solid brand.

More Things To Know About Graphy:

  • To increase discoverability and buyer engagement there’s Graphy Assist focused on the concept of FOMO.

  • Lose sales recovery with automated cart abonnement messages.

  • SEO-optimized website traffic and maximizing conversion tactics.

  • Reach expansion tools with referral and affiliate programs.

  • Piracy prevention and revenue-protective safety features for courses.

Available Plans: 

  1. Free Plan: 10% For Each Sale With Limited Features

  2. Launch: $499/year (10% per sale)

  3. Rise: $1499/year (5% per sale)

Choose Graphy Over ClickFunnels Graphy If:

Graphy can be a worthy ClickFunnels alternative for those looking for a more forgiving pricing model without compromising the key features of a platform. The simplified sales tools, SEO-optimized websites, security features, minimal marketing funnels, and sale recovery features, can fill up the gap for ClickFunnels without many issues.

#8 LearnWorlds – ClickFunnels Alternative For Full Customization Course Creation

LearnWorlds is a popular platform for student experience enhancement that course creators mainly look for. For any online tutor or coach who requires features that would support increasing the quality of course delivery, LearnWorlds can work really well.

Instead of ClickFunnel's all-in-one sales focus, here you are getting tools that are more appropriate to build a learning community. 

There are some amazing student growth tools such as one-click funnels, easy builder, 1-on-1 training, a community that replicates social media platforms, checkout pages, and so on. 

There’s also a membership site feature to integrate and turn students into lifelong learners the right way.

More Things To Know About LearnWorlds:

  • A dedicated course creation platform.

  • Corporate training focused SCORMs.

  • Training sessions in group as well as private.

  • A solid builder that supports eBooks, websites, mobile apps, landing pages, and more.

  • Accountability and encouragement tracking community.

  • Different types of membership integration are available.

Available Plans: 

  1. Starter: $24/month or $288/year

  2. Pro Trainer: $99/month or $948/year

  3. Learning Center: $299/month or $2988/year

  4. High Value & Corporate: Quoted about the request.

Choose LearnWorlds Over ClickFunnels If:

LearnWorlds is ideal for anyone prioritizing social-first learning with the benefits of 1-click sales funnels, support upsells, cross-sells, subscriptions, and similar leaner engagement-focused tools and templates.

#9 Systeme – A Free ClickFunnels Alternative

With the free tag, it’s quite obvious most would be skeptical before proceeding with Systeme. Especially as an alternative to ClickFunnels

But bear in mind we are not discussing options that are better than ClickFunnels. Instead, we are looking for wallet wallet-friendly substitute.

The courses that you can create with Systeme are not advanced or the absolute best for their quality. But as a starter who might be experimenting with things, it’s still not bad. 

Neat community and membership tools are good to have. But don’t expect anything out of the ordinary for example there are no course completion certificates or assessments to add.

The website and page builder are nothing fancy but work for making blogs, landing pages, and decent websites. You can try selling some physical and digital goods. There’s also a not-so-customizable email marketing aspect to it.

More Things To Know About Systeme:

  • Easy to use funnel builder for simplifying steps with templates.

  • Allows effortless affiliate management.

  • Require minimal effort for marketing and other business operations with automating tasks.

  • Sales-focused webinars are supported.

  • Works for online course creation, blogging, dropping products, and more.

Available Plans: 

  • Free

Choose Systeme Over ClickFunnels If:

Systeme is a dependable alternative for ClickFunnels that allows you to enjoy some of the similar features without paying anything at all. It may not be meant for dedicated full-scale business or result-driven sales needs. But as for anyone looking into a free ClickFunnels alternative, Systeme is worth a try.

#10 Groove.cm – An Alternative To ClickFunnels With Yearly Scheme

Groove.cm is another staple marketer’s favorite platform that provides a pretty filled feature-rich toolbox serving a bunch of course creation and promotion solutions.

You can streamline your marketing plans through Groove.cm using its dynamic sales funnels and integrated affiliated programs for expansion needs. The interface is also pretty basic, with a drag-and-drop builder.

Subscriptions and membership functionalities are also present. Coming to the pricing, it offers a yearly plan that’s less than 500 dollars with a discount. 

Now that may seem like a lot. But if you do the math, it’s not roughly 41 dollars monthly, whereas ClickFunnel's most basic plan charges 3x more.

More Things To Know About Groove.cm:

  • Funnels, forms, affiliates, webinars, and more functions without any limit.

  • Content automation tools are available for efficacy task management.

  • Room for teamwork with plenty of project sharing and collaborators to join.

  • Funnel performance tracking and maximizing conversion rates.

  • Lead nurturing automated email marketing sequences available.

  • Increasing order value through Dynamic upsell and cross-sell.

Available Plans: 

  • Enterprise Plan: $497/year

  • Marketing and Automation Platform Enterprise Plan: $797/year

Choose Groove.cm Over ClickFunnels If:

Consider choosing Groove.cm if you are all in for a platform that works with a yearly payment scheme. And something that delivers a comprehensive toolbox for balancing content creation with sales and marketing needs for maximum revenue.

#11 GetResponse – Affordable ClickFunnels Alternative For Strong Email-Based Marketing

GetResponse is a versatile alternative that suits strong email campaign-based marketing needs. It also provides autoresponders, email analytics, and a platform that’s pretty straightforward to use. 

Creating brand-focused pages is easy with the simple drag-and-drop builder. Furthermore, there are web push notifications, webinars, and live chat options as well. 

With 30 templates, the conversion funnels are also great for streamlining the sales process. And the pricing options are comparatively low.

More Things to Know About GetResponse:

  • Email and campaign insights are available with proper analytics.

  • AI-driven newsletter and autoresponders.

  • Triggers are involved in automated email campaigns based on behavior.

  • Engagement tools such as web push notifications and pop-ups.

  • Sales and conversion through AI insights.

Available Plans:

  1. Email Marketing: $19/month

  2. Marketing Automation: $59/month

  3. E-commerce Marketing: $119/month

  4. GetResponseMAX: $1099/month

Choose GetResponse over ClickFunnels if:

GetResponse shall work as a great alternative for those who are looking into easier list management, basic analytics, and decent integration but a strong game email marketing campaign without hurting the wallet.

#12 Brevo – A Decent ClickFunnels Alternative For CRM & Marketing Automation

Brevo, a comprehensive suite for marketing offers solid CRM features for digital marketing needs. It comes with email marketing, a landing page builder, plenty of customizable templates, and real-time analytics.

The real-time analytics allow you to effectively track your campaigns and make strategic moves to get better results.

Furthermore, the pricing is very flexible compared to ClickFunnels, inexpensive enough for businesses that need CRM-based solutions and simple features instead of complicated funnels.

More Things to Know About Brevo:

  • Targeted campaigns for conversion boosts.

  • Revenue growth acceleration through pipeline management.

  • Email, SMS, and WhatsApp automation are available.

  • Strong API for personalized messaging.

  • Better insight into customer data.

Available Plans:

  1. Free: $0/month

  2. Starter: $9/month

  3. Business: $18/month

  4. Enterprise: Quoted upon request.

Choose Brevo over ClickFunnels if:

Straightforward navigational, clear-cut features, and simple user-friendly features make Brevo a great affordable ClickFunnels alternative to look forward to.

#13 OptimizePress – Best ClickFunnels Alternative For WordPress

WordPress users looking for an affordable option instead of ClickFunnels would appreciate OptimizePress

This one is a pretty popular plugin used by more than 120K entrepreneurs for sales, registration, checkout, and similar landing pages.

The clean dashboard makes everything simple enough and there are more than 250 templates that you customize according to your needs. The page editor is also pretty responsive and quick.

With OptimizePress, you also enjoy layouts that are mobile-friendly, conversion analytics, A/B testing, and around 30 tools that make funnel building convenient on WordPress.

More Things to Know About OptimizePress:

  • Faster page creation with 400+ ready-to-use templates available.

  • Direct payment methods are set up on sites with OptimizeCheckouts.

  • High-converting funnels that are a visual treat for maximum revenue.

  • OptimizeBuilder with drag-and-drop function and no-code requirements.

  • One suite for multiple integration flexibility with the Launch.

  • Google ranking-focused SEO optimization for page structures.

Available Plans:

  1. Builder Only: $129/yearly

  2. Suit Starter: $199/yearly

  3. Suit Pro: $249/yearly

Choose OptimizePress over ClickFunnels if:

For affordability, simplicity, and control, OptimizePress outshines ClickFunnels for WordPress users with complete customization, easy design, and great integration.

#14 CartFlows – The Alternative To ClickFunnels With Quite Similar Funnel Features

CartFlows offers a cost-effective solution to ClickFunnels while offering functions that are quite similar within a cheaper package.

The platform works with sale funnel creation, order bumps, cart abandonment email functions, upsells, and more for building a strong online presence. 

There’s a drag-and-drop funnel builder to keep things simple. The pre-designed templates can also help.

CartFlows can seamlessly integrate with other popular email and CRM platforms. There’s a free version to use, and the paid options are charged on a yearly basis.

More Things to Know About CartFlows:

  • Integration for WordPress to turn sites into sales machines.

  • Upsets and order bumps simplifications for better profit.

  • More than 82 updates for enhanced performance.

  • Effective funnel solutions from upsells to insights that 200K+ approve of.

Available Plans:

  1. CartFlows Starter: $99/yearly

  2. CartFlows Plus: $189/yearly

  3. CartFlows Pro: $299/yearly

Choose CartFlows over ClickFunnels if:

For anyone who needs the sales-building functions of ClickFunnels but prefers more simpler interface and affordable pricing, CartFlows can meet the expectations with no advanced complexities to cause hindrance.

#15 Unbounce – An AI-Based Marketing Alternative To ClickFunnels

Unbounce is an AL-powered landing page platform that not only serves basic marketing needs but also can do wonders when it comes to advanced lead generation. 

It’s not that cheaper than ClickFunnels, but the platform is still known for providing value for money with its features.

The monthly plan starts from $99 with discounts available for yearly purchases. Unbounce’s landing page game is no joke with the inclusion of AI-powered tools such as Smart Traffic that can help you with layouts and headlines based on conversion potentials.

For lead capturing, Unbounce also allows easy integration of the pop-up builder with the landing page builder. 

Overall, it’s a decent alternative to ClickFunnels that provides some serious AI-based benefits.

More Things to Know About Unbounce:

  • AI-powered landing pages that are capable of making 30% more conversions.

  • Better scalable campaigns and conversions are available.

  • Needs minutes to create a custom landing page.

  • Optimizing and validating concepts through A/B testing.

  • 100+ ready-to-use templates are available.

Available Plans:

  1. Build: $99/month

  2. Experiment: $149/month

  3. Optimize: $249/month

  4. Concierge: $649/month

Choose Unbounce over ClickFunnels if:

For those who find ClickFunnels overwhelming and require a straightforward tool with AI optimization, customizable popups, and better control, Unbounce can be a great choice.

Wrapping Up

And there you have some of the best ClickFunnels alternatives that won’t hurt your wallet and still get the job done.

The list particularly focuses on platforms that help in digital product selling, course creation, community engagement, and marketing automation for entrepreneurs, educators, and businesses.

Take your time to pick Only The Best Solution For Your Online Business.

EzyCourse offers a cost-effective alternative to ClickFunnels, providing a comprehensive suite of features for creating and selling courses, managing memberships, and booking appointments. 

With EzyCourse, you can also engage communities, offer digital and physical products, and utilize advanced tools like tiered pricing, email automation, and a branded mobile app, all designed to boost online earnings and business growth. Join now and get FREE white-label mobile apps with our Pro or Unlimited yearly plans!