How to Start a Membership Site From Scratch in 2024

How to Start a Membership Site From Scratch in 2024

How to Start a Membership Site From Scratch in 2024

  • EzyCourse Team

  • 9 May 2024

  • 8 minutes

45.2% of established membership businesses generate six-figure revenues annually. And an impressive 6.9% reaching seven figures! 

What is a membership business? Well, a membership site is where you will share and monetize your exclusive content with a certain audience. 

Are you looking to start a membership site from scratch? Focus on niche selection, audience targeting, platform choice, monetization, growth strategy, branding, marketing, result tracking, and expansion.

Launching a membership site involves all of these essential stages that require your active effort and attention. In this comprehensive guide, we'll try to answer all your queries about starting a membership site in 2024.

How To Start a Membership Site From Scratch? Easy Ways 

We’ll walk you through each crucial stage of building a membership site through dedicated chapters. This will include:

  • Defining your target audience and niche, ensuring demand and potential for growth.

  • Finding the right site model that aligns with your goals.

  • Choosing a reliable platform like EzyCourse to build and manage your site effectively.

  • Planning for monetization and growth offering value that aligns with your audience's needs.

  • Create and promote your site using consistent branding and engaging marketing tactics.

  • Monitor results, and adapt your strategies as needed.

  • Continually expand and improve your offerings for long-term success.

Whether you want to learn how to start a membership site for free resource sharing and initial promotion or to sell premium stuff and grow a paid community, it should help. Enjoy!

Chapter 1- Understanding a Membership Site

Before finding out how to start a membership site for free or money, you need to understand exactly what this thing stands for.

Exactly What is a Membership Site?

Well, a membership site is where you will share your exclusive content to a certain size community. 

This may include people who share the same interests as you. It’s an online space where you connect to such people. You decide whether access to these contents will be free or paid.

This means people who are interested in getting your premium offerings will be able to sign up for your membership with or without paying. Most membership sites offer different types of content.

Such as videos, training, quizzes, newsletters, instruction audio, articles, and similar resources. Some popular sites will also arrange for online interaction among the members who sign up for the same cause. This way like-minded people get to exchange ideas, solve problems, and support each other.

Membership Site vs Regular Course Site

Then again, there’s also the option to go for regular course sites.

Quick Query - Why create a membership site for your business or service instead of a regular course site?

By creating a membership site, you receive the advantage of recurring revenue. The monthly subscription fee that your members will provide you is more stable for long-term income. Plus, this means you are building a loyal fanbase for your service or business that will focus on sustained engagement and better retention rates providing higher lifetime customer value.

This is not guaranteed with regular course site that relies on one-time payment. There’s also less room for building a loyal customer base with the formula of a regular course site. 

As a course, purchasers will have access to all materials at once. So, there’s less opportunity for engagement and retention.

Advantages & Limitations of Membership Sites

  • Periodic revenue allows more long-term income generation.

  • Creating and sharing the latest content that is going to be of higher value.

  • Opportunity to build a loyal meaningful community and branding

  • Maximum retention rate benefits increasing lifetime value.

  • Acquisition cost is lower than other methods.

  • Successful launching can lead to more monetization chances.

  • Requires continuous effort in generating fresh and up-to-date materials.

  • Balancing community building and value increment is tricky.

Start a Membership Site If:

  • You have a promising target audience who’ll gain significant value from membership.

  • Establishing a genuine community with a greater sense of belonging is your goal.

  • Generating a consistent recurring revenue is your target through strong AAR.

  • You share a vision and mission that will unite people together.

  • You are ready to invest time and effort for results that will appear after a while.

  • Creating exclusive content, resources, and materials seems an approachable strategy to you.

  • You see scaling and expansion potential with what you are offering.

So clearly, starting a membership site will be a long haul that would require a good amount of hard work from your side. After all of that, are you going to make a generous profile out of it? Are membership sites profitable and what figures can you expect?

Membership sites are profitable as it is considered to be a great periodic revenue-generating source. However, it will highly depend on your investment as well. This includes the cost of platforms, promotion, and content creation. Successful membership sites can help you make around 6 figures in revenue. 

Successful Membership Sites To Take Inspiration From

Among successful membership sites inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs, The Fantasy Footballers stands out. It has received the prestigious "Best Sports Podcast" award by iHeartRadio, engaging fans with expert insights and an interactive FootClan community.

Then there’s Health My Lifestyle offering specialized meal plans and targets health-conscious individuals with its plant-based, oil-free recipes.

Zealous Art, led by Freda Lombard, is another great example of a popular membership site that caters to the need for self-paced art classes through "Paint Night at Home," targeted towards art fanatics who seek flexible learning.

These platforms and many others are fabulous successful models to take inspiration from as someone venturing into the world of membership-based businesses.

Chapter 2 -  Right Niche Selection for Your Membership Site

When someone asks how to start a membership site business, we suggest putting their most effort into niche selection. You should be careful with this step to start a membership site that actually drives results.

A lot of money and time into a goal that does not have the potential of materializing eventually leads to disappointment. This is something you can avoid by being extra cautious with niche selection and coupling with the right execution.

As a complete newbie, you may not know where to start to do the correct niche selection. Here are the tips that will help.

Skip Niches That Limit Growth Opportunities

There’s a tendency of new membership site owners to target niches that are small or carry less buyer intent. Initially, it may seem like a good choice. As there’s less competition in these niches. But it’s also true that with these niches, you are risking the expansion of your membership site.

At some point, you may want to build a large business surrounding your niche. But, the limited exposure of the niche will hamper your desire.

Let’s take the example of customized butter sculptures. As a concept, it’s interesting, and fun and may attract a lot of attention at the beginning. 

However, later on, you’ll find it difficult to build a big business model around it. So, the interesting or attention-grabbing factor of this idea may not be prolific in the long run.

Dig Deep The Current Popular Niches With Potential

Instead of going for unique and attention-grabbing concepts, we suggest researching popular niches. Personal and business finance is one such niche. This industry is not just fantastic in money making but also always gets a substantial amount of attention.

We recommend focusing on 3 pronged formula to focus on this phase of niche selection:

  • More than often, you’ll need to go beneath the surface of what everyone else can see to actually access the gold. That’s true for exploring popular niches as well. Do thorough and deep research on popular niches to uncover the hidden gem options that have the best potential.

  • To assess the popular niche’s potential, weigh it against some specific criteria. This includes market demand, competition level, profitability, audience engagement, and sustainability. You should shortlist a few popular niches through the evaluation.

  • As you shortlist the popular niches, make sure you have something to do with them as well. Your specific interest and unique experience of a certain niche is by far the most valuable asset you have for the entire process of starting a membership site.

Acknowledge The Competition & Target Sub Concepts

As a person with zero to no idea about the health sector, you cannot simply start competing against established giants in this niche that already exist. 

So even though health is a pretty popular and promising niche, it may not be the best choice for you.

Then again, you could be someone who knows a lot about healthy eating. Perhaps you have a story to share as someone who has dealt with food-related concerns and adapted to a journey toward mindful eating.

Now you may not be the perfect candidate to create a membership site around health in general. But you can surely build a community of people who are or were in your shoes by sharing your two cents on healthy eating.

Healthy eating would be a sub-niche or concept around the health niche. So, what you are doing here is targeting a certain part of a major niche.

You can go even deeper and target unique angles later on. Such as, for the healthy eating concept, you can actually build an audience out of busy individuals who are interested in paleo dieting.

And that’s how you drill down the niche to find a less competitive concept of a promising popular niche for starting a membership site on it. This way you will have better marketing scopes, get faster traction, and more opportunities to expand in the future.

After Shortlisting Niches & Angles, Try This:

Once you have a few niches and angles ready to target, make the final call on a specific niche by asking some critical questions listed below:

  1. Does This Niche Have Enough Existing Competition? Having existing players in a game is not necessarily a bad thing. You want a fair amount of competition in the space to determine the profitability of a certain idea in the market. That way you also know the niche does not violate any strict government regulation, has a good amount of demand, and works with a manageable distribution model.

  2. What Products or Services Are Existing In This Niche? You must confirm there are enough products or services to sell through your membership site before fixing a niche. You must find what type of products or services already exist, how these are distributed, and if there’s enough space for what your exact goals are.

  3. Does This Niche Have Information That People Want To Buy? You may have set some information or materials that you’d like to sell through your membership site for your preferred niche. 

But what’s the current situation or market for such information or materials? Are your competitors able to make money out of selling the information? That’s important to determine early. As it's almost the backbone of your site and the main money-making factor.

  1. Does This Idea Stand Strong In Marketability? Make sure you visit forum discussions to see how people receive ideas that your preferred niche serves. See whether people have a strong demand for specific topics that you are aiming to offer. 

A core group of true members will only exist if there are people who are interested in your offered membership, coaching ideas, and everything in between.

Chapter 3 – Membership Site Model & Software/Platform Selection

Based on what you want to achieve with your membership site, next select a membership model. Are you trying to sell your knowledge by monetizing and selling courses? 

Or perhaps you want to bring together your existing social media following to a separate space to sell them the same interest idea? 

It’s also possible your target is gathering a monthly income from the membership site. Well, whatever your main agenda is, you can work on that by picking a suitable membership site model.

Here are the most common ones.

  1. Drip-Feed  Model – This is called the drip-feed style membership site model that allows the existing member to access new content once it is released. The payment for this model is usually one-off or recurring type.

  2. All-In-One Model – This type allows the members to have access to all that you are offering at once. This model often works with a monthly flat-rate payment system.

  3. Fixed Period Model – You allow your members to have access to your resources for a certain period. It could be a week or even a year. Members can have the option to pay the charge monthly or upfront.

  4. Free Trial Plan – Through this model, you allow the members to have access to a limited number of contents for free. This serves as a sample or sneak peek of what value your membership site holds. Such offers are great for drawing in those who are almost convinced to sign up for your program.

  5. Online Program/Course – This is a modular model that allows members to enjoy pre-recorded video courses and other learning resources. It could be delivered upfront or accessed at a specific time. Often the model allows members to pay in installments or at once for a discount price using coupons. We’ve already covered some effective tips on utilizing coupons to boost sales. 

With EzyCourse, course creation and monetization have never been easier. Start selling courses with advanced pricing options using our powerful and user-friendly site builder. Drip courses, and choose from 10+ lesson types to maximize your earning potential.

  1. Online Community – This membership site model is based on building a community or uniting a group of people who share similar interests, visions, or passions for a topic you are experienced in. 

People join the community for a monthly fee. They may also get access to private forums and online discussions that focus on a shared common topic to help each other. Some allow messaging systems as well.

  1. Digital Product Model – This format allows members to access protected and purchased specific format files or resources. Stock images, contract templates, downloadable out plans, meal plans, audio instructions, video instructions, and many more resources are often valuable digital products that members use for a one-off payment.

  2. Service Model – Such a model allows both online and offline services through membership sites for real-life transformation and learning. Members receive the service and access premium content promised to them.

  3. Coaching Membership Site – Expert lifestyle coaches, freelancers, artists, and more individuals who want to teach their expertise to future learners or even start online schools often go for this model. It allows them to take coaching sessions online, build clientele, expand their audience, and offer valuable eBooks, podcasts, worksheets, and more all in one place.

  4. Hybrid Model – Finally, a membership site is not limited to following any one model on the list. It can actually combine two or more models to feed into the needs of the members. This model is by far the best option for positive results and better success of membership sites.

After selecting the model for your membership site, you should also consider what membership site software or platform to go for. Here are the questions to consider when making the choice.

  • Will you be able to create dynamic membership sites that help in selling multiple formats of content such as courses, communities, digital products, and more?

  • What pricing options are there and does it sound flexible for you? The ideal ones will offer split payments, one-time payments, and subscription plans to feed different preferences.

  • Does the platform support membership content customization for adding new items such as communities, chats, blogs, videos, and more?

  • Will the platform or software singlehandedly help you create and serve the membership sites? Or will it require separate tools to manage online training and content delivery?

  • What are the options for engaging your target audience or members for example integrated email marketing and multilingual support?

  • Does the platform include advanced program-building features such as content release or pre-selling?

  • How safe and stable are the payment methods for transactions with customers for your membership site?

  • Does the software or platform support native mobile apps for iOS and Android for optimal accessibility to the members or students?

  • Last but not least, how can you contact the platform or software when in need of assistance and their responsiveness to problems?

These are some of the crucial questions to ask when pondering over a platform or software to create a membership website. You could be wondering what is the best membership site software or online course-building platform of 2024 that ticks all of the above given concerns.

EzyCourse is one of the best membership site platforms of 2024 that offers a compressive feature set to feed diverse needs. From dynamic site creation, flexible pricing options, and customizable content inclusion to advanced course builder, multiple revenue stream support, smart upsell features, engagement tools, and dedicated customer support, Ezycouse can offer a seamless membership site-building experience.


Chapter 4 – Monetization & Approach Plans

Before creating the membership site, consider having a monetization strategy ready. This is especially helpful if you aim to turn your membership site into a profitable business at some point. 


  • What you’ll be including in the membership.

  • Existence of additional products or services to sell.

  • The manner of presenting and marketing the products.

  • The charge and structure you’ll work with.

  • How large do you aim for your community to be?

Your membership site price point is going to drive the need for exactly how much-perceived value the membership program should include. 

500 dollars a month and 6 dollars a month are two different price points that will also create a different set of expectations among potential members.

The higher you charge, the more chance of cancellations-related loss later on. When wondering how to start a paid membership site, many make the mistake of solely focusing on creating more resources to charge more. As a newcomer in the scene, this hardly helps.

Brightback suggests that one of the biggest reasons for members to cancel their membership is pricing. Clearly, you cannot take this factor lightly.

Instead, an affordable pricing model that offers value will help you establish an audience more likely to get you a long-standing community.

Also, don’t simply make your membership site available for the lowest price point. That would drive away people by giving the impression of poor quality offerings.

Start with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Try to take one step at a time when working on monetization plans. You should focus on creating MVP that people feel the need for your product or service. Let’s say you teach how to play the piano. 

Experiment with Different Monetization Methods

Start by checking the potential of this idea by creating a free membership site or selling some private video lessons in a bundle. Perhaps you want to focus more on monetization through a paid coaching community. 

You can try creating a private Facebook group or run group coaching calls as a trial to check the potential.

Offer Free Trials & Flagship Programs

Creating a membership site for free trial initially to showcase to interested potential members the value of your idea or information is a good idea.

Tips - Not sure how to create a membership website for a free trial and resources? You can repurpose existing blog posts or YouTube channel videos to initially attract the audience.

People also go for making “flagship” programs to help their niche audience and invite them to their free membership site. 

All of these can work great for your MVP and help you expand to well-paid additional programs, courses, workshops, interviews, and case studies.

You Must Also Decide On Your Approach Before Launching Membership Site:

  1. Try the Community First Approach if you want to gather a strong audience first that can later become a loyal customer base who are highly likely to join your membership site's paid offerings. 

This approach advocates interactions and feedback among the community to create a strong sense of belonging. However, there’s less focus on immediate value or content. This makes it a slower approach for retaining members.

  1. Try the Value First Approach where the initial focus goes to generating high-quality products, services, or content. This is to target members immediately by giving them upfront value and making them sign up for your paid membership. 

However, without a thriving community., there will be less sense of loyalty among members. So long-term growth and sustainability will be tricky.

Solution? Balancing Community and Value!

This is basically the middle path combining both approaches to some extent and compromising some benefits from each as well. The strategies you need to follow for this hybrid approach are:

  • Start with a standard set of content or services to drive in initial members and as the community grows, enrich the offering by creating new products or improving existing ones through feedback.

You can boost engagement with the EzyCourse community! Keep members connected, heard, and involved with real-time activity notifications, a dedicated community dashboard, and more.

  • Encourage interaction and engagement through webinars, forums, and discussions to make your participant members foster a sense of belonging.

  • Continuously seek feedback and insights to respond and act upon them by updating and optimizing content, and services to earn trust and reliability.

Chapter 5 – Building A Content Engine For Your Membership Site

This is one crucial stage of creating a membership site. You are dealing with the main offering that will either keep an attractive audience or lose them away. 

So, when you are focusing on a content engine, make sure you think about having easy membership levels and flexibility in adding or changing content.

To Create Value Content For Your Membership Site:

  • Decide how you will organize and structure the site with the contents.

  • Gather helpful resources from LinkedIn Learning and similar sites that are virtual goldmines.

  • Work on member area navigation, content training, and gathering industry experts to contribute.

  • Do complete audience research to figure out the pain points and challenges you will solve with your paid service or course.

  • Make your offered courses interactive with various elements such as EzyCourse’s gamification to make the learning journey rewarding and fun. 

  • Determine the type of content you would create.

  • Creating content just to post it and gather an audience should never be your goal, have a specific purpose you are filling with it.

  • Decide the format and medium of the premium content you will create including live training, discussion forums, downloads, and so on.

  • Each content piece should target one topic at a time for a more engaging and deep information-providing purpose.

You can also consider PLR content if this sounds intermediating at first. This means you can use pre-written or pre-designed material for the membership site. It requires acquiring the rights of the PLR content. Later members can access and use it for their purposes. 

Through PLR content, you can avoid the hassle of creating everything from scratch. Still not sure how to start a PLR membership site? Well, focus on this one point first.

To start a PLR membership site and run it successfully, you must prioritize high-quality and relevant PLR content. The materials must be regularly updated and meet the exact needs of your members. You should also customize and organize the content into a more suitable flow and structure according to your membership site.

Different Types of Access To Different Level Members

This formula is known as gated content. Let’s say you allow a free community for all members. However, paid members will have access to other premium and valuable materials. You can set different levels of access to the materials for different priced membership levels.

A Few Tips:

  • Try to include something valuable for the price that each level comes for. Don’t add absolutely zero-purpose materials at a lower level. 

  • For higher levels, having a personal touch will add more significance. Such as personal coaching and 1-on-1 sessions.

The seamless appointment management offered by EzyCourse can help you manage all the personal and one-on-one sessions.

Doing Drip Content, The Right Way

To maintain recurring subscriptions, you must feed your member's interests continuously with appropriate content.


  • Always stacking new monthly content including downloadable, eBooks, and videos.

  • A regular networking event or webinar will help.

  • Share news in your community to help it thrive and stay active.

  • Include the drip-feed materials inside your online tutorials.

Don’t Shy Away From Using Existing Content

Perhaps you already have a blog, channel, or something that contains lots of valuable learning content. You should consider repurposing or reposting them on your membership site.


  • Identifying blog posts on related subjects that you can turn into eBooks for the site.

  • Target videos from your YouTube Channel to come up with premium content out of it.

  • If you have held workshops or training earlier, you can repurpose any thesis, slides, PDFs, and similar material in your online course.

  • You can also use a different format than the original for material to use on your membership site. A blog post can convert to an in-depth video or podcast quite easily.

Craft New Premium Content

After finding old existing content that can act as gated content, you should think about producing some fresh ones.

Some Suggestions Of Exclusive Contents To Offer:

  1. eBooks: Find related topics of your niche and create comprehensive eBooks that contain unique valuable guidance and discussion.

  2. Blog posts/articles: Offer insights to your members by publishing in-depth blog posts.

  3. Case studies and reports: Share case studies/ research reports with details on results and implementation of the latest trends.

  4. Video tutorials: Create video guides or tutorials to teach people specific skills step-by-step.

  5. Professional Advice/training: Offer one-on-one consultation sessions or live coaching to help your member overcome specific challenges.

  6. Screencasts: Showcase utilizing specific tools or software through recorded screencast and make it available for your members.

  7. Webinars and chats: Host live webinars, invite industry experts to share their insights and hold interactive Q&A sessions on niche-specific topics.

  8. Digital downloadable: Offer different practical resources including templates, slides, worksheets, checklists, plans, and more on the key concepts to keep your membership site resourceful.

Chapter 6 – Creating The Site & Onboarding Tactic

To create a membership site and launch it smoothly you need to choose a white label platform first. This decision depends on what type of benefits and features you are looking for in the onboarding process. 

After that, you need to also customize the site according to your brand’s identity. This includes incorporating several elements such as colors, fonts, logos, and so on. Next comes the payment process set up for sign-ups and finally uploading the content. 

A few essential site pages such as About Me, Contact Us, and course sale pages will also be necessary before you go live. 

Some membership sites like to include a series of welcome and instruction emails to build relationships and attract new members.

Use EzyCourse Membership Site Builder

With one of the most reliable online course platforms, EzyCourse, you can easily create a membership site using a strong site builder, native community tools, and flexible subscription pricing options. 

You need to log In to your Ezyycourse account and from there set up your community. You will be able to customize settings such as privacy, visibility, access, and more. 

By using EzyCourse’s intuitive membership website builder, you can design a membership landing page, customize the page layout, add sections, and pick from a variety of templates. You will find more tools and support for creating a website with membership and user login. 

Find more details on creating a membership site on EzyCourse.

Offer Free Stuff To Encourage Onboarding

You should also consider strategizing a membership onboarding plan. Encourage visitors to turn into paying members through faster information delivery and quick navigation to take the right actions using CTAs and other incentives.

Reach Out To Them Through Email:

  1. Email List Subscription: Offer visitors a free eBook or interactive quiz for subscribing to your email list.

  2. Send Free Trial Or Similar Offer: Connect to them through a welcome email and offer something that makes them take steps. For example, a free trial of your membership site.

  3. Gather Attention: You want to feed them with relevant interesting content, blog posts, and similar resources to visit the membership program sign-up page.

  4. Access To Certain Benefits: A great strategy is allowing free access to forums where they can connect to a community.

EzyCourse's built-in email marketing tools and automation features can help you streamline marketing campaigns and effectively grow your audience. This includes nurturing leads, sending personalized messages, and automating other marketing efforts.

Chapter 7 – Promote Your Membership Site, Monitor Results & Expand 

If you are wondering how to start a successful membership site that has the best potential to gain solid recurring revenue, focus on your branding and promoting tactics. 

This is the sector that decides whether your site has more chances of attracting new members and retaining the existing ones.

Be Consistent With These Marketing Tactics:

  • Make your brand more discoverable through Facebook/Instagram ads.

  • Consistently use branding colors and logos on all platforms while promoting.

  • Have a properly set business profile to connect all accounts on various social media platforms.

  • Focus on creating a solid “About Us” page through a good story that supports the mindset of building a “our” community.

  • Gather case studies, reviews, and testimonials of existing members to share them on all platforms.

  • Keep your pricing options for different membership levels transparent.

  • Generate a marketing message that portrays your core values to your members.

  • Give your message in a familiar tone that resonates with your target audience.

  • Offer help in a manner that emphasizes the challenges that your target audience faces.

  • Create a FOMO by focusing on the advantages that your membership has to offer.

    The key is to build a marketing strategy that does not seem generic and is based on the motto of engagement and retention of members. According to a 2023 report done by GrowthZone, these two are currently the top concerns that most membership site owners have.

Create Curiosity & Keep People Involved

Also, don’t be a typical membership site that only relies on drip-feeding the content. To maintain attention and keep members involved try:

  • Live events every 4 months or at least yearly. You can also try online events on Slack or Zoom channel. 

  • Activities on private Facebook groups where members can interact 24/7.

  • Regularly posting on channels or forums fostering support and help.

  • Webinars and live seminars with the chance to ask questions or even join phone calls.

  • A section for Q&A is visible to all members where important queries are answered and feedbacks are taken into account.

Running A Successful Membership Site Involves Constant Monitoring 

To run a successful membership site, you cannot simply start and do some basic promotion to leave it alone afterward. This is going to be a continuous process. You need to set the right goals, create the content, promote it with proper strategy, and then observe the results. Based on the outcome, you will adjust, plan, and execute again. And this process continues.

Tips - Constantly keep checking the performance. Track the subscriber numbers as a starter and this includes counting how many subscribers you lose as well. Plan on attracting new subscribers for the ones you’ve lost.

After all of that effort, exactly how long does it take to build a membership website and start seeing results?

This cannot be specific. Depending on your approach, expertise, offerings, marketing tactics, and niche selection it may take days, weeks, or even months to build a membership website with results rolling in. 

However, once you have taken the right action and maintained the effort with proper marketing, great results will eventually start showing up.

Think about Expansion

A successful membership site won’t stay profitable if you are not continuously expanding it. 

  • Create more products or services that are in demand in your niche and establish them.

  • Consistently research your traffic, figure out what challenges they are facing, and try bringing to the table a solution that you can sell.

  • Maintain a low churn rate, which means most members who have signed up are not canceling the membership. Have proper strategies to convince existing members to stay joined.

  • Focus on maximizing customer value by looking for additional revenue and growth chances.

  • Always pay attention to your KPIs or key performance indicators to measure your membership’s outcomes against them.

EzyCourse supports numerous ways for membership site owners to expand their revenue-generating potential. Whether you're selling courses, digital or physical products, or building communities, we show you the path to establishing a solid business with stable revenue. 

Top 7 Best Membership Site Platforms in 2024

Here are the top five best platforms for creating membership sites in 2024. Let’s dive in! 

1. EzyCourse – Best Membership Site with Course & Community Builder 

EzyCourse is one of the best website creator sites for launching membership sites that support dynamic course creation. With its strong course builder, EzyCourse enables users with multiple course formats and interactive tools, making it a go-to choice.

Community-driven membership sites are a hot trend. And, EzyCourse seamlessly integrates interactive channels, supplying many membership models. 

With the EzyCourse site builder, you can create a membership site for launching a high-earning membership site this year.


2. MemberSpace

The next membership site builder that comes to the list is MemberSpace. With MemberSpace, you have the power to transform a part of your current website into an exclusive members-only area. 

MemberSpace will be the ideal choice if you're looking to integrate subscription features easily into your website. The membership software integrates with leading website builders like Squarespace, WordPress, Wix, Notion, and many others.

3. Squarespace 

Squarespace lets you easily monetize with memberships directly from your website. If you're considering the subscription model for your business, Squarespace can help you.

You can create visually appealing websites without much design expertise. Moreover, Squarespace comes with e-commerce functionalities. 

4. Mighty Networks – Mobile-First Communities

If you are an entrepreneur or content creator who seeks a mobile-friendly community-centric platform, Mighty Networks fits the bill perfectly. There’s seamless engagement across devices thanks to the mobile-first approach.

You also sign up for content spaces that are customizable. Not to mention the many monetization options catering to different community-building goals.

However, for educators focused on course development, Mighty Networks falls short in offering enough tools and personalized course sales landing pages. Audience reach is also questionable with the exclusive strive thing.

5. Kajabi 

In fifth position, we have Kajabi, a fantastic comprehensive platform targeted towards creators who prioritize sales. The platform offers automation for streamlining the delivery of content. At the same time, interactions with the members are automated. There are analytics for observing insights and planning strategic growth.

All of these good reasons make it an ideal option for those looking into premium membership site building. But then again, its pricing may deter newcomers looking to create a membership site within budget. These limitations may hamper revenue generation for small to medium-scale course creators.

EzyCourse is a dedicated platform targeted to accommodate creators of all sizes with bulk-selling courses and scalable revenue model support. These are two of the many reasons people migrate from Kajabi to Ezycourse.

6. Teachable – Multimedia Focus Content Hub

Teachable could be another popular membership site-building platform that accommodates teachers who have ample pre-recorded multimedia for their course. There are plenty of formats for video lectures and coaching sessions.

Also, the platform allows multiple integrations and practical pricing plans. However, there’s less room for live online tutoring. Furthermore, the lack of app support may hinder accessibility.

7. Podia - Versatile Content Monetization

Last, but not least, we have Podia, a digital product selling platform that helps in creating membership sites for newbies using their easy drag-and-drop website builder. 

Standout features include discussion forum availability, integrated email campaigns, and great monetization scopes. However, the absence of a dedicated mobile app might be a drawback for those prioritizing mobile accessibility.

For a community-focused growth strategy, prioritizing accessibility through mobile app support and live classes is crucial. So, you had better go for an option that offers a mobile app like EzyCourse.

Ending Notes

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